The best oily skin sunscreens that mattify the face


The new formulations contain mattifying micro-particles that leave the face fresh and dry. And above all, they are absorbed immediately without greasing. Read the advice of the dermatologist

There are specific sun creams for oily skin? The answer is yes, of course. And when we say this, perhaps we take it for granted that in recent years cosmetic research has continued, formulating sunscreen products with an ever lighter consistency. Therefore, more tolerable and tolerated by the skin that gets shiny, and which in summer fears the humidity of the air more than the heat.

«Today all the sunscreens on the market are non-comedogenic, that is, they do not favor the formation of blackheads – explains dermatologist Maria Rosa Gaviglio. But in case of oily skin it is better to choose gel or fluid texture, as they are more pleasant to “keep” on the face both on the beach and in the mountains or countryside. And therefore, it is more tempting to repeat the application every 3 hours, an aspect not to be overlooked ». No thick creams or oils (even in the dry oil version), therefore, more suitable for dry skin.

Why use a specific sunscreen for oily skin?

The sun, however much it can make the skin more homogeneous e dry inflammations, pimples or boils, actually increases the thickness of the skin, resulting in a greater likelihood of follicular obstruction and worsening of oily or acne-prone skin. The reason? In contact with the sun, the skin can trigger an inflammatory reaction of the clogged follicle, which in turn causes the formation of pimples.

To protect from the sun, however, the creams must be applied in the correct way, that is, in one quantity equal to 2 teaspoons for the whole face and neck. And then reapply after each bath of about half an hour and every 3 hours. “Furthermore, the recommendation not to expose yourself to direct sun during peak hours (from 1pm to 3pm) is always valid.”

The characteristics of sunscreen for oily skin

But what should sunscreen products for oily skin look like? In addition to protecting from the sun with broad spectrum filters, ie against UVA, UVB and infrared, they must not “suffocate” the skin. For this reason, choose dry touch or dry touch sun creams: it is a wording that you find on the package. Indicates that the product has a dry consistency which leaves the face fresh and with a clean feeling.
Unless you are very sweaty already during the application, these creams they do not grease or leave greasy residues. “The advice is to apply them on a naked face, that is, devoid of any previous cream or serum, otherwise you risk overloading the skin, canceling the matting effect” – recommends the dermatologist. «Moisturizing the face before sunning with another cream is not necessary, as in summer the oily skin is already well hydrated from the inside».

The oily skin sunscreens to try

At this point all that remains is to look at the selection of sun creams for oily skin by Here are 10 products to protect the skin from the sun without greasy effect. They are immediately absorbed and dry the skin that is easily polished, thanks to the innovative formulas based on mattifying micro-particles. In addition, they fight all sources of shine, i.e. sebum, sweat and humidity.

Comfort Mat Fluid by Rilastil

Sunscreen for oily skin must have one fine and light texture which is absorbed immediately, just like Rilastil Sun System Comfort Mat Formula SPF 50+ specifically formulated for oily and impure skin. Contains azeloglycine, a new generation active ingredient, naturally derived, obtained from the union of azelaic acid and glycine, which helps regulate sebaceous production. In addition, the micronized powders mattify the skin for a dry complexion that does not fear the humidity of summer. In the pharmacy.

SPF 50 Mattifying Cream by NIVEA SUN

A moisturizing formula with an instant mattifying effect that lasts for a long time. Licorice extract (Glycyrrhiza Glabra) is effective against impure skin and the tendency to blemishes which in the case of oily skin can derive from the scarring of imperfections. In addition to protecting from the sun, the NIVEA SUN face cream absorbs excess sebum from the epidermal surface. Contains the “Ultra Spectrum Protection” filter system which protects against blue lights. Respect the seas, as it does not contain Octinoxate, Oxybenzone & Octocrilene UV filters. It can also be used around the eyes.

Anthelios Spf 50 anti-shine by La Roche Posay

A colored gel-cream that camouflages the imperfections of oily skin and gives a feeling of dryness on the face. Formulated with the Airlicium ™ technology based on micronized powders, Anthelios dry touch it blends immediately with the skin, controlling the shiny effect. In this way it is neither sticky nor greasy, on the contrary it gives a feeling of clean skin. Also suitable for very sensitive and sun intolerant skin. In the pharmacy.

Fusion Gel Sport Spf 50 by ISDIN

An ideal product for oily skin under the sun is represented by solar products formulated for sportsmen, as they are ultralight and refreshing. It is the case of ISDIN Fusion Gel Sport photoprotector. Contains ginger root extract, rich in 6-Shogaol and Gingerol, substances with great antioxidant power, which offer additional protection against the sun’s rays. The texture remains invisible on the face without leaving greasy residues: once applied to the face, it becomes a second skin. Thanks to the wet skin technology, it maintains its protective efficacy even on wet skin (water or sweat).

Clean Screen Mineral Spf 30 by REN

A mattifying sunscreen for the face, ideal for combination to oily skin, formulated with physical filters. Clean Screen Mineral SPF 30 by REN it is vegan and 99% made with natural ingredients. Mineral (physical) technology reflects the sun, thanks to the presence of zinc oxide particles, which are more environmentally friendly.
Furthermore, thanks to the passion fruit extract, rich in antioxidants, it protects the skin from free radical damage, fortifying its natural barrier. Rice starch extract soothes red skin but gives a matte finish to combat the shiny effect caused by the sun and excess sebum.

Heliocare Oil-Free Gel Spf 50

Heliocare 360 ​​° Gel Oil-free of Cantabria Labs Difa Cooper is the broad spectrum gel photoprotector designed for oily acne-prone skin. It has a completely oil-free texture with a dry touch effect, which leaves the skin soft and smooth, without a shiny effect. Fernblock technology®, a patented active of natural origin, extracted from the fern Polypodium leucotomos, protects the skin from the harmful effects of sun exposure, increasing its ability to resist sunburn. It also prevents the effects of photo-aging.

Mattifying fluid Spf 50+ Bariésun by Uriage

Uriage Bariésun fluid mat Spf 50+ has a light and non-greasy texture, ideal for skins that tend to shine. The licorice extract, with its sebum-absorbing action, ensures a lasting mattifying effect, preventing the appearance of imperfections. Uriage thermal water and aquaspongine moisturizing particles prevent the dispersion of water from the upper epidermal layers, protecting it from dehydration. All without greasing or weighing down.

Clarins dry touch sunscreen spf 50+

A sunscreen formulated with organic filters authorized by international regulations and based on a complex of plants that gives specific cellular protection against damage from UV rays. Its dry texture makes Crème Solaire SPF 50+ dry touch by Clarins the perfect sunscreen for combination skin with a tendency to oily and for humid climates.

Biotherm dry touch sunscreen Spf 50

Crème solaire 50+ Dry Touch by Biotherm it has a light and non-greasy texture enriched with silica and mineral perlite to absorb moisture from the skin leaving it dry and guaranteeing a matte effect. The filtering system with Mexoplex ™ effectively protects the skin against UV and UV rays, responsible for 80% of skin photo aging.

Photoderm AKN Mat Spf 30 by Bioderma

A specific sunscreen for oily acne-prone skin is Photoderm AKN Mat SPF 30 by Bioderma. Thanks to its patented technology (Fluidactiv ™), it improves the quality of the sebum, thus preventing the appearance of imperfections. Mattifies the skin with a long-lasting effect and, once applied, it is non-greasy and leaves no white marks on the face. It also activates the skin’s natural defenses and protects against the risks of cell damage.

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