The best beauty boxes to try, our 2021 guide with prices


Monthly subscriptions for beauty enthusiasts, beauty boxes are a fun and surprising way to stay updated on beauty news and at the same time discover brands from all over the world! Here is our guide to the best beauty boxes of 2021

For beauty lovers and for all those who want to start discovering the magical world of beauty, the beauty box I’m the subscription funniest you can choose.

Each month you will receive a box full of skincare, make-up and haircare products directly at home, to pamper and take care of you! Did you know it’s also a way to boost self-esteem? We have selected the best beauty boxes 2021 not to be missed!

Abiby beauty box: the coolest Italian box of the moment

Founded by two young Milanese entrepreneurs, Abiby is the coolest beauty box of the moment. A pink treasure chest that brings the best beauty proposals in the world to your home every month.

The subscription – it can be quarterly or half yearly – allows you to receive a secret treasure chest full of face, hair and body care products directly at your home. By subscribing to one of the two plans, you receive an extra box, the Welcome Box with the most popular products within the community.

The value of the box is always higher than 90 € and includes 4-5 products in full size format carefully selected and tested by the beauty experts of the Team. The Abiby’s proposals they are always innovative, paying attention to select brands that respect the values ​​of vegan and cruelty free.

In the box it is also possible to find extra gifts and discount codes created specifically for the Abiby community to give customers an unexpected surprise. L’Abiby experience it is always secret, thus giving subscribers a moment of amazement and joy. The box is accompanied by a hand-drawn GOAT-certified cotton bag (always different) and a paper magazine.

Pinalli Box – Time to be Iconic

Pinalli’s new project is inspired by the concept of beauty boxes, while creating something new. Every month a LIMITED EDITION box created with an iconic brand that will create a unique collection of its best bestsellers in an absolutely new guise exclusively for Pinalli.

An unmissable offer and unique and refined packaging for boxes with beautiful looks to be preserved and collected. These collections are meant for one Marie Antoinette icon of the 2000s, but always in love with precious and luxury jewels and enthusiastic to share her secrets of court and beauty.

In April the VIP Selection box was signed by Mulac. On the dedicated page of the site you can preview the contents of the box and the exclusive price.

Lookfantastic: the beauty box made in the UK

Among the first beauty boxes to arrive in Italy, Lookfantastic is a subscription that can be declined in various formulas. On the site you can buy one single box or choose between a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription.

The price changes depending on the type of subscription that you decide to subscribe, passing from € 20 for a single box at 15.50 for the annual subscription. Inside you can find beauty products is skincare linked to seasonality and favoring brands made in the UK.

The value of the box is always different and it is not surprising, on the dedicated page of the site it is possible to preview the content and the brands contained in the monthly box. Finally, Lookfantastic also creates ad hoc boxes for the holidays, such as Christmas, Valentine’s day or the Mother’s Day all available in limited edition.

My Beauty Box: super discounted beauty boxes!

My Beauty Box is perhaps among the cheapest subscriptions currently on the scene by including it in its selections known cosmetic brands ed emerging with a very low economic value.

You can choose between three different ones types of subscription: 1, 6 and 12 months. Be careful, the subscription will automatically renew at the end of the subscription term. The box includes at least 5 surprise beauty products with an average value of over € 50, for only € 14.

Douglas Discovery Kit: for every beauty personality

Are you a make-up or social media victim? Are you a skincare enthusiast or are you always looking for new vegan and clean references? The Douglas perfumeries launch 4 innovative beauty boxes: the Discovery Kits, 4 innovative beauty kits to discover your own “beauty personality”.

By purchasing one of the kits, it will be possible to discover a selection of innovative products of the brands available exclusively, online and in store, saving up to 30% compared to the single purchase of each reference.

  • Wake-up & Make-up is a perfect kit for make-up addicted, who love to express their personality with always different looks.
  • Ready, Steady, Post is suitable for all social media lovers and their filters, this kit contains the youngest trends available exclusively from Douglas.
  • Naturally you … is designed for those with a green and clean soul, this kit takes care of the skin – both face and body – with a selection of products based on natural ingredients.
  • Take care of your skincare is recommended for skincare-aholic, this kit contains the beauty essential more innovative to dedicate a moment of relaxation in which to take care of yourself, from skin to hair

Glowria a new beauty reference

Arrived in Italy only in February 2021, Glowria is the beauty box made in France that wants to speak to all types of bright, authentic, eclectic, curious, optimistic and free women!

There Glowria beauty box reserves one new surprise a month, a beauty routine that translates into emotions while we take care of ourselves. Inside it every month four sales format products and accessories at a price of € 19.90 per month (at the moment there are only two types of subscription: single box and annual).

Abiby Beauty Box contains 4-5 full size products worth more than 90 €.
3 months subscription 29.90 / month
6 months subscription 24.90 / month.
The Welcome Box comes as a gift with every subscription.

Pinalli LIMITED EDITION box set conceived with an iconic brand that it will produce exclusively for Pinalli.
You can buy the Vip Selection Limited Edition MULAC from March 31st to April 18th

My Beauty Box has inside at least 5 surprise beauty products with an average value of more than € 50.
1 / month and 6 / months, € 14 per box
12 / month, 13 € per box.

Douglas Discovery Kit launch 4 different boxes to enhance your character and thus give you an exclusive look. Whether you are green, social, skincare lover or make-up victim you will always find the perfect solution for your beauty routine.
Prices: from 49 € to 69 €.

Glowria offers every month a beauty box that contains at least 4 products and accessories in sales format and for only 19.90 per month, directly to your home.

Lookfantastic Box: you can buy one single box or choose between a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription.
1 / month 20 €
3 / month 18 €
6 / month 17 €
12 / month 15,50 €

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