The best anti-cellulite creams 2021, with effective and fast results


Slimming bandages, remodeling patches, gels that take advantage of cold therapy and reducing oils: look at the 2021 anti-cellulite news to be included in your body routine

As you well know, the cellulite does not go on vacation! Usually we remember in the spring, when you have about three months to fight it, before the appointment with the bikini. Whether you have been fussy or fickle, it is completely normal that you want to continue anti-cellulite treatments even in summer. Especially to feel your legs fresh and light. It is no coincidence that cosmetic research points to refreshing anti-cellulite creams which, in addition to counteracting water retention, eliminate the feeling of heaviness in the lower limbs. What are the best products that give fast results? Keep reading!

Anti-cellulite creams 2021

Among the anti-cellulite innovations of 2021 the slimming bandages, which act in a strong way thanks to a concentrate of draining active ingredients which are soaked in the special fabric that compose them. Ideal all year round, anti-cellulite bandages are perfect in summer as they refresh and give lightness in the legs. Furthermore, they work according to the principle of osmosis: being rich in salts (an example is the salt of the Dead Sea), they draw liquids to the surface, thus helping to deflate the tissues.

Another news to report is the attention that the slimming cosmetics is turning towards products that leverage the cold therapy. Today, among all the localized slimming methods used in medical offices or beauty salons, cryopolysis is the most appreciated. Its effectiveness in the treatment of resistant cellulite has been amply demonstrated. What is it about? The area to be treated is subjected to a temperature of about -100 ° for 30-60 minutes.

The fat cells they are, in fact, very sensitive to cold: following prolonged exposure, the body produces irisin, a protein essential for the metabolism of adipocytes. Irisin prevents the formation of new adipocytes and helps burn fat. Anti-cellulite products with cold formulas are inspired by this concept.

Do anti-cellulite creams work?

Do anti-cellulite creams give fast results? Yes, but it should always be remembered that they improve the appearance of the skin and do not cure the underlying medical condition, i.e. water retention, inflammation of the adipose tissue and any slowing of circulation. Using anti-cellulite creams every day, morning and evening, helps to see smoother legs and buttocks up to a month and a half after you stop using them. These are statements that by law all anti-cellulite cosmetics are required to specify, and therefore do not want to deceive the consumer.

The most effective anti-cellulite active ingredients

What are the active ingredients to focus on to combat cellulite? Caffeine, gotu kola, aescin, horse chestnut, seaweed, birch are among the most effective ingredients, as they drain excess fluids. Let’s see some of them specifically.

  • There caffeine it is the active principle par excellence. It stimulates the activity of lipases, that is, the enzymes that dissolve fats in fat cells.
  • There gotu kola fights swelling, poor venous circulation and protects capillaries. Therefore it promotes the drainage of excess fluids, giving a toned and smooth appearance.
  • L’escin, draining, is made up of a mix of saponins and flavonoids, which stimulate capillary microcirculation favoring the drainage and removal of interstitial fluids. It also performs an antioxidant and decongestant action, particularly valuable for the areas affected by cellulite blemishes.

Anti-cellulite products 2021 to try

Among sprays, bandages, oils and creams, look at DMBeauty’s selection of anti-cellulite products to be included in your beauty case.

Collistar slimming draining bandages

6 meters long each and 12 centimeters high, Collistar draining bandages adapt to the body of every woman. They are made of stretch fabric with a very tight weave, to convey the active ingredients on the treated areas with an occlusive effect. Once worn, the bandages exert a pleasant massage with a compressive action, thus promoting microcirculation. The fabric of the bandages does not let the solution flow, allowing you to move during the session. Immediately after, the legs are more deflated and reshaped.
They can be reused up to 10 times.

Intensive leg drainage by Somatoline Cosmetic

A crystalline gel that is always suitable, and perfect in summer. In a single gesture, it intensely drains, fights water retention and reshapes the silhouette of the legs. Contains a special smoothing polymer that gives an immediate blur effect (such as face primers that improve skin texture). The cryo-active gel texture with ice effect determines an immediate lowering of -1.9 °.

Body-Slim, cryo-active concentrate by Lierac

Contains WTB system, a patented fat-burning active that promotes the transformation of white adipocytes (the fat cells that store fat) into brown adipocytes (fat cells that burn fat). The result? There are fewer white adipocytes and the elimination of fats is activated. All this happens thanks to the thermogenesis activated by the cold gel which exerts, in a small way, an action similar to cryolipolysis.

GUAM anti-cellulite for fragile capillaries

An anti-cellulite treatment specific for sensitive skin and fragile capillaries. Guam algae (based on fucus extract) are combined with Empetrum Nigrum juice which has protective properties of microcirculation. It also contains a complex based on xanthines which stimulate the mobilization of fatty acids in the adipose tissue by stimulating lipolysis.

Anti-cellulite night treatment by Bottega Verde

A fast-absorbing fluid gel cream, ideal as a daily evening treatment. It is formulated to take advantage of the skin’s nocturnal biorhythm and maximize effectiveness and results. Active Overnight Complex, a special complex developed by the Bottega Verde Laboratory, consisting of Centella asiatica, Alga and Birch Sap, improves the appearance of orange peel skin, exerting a detoxifying activity.

DEFENSE BODY Remodeling Gel by Bionike

It counteracts localized fat deposits, helping to firm the skin, improving its elasticity, firmness and smoothness. The formula is a synergy of active ingredients from red algae, characterized by a marked lipolytic activity, combined with firming and smoothing effects, thanks to their ability to also stimulate the activity of fibroblasts and the synthesis of collagen.

Crio Sinergia Anti-cellulite Spray by L’Erbolario

A fresh and light spray, ideal for those who want a practical solution and effective against cellulite skin blemishes. With a quick massage, the treatment is immediately absorbed without leaving traces and immediately the epidermis appears smoother and more compact, preventing the dreaded “orange peel” appearance. The merit is the extraordinary remodeling and smoothing synergy of Green Coffee, Pink Pepper and Horse Chestnut Escin, to which is added the ice effect favored by natural Menthol, which improves the superficial microcirculation and tones the skin.

Birch cellulite oil

Thanks to the special formula with extract of young birch leaves, rosemary and butcher’s broom, Weleda Birch Cellulite Oil, if massaged on moist skin daily, acts revitalizing the skin metabolism. The skin regains elasticity and firmness with visible and measurable results.

Biopoint Anti-Cellulite Patch

The patches are made in soft and comfortable fabric that shapes itself to the body like a second skin. Each patch is enriched with a blend of highly effective active ingredients, incorporated within the tissue matrix and progressively conveyed through a smart release mechanism which is triggered on contact with the skin. With Acti Release System, each patch favors one gradual and continuous penetration for 8 hours of the active ingredients contained, acting in a targeted way on the imperfections of cellulite.

Anti-cellulite Daily Moisturizer by Yves Rocher

The Anti-Cellulite Daily Moisturizer, with Mangosteen Extract, helps fight cellulite blemishes that mark the silhouette.
In a single gesture, the skin is hydrated, immediately sublimated. Day after day, the “orange peel” effect is visibly attenuated.

Gelcrema Hydrafusion by Rilastil

A gel cream dedicated to milder blemishes caused by cellulite. Its formula, without caffeine, bioflavonoids, free iodine and retinol, contains plant extracts such as Prunella Vulgaris and Celosia Cristata which, over time, help to counteract the formation of fat cells and promote the disposal of accumulations of fat and Sodium DNA. which stimulates cell regeneration, giving elasticity and hydration to the skin.

Foen Anti-Cellulite Cream

A draining body emulsion, with a rich and creamy texture, based on fennel extract which, together with pineapple, counteracts the stagnation of liquids. Caffeine stimulates lipolysis, spirulina tones and restructures the skin, while carnitine exerts a vessel protective activity.

Reducell Active Cream by Bioline Jatò

Gel cream that combines the most effective functional substances in a single treatment reduce the visibility of cellulite skin blemishes and give the skin softness and firmness (algae, caffeine, phytosome aescin, sweet almond oil).

Biotherm Cellulite Eraser Cells

A slimming effect gel to visibly and lastingly reduce the imperfections of cellulite for up to 1 month of prolonged effect. Contains pure caffeine, associated with Corallina Officinalis extract, an algae that helps prevent the formation of new fat cells.

Skin Labo Anti-Cellulite Body Spray

The formula stands out Nicomenthyl®, a patented active that significantly promotes the drainage of water in the deeper layers of the skin by activating the skin microcirculation. It comes from menthol, which has a refreshing and soothing effect on the skin and from Niacin also known as Vitamin B3 or Vitamin PP, which plays a fundamental role in blood circulation and in the transport of oxygen to cells. Its properties are exploited in topical applications to promote oxygenation and nourishment of the skin, increase epidermal turnover and the integrity of the skin barrier.

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