The beauty routine to sleep well: skincare, clean sheets and more


Do you know what are the steps for a 10 and praise beauty sleep? It starts with cleansing and then … we will reveal it to you.

The perfect beauty routine before sleep is made up of a few small steps that you must never forget before going to bed. From cleansing, to massage while applying the eye contour to a neat and tidy bed.

Sure, for sleep well, it is essential to relax and have a specially designed environment where the colors and smells will accompany you towards the arms of Morfeo. But do you know that the beauty routine of the evening is also fundamental in all this? Preparing the skin of the face for the hours of rest is very important: during the night, in fact, i active principles they have much more time to act and the skin to regenerate.

Now that you have come this far, it is time to reveal all the step for a step by step night skincare without errors. Grab a pen and paper and get ready to start a new routine this evening.

The cleanser for the evening

Number one rule of skincare? One always removes make-up before going to sleep and, of course, afterwards it must be absolutely good detergent. But the same is true if you haven’t worn foundation, mascara and anything else that makes you feel good during the day.

The detergent, in fact, allows you to eliminate excess fat produced by the skin, thepollution that has settled and allows you to prepare the skin to receive tonic, serums and more.

You should know that there are different types of detergents on the market: in gel, cream, solid, foaming and not only. For the choice, in addition to listening to your skin, remember that they exist two types of cleansing:

  • For affinity where fat melts fat. Ideal for sensitive skin and where a full-bodied product in milk or oil is used as the first step.
  • For contrast exploiting the surfactants present, for example, in micellar water. In this case, it is important to always rinse well with warm water and then dab.

The tonic in the evening, yes or no?

There are myths and legends about the tonic, but the important thing to know is that you absolutely must use it. To be applied with a pad or with your hands, it is a fundamental step to prepare the skin for the arrival of the active ingredients of creams and serums.

But not only: the tonic moisturizes, eliminates impurities accumulated in the pores, tightens them and balances the skin’s pH. And this is precisely a fundamental function since the water with which you rinse your face contains a high contraction of limestone that risks being deposited on the skin.

Eye contour even in the evening

Even more important than what you can use during the day, the eye contour dedicated to the night is essential to deeply hydrate the area around the eyes.

Full-bodied and moisturizing: the night eye cream are the perfect vehicle to add a dedicated eye contour massage to your routine to do either with your fingers, tapping from the inside out, or with a jade roller or a beauty tool of your choice.

Night cream, which one to choose

You think there isn’t difference between day cream and night cream? Big mistake. At night, in fact, it is possible to use photosensitive and photosensitizing substances which, during the day, could cause discomfort or irritation. Also in this case, during the night, the cream has the possibility of restoring the right amount of water that during the day was put to the test.

Massage it carefully, with circular movements, from the bottom up to fight the force of gravity and the first wrinkles. Remember: it’s never too early to fight the signs of aging.

Small evening rituals that are good for you

Whether to wear a pajamas cool, sleep in bed sheets scented and have the clean hair may seem like trivialities to be included in the routine before going to bed, we want you to change your mind.

These three small details, in fact, they will accompany you in a regenerating sleep and free your mind from too many obstacles accumulated during the day. A real mental training, very similar to meditation, which will help you feel good and light.

Particular attention, for example, to the pillow case: try to change it at least twice a week. Here, in fact, germs and impurities can stagnate and proliferate, increasing or worsening the acne and small pimples already present.

No less important is adding a silk pillow that decreasing the friction on hair and skin will allow to reduce split ends and the slow down the appearance of wrinkles that could arise over time. The use of silk is also relevant foracne, as this natural fabric has a higher antibacterial power than cotton.

And i hair? Well what a more pleasant feeling than having light, soft and tidy hair. But put your heart in peace: la perfect fold will always come out before going to bed.

Now you know all the details for one beauty routine dedicated perfect sleep you just have to put them into practice.

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