The beauty of women through the decades and historical events

La bellezza delle donne attraverso i decenni e gli avvenimenti storici

Karolina Zebrowska, Polish author of the blog of historical costumes Domowa Kostiumologia, taking a cue from the videos of the series 100 Years Of Beauty, created her own version of the evolution of female beauty over the past century.

The goal of the costume designer was to show the real aspect of women in relation to the historical period and beyond the clichés. In the description accompanying the video Karolina Zebrowska has explained:

I have done historically accurate research to show that the beautiful faces and fashions seen in photos and advertisements are just an idealistic version of reality.

A cross-section of 40 years, from 1900 to 1940, which in two minutes unites the Gibson Girls (first beauty standard in USA born from the drawings of the illustrator Charles Dana Gibson) to factory workers (in Great Britain made up 40% of the workforce) and domestic workers.

Then there are the Suffragettes, the femme fatale of 1930s cinema, and finally the 1940s, remembered for the beginning of the Second World War, a tragic period where evil was able to prevail. Period in which about 21,000 women were employed as nurses in the armed forces.

He was a style icon in those years Betty Grable, the first American pin up. Since World War II it has been the dream of thousands of American soldiers at the front, who kept a photo of him in backpacks, lockers and on vehicle dashboards. He thus became the idol of the American youth of that period, singing and dancing in many films, from Appointment in Miami of 1941 a Everyone’s girlfriend of 1944.

Women who have changed their lives, women who have unwittingly changed the future, women who have succeeded thanks to the determination to change the course of history. In the gallery the surprising photographs that highlight the beauty of women through the decades and historical events.

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