The 7 bell jeans that feel best from Asos, Amazon and El Corte Inglés


We don't say it, it's vox populi of many of our readers, these seven bell jeans what we propose you take effect push up and no matter how they are sized because they stylize us. No need to try them and you can buy them on-line.

Although everyone feels similarly, they have a different pattern, but the common denominator they have is that they look like we want them to stay. We can wear them both for the most casual plan and for a most dinner chic. The trick is to vary the footwear.

No need to go far … who does not buy today in Amazon? and in The English Court? And in Asos? Well, the ones we propose are selected from these three fashion pages. We go with them :

Bell pants Salsa The English cut

Salsa high-rise push in women's bell-bottom cowboy. Price: 89.95 euros

Bell pants Morgan El Corte Inglés

High-waisted women's bell jeans with a Morgan brand scarf. Price: 60.00 euros

Black bell pants Belle & Rebel The English cut

Black Belle & Rebel jeans with hood. Price: 29.99 euros

Brownie bell pants El Corte Inglés

Brownie bell cowboy in dark blue. Price: 65.90 euros

Amazon blue cowboy bell pants

Zip-up flared jeans with five pockets from Amazon. Price 34.99 euros

Amazon bell jeans

Bellboy jeans with buttons and four pockets from Amazon. Price 15,98 euros

bell pants asos

Bone-effect bell-leg jeans in bone white from Asos Desingn Premium. Price: 48.99 euros

Photos | @mariapombo, El Corte Inglés, Amazon, Asos.

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