The 11 most incredible movie beaches of the cinema to bathe this summer 2019


We're going on a trip and this time you only need popcorn and one of these 11 movies that will reveal 11 incredible beaches, perfect to become the destination of your next vacation.

From the island of Castaway with its spectacular coral reefs, to the vast Scottish beach of Fire cars, protected by its incredible natural dunes. A trip around the world to discover some movie beaches.

Lord Howe Island, in Blue Hell

Blue Hell Movies With Incredible Beaches

Blake Lively has to face a shark in Blue Hell, but it's not in Mexico as the movie narrates, but in Lord Howe Island, a small island in New South Wales, 600 km from Australia.

The island was Declared a World Heritage Site for its beauty and biodiversity of its flora and fauna, and its access is restricted to avoid tourist overcrowding. A unique space to take away the fear of the sea that put the film in your body. And calm, there are no dangerous sharks in this paradisiacal beach.

Island of Monuriki, in Castaway

Monuriki is a small and uninhabited island located off the coast of Viti Levu, in a group of islands known as the Mamanuca Islands, in the Pacific Ocean. And it's also the island where Tom Hanks only had his faithful friend Robinson in Castaway, a film for which he won the Golden Globe for best dramatic actor.

Just one kilometer long and 600 meters wide, it is surrounded by coral reefs and in an incomparable enclave. You will feel lost among its turquoise waters and its white sands.

Beach of Mónsul, in Indiana Jones and the last crusade

Playa De Monsul Movies With Incredible Beaches

It is inevitable to think of Indiana Jones without this scene coming to mind. Sean Connery and Harrison Ford share plane on the almeriense beach of Mónsul while the father of Indi frightens the seagulls with an umbrella to avoid the attack of an airplane.

The beach belongs to the Natural Park of Cabo de Gata, whose rocky landscape and almost endless virgin beaches make this destination one of cinema.

Ses Illetes beach, in Lucia and sex

The beach of Ses Illetes It is the demonstration that you do not have to travel to the Caribbean to visit a paradise. This insinuating beach appeared in the movie of Julio Médem Lucia and sex, starring Paz Vega. It is located in Formentera, one of the Balearic Islands, and is ideal for observing the reefs and practicing sailing sports.

And since you're going to the island, do not miss something that also comes out in the movie, the Faro cap de Barbaria and which gives an image to the mythical poster.

Lucia And The Sex

Kastani beach, in Mamma Mia!

Greece is a paradise in sight of all. Its gastronomy, the history that soaks its monuments and its streets, its people and its beaches. How is it so wonderful that it was part of the wonderful musical of Mamma Mia.

It is located on the coast of Skopelos and is the scene of musical moments like the one starring Sophie and Sky. Crystal clear waters in turquoise tones and a vast nature that surrounds you. A feast for the eyes.

Halona Beach Cove, in From here to eternity

The cinema has many iconic scenes, but few like the passionate kiss of Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr in the film From here to eternity. Hawaii is the place where you will find this wonderful cove, more specifically on the island of Oahu.

On that same island scenes of Pirates of the Caribbean 4, like one of the persecutions to Jack Sparrow, that was rolled in the beach of the bay of Kahana, also in the idyllic island of Oahu.

Hanauma Bay, in Love in Hawaii

Hanauma Bay Movies With Incredible Beaches

This beach, a protected place in Hawaii, is known not only for its beauty, but also for being the scene of Love in Hawaii, a 1961 film with Elvis Presley as the protagonist. Hanauma Bay is an extinct volcanic crater found on the island of Oahu, and it is a wonderful beach to practice diving or snorkelling.

Zuma Beach, in Planet of the Apes

We will have to go to Malibu to recreate another iconic scene from the history of cinema that is in the eye of any movie buff, the moment when Charlton Heston finally understands everything to see the Statue of Liberty on that beach.

Nowadays you will not find it empty, but full of surfers and families enjoying its vast extension. Its almost three meters in length make it one of the largest and most popular beaches in Los Angeles.

Playa de la Caleta, in 007 Another day dies

In the movie they made us believe that they were in Havana, but in reality, the beach from which Halle Berry came out in the James Bond movie was none other than the Cádiz beach of La Caleta.

This scene is a nod to the first Bond film in which Ursula Andress came out of the water with a bikini before the incredulous look of Sean Connery. The original scene that took place on a Jamaican beach, but Halle Berry's version was shot on the only beach in the historic center of Cádiz.

Famara beach, in Broken Embraces

The Broken Hugs Movies With Incredible Beaches

This photo belongs to a film by Almodóvar in which Penelope Cruz and Lluís Homar live one of the most beautiful parts of their history on the island of Lanzarote. Famara is the longest rabbit beach with a length of six kilometers that leaves us images like the one we see in the film. A space full of fauna that will fly over our heads while we walk at low tide through its dark sand.

West Sands Beach, in Chariots of Fire

West Sands Beach Movies With Incredible Beaches

We return to another mythical moment of cinema. The music of Vangelis sounds and in Fire cars we see the athletes running through an imposing beach. It's the West Sands of Sant Andrews, on the Scottish east coast. It has three kilometers of sand and its natural dunes are protected, but you can access through the marked roads and recreate with your friends that momentazo while humming one of the best known film soundtracks.

Photo | Broken Embraces

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