The 10 best mascaras for getting long lashes and doe eyes


Did you subscribe to the “mascara only” look with the mask? Check out the top products of the moment for a magnetic look

A mascara for every need: to lengthen, curl, volumize. But the goal remains the same: to achieve WOW eyelashes to open your gaze and make your eyes more expressive!

Today more than ever, with the use of masks, mascara is the most used makeup (if not the only one, in many cases). The suggestion is to choose it in a waterproof version, in order to avoid the panda effect. Due to the “condensation” that is created with the water vapor from breathing and the mask, the mascara risks melting and dripping in no time at all.

Here are the mascaras of the moment to try for a mask-proof magnetic look!

Mascara Intense Métamorphose by Yves Rocher

Its formula is composed of 88% ingredients of natural origin, such as nourishing castor oil and softening cornflower water and beeswax, which thickens the lashes. The Charcoal makes the black color even more intense. Intense Métamorphose mascara from Yves Rocher it is also available in the waterproof version.

For who: the ideal mascara if you are looking for a sustainable choice.

Mascara Vamp! Sexy Lashes by Pupa

The Vamp mascara! Sexy Lashes by Pupa it has a super curving action thanks to the innovative crosspolymer «Lash Sculptor». The mix of natural waxes ensures immediate extraordinary volume, while the special film-forming resin keeps the lashes perfectly lifted and curved for a long time.

For who: the ideal mascara if you want to curl your lashes to the maximum.

Single Volume Mascara by Collistar

It has a soft and creamy consistency that allows you to repeat the application several times, to modulate the volumizing effect. Lashes multiply their volume by 200%. Single Volume Mascara of Collistar it contains panthenol and peptides that restructure the lashes from the inside with a progressive thickening action.

For who: choose it if you need to thicken your lashes in an obvious way.

Diorshow Iconic Overcurl by Dior

Suitable for different types of lashes, Diorshow Iconic Overcurl defines, envelops and distributes lashes in a single stroke, for an extreme effect that lasts up to 24 hours. The arched applicator intensifies the natural curvature of the lashes with absolute precision. In addition, the exclusive formula enriched with cotton nectar takes deep care of the lashes, which day after day are softer, more elastic and stronger.

For who: choose it if, in addition to the cosmetic effect, from a mascara you are also looking for a healing effect, that is, one that makes natural lashes more beautiful.

Radical False Eyelash Effect Volume Mascara by Yves Saint Laurent

The Radical False Eyelash Effect Volume Mascara by Yves Saint Laurent it has a very large brush that allows you to collect more product between the fibers. The volume effect is made even more extreme thanks to the mix of hard and flexible fibers of the brush. Contains nut extract and argan oil from the Moroccan Ourika gardens, for voluminous lashes.

For who: choose it if a mascara, in addition to the performance, also look at the jewel box.

Scandal’Eyes Wow Wings Mascara Waterproof by Rimmel

Rimmel Scandal’Eyes Wow mascara has a winged elastometer applicator with flexible bristles to allow flawless application with zero lumps: use the concave side of the applicator to create the fan effect, then go over the mascara using the curved side with its bristles of 7 different lengths to give an extreme volume and intense look.

For who: the ideal mascara if you enjoy playing cunning with the possibilities offered by a pipe cleaner.

Better Than Sex Mascara by Too Faced

Better Than Sex by Too Faced is an ultra-black mascara that gives extremely long, voluminous and curved lashes, with a multidimensional effect. The hourglass-shaped applicator was created to allow the multidimensional fibers to optimize the performance of the carbon black formula with collagen and to guarantee total coverage of the lashes.

For who: the ideal mascara if you have short and straight lashes.

The Colossal Big Shot Mascara by Maybelline

A “colossal” effect offered by Maybelline’s The Colossal Big Shot mascara. Thanks to the formula rich in collagen, it makes the lashes strong from the roots and well untangled. It also curves and thickens them.

For who: choose it if you are looking for an effect well defined and separated lashes.

Mascara Air Volume by L’Oréal Paris

The Air Volume mascara by L’Oréal Paris it is formulated with an exclusive mousse technology which ensures that the waxes remain “suspended” to volumize the lashes without weighing them down. The brush is composed of short bristles (which capture the lashes at the roots) and long bristles (which make the product glide evenly).

For who: the ideal mascara if you are looking for a volumizing product with a light sensation.

Max Factor Lash Revival Mascara

Lash Revival by Max Factor it has a formula enriched with bamboo extracts, vitamins, natural oils and keratin, a mix that strengthens the lashes, use after use. The curved precision applicator perfectly follows the shape of the eye to give extreme volume to each individual lash.

For who: choose it if you are looking for an ultra-black effect.

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