The 10 best lengthening and volumizing mascaras

I 10 migliori mascara allunganti e volumizzanti

Mascara is a fundamental product for the success of many daily make-up: it does not require special skills and its effect is visible to anyone. The problem is to find, among the many on the market, the best mascara absolutely or at least the one that comes closest to our idea of ​​perfection, because we all need that mascara that fits to our eyes and our needs. Therefore, what might be perfect for one may not be perfect for the other.

Furthermore, these products which apparently all look the same, hide in truth many differences. Mascara can be chosen for the texture, which can be more or less creamy, due to theeffect that gives the eyes voluminous lashes, very long lashes or a defined look, for the duration or for the ease with which he applies us and with which he removes himself. For all these reasons (and more), finding the right mascara seems to be an increasingly difficult undertaking.

The 10 best lengthening and volumizing mascaras

To make this task less difficult, we have decided to make a list of 10 best mascaras on the market right now (some older, some newer). To compile our list we relied on beauty gurus and the reviews found on the beauty addicted communities.

Among our 10 best mascaras you will find products that vary greatly from each other, not only for the texture or effect they give to the look but also for their price. Only after careful analysis will you be able to choose the best mascara for you, or so we hope.

1. Lancome – Monsieur Big Mascara

Lancome mascarasource: Amazon

This mascara is composed of flexible waxes and polymers that allow you to increase the volume of non-make-up lashes up to 12 times. The creamy formula and the applicator volumizing allow to obtain an excellent result even with a single pass. The ultra soft bristles of the applicator separate and volumize the lashes effortlessly, the final effect is a perfect intense black finish. Available on Amazon for € 27.50.

2. Too Faced – Better Than Sex

Too Faced Mascarasource: Amazon

Defined by the brand itself as the holy grail of mascara, Better than Sex offers a extreme volume, thanks above all to the applicator. With the hourglass shape it is able to lift and cover all the lashes of both the upper and lower arches. Available on Amazon at 24.00 euros.

3. Chanel – Le Volume

Chanel mascaraSource: Amazon

Thanks to the unique applicator with its overlapping disc shape (developed exclusively for Chanel), this mascara not only gives volume but from the first application the lashes multiply and thicken. Available on Amazon at € 37.00.

4. Helena Rubinstein – Lash Queen Feline Black

Helena Rubinstein mascaraSource: Web

As the name suggests, the final effect of this mascara is one feline look, deep, with elongated and volumized lashes. The applicator, created specifically to separate the lashes, gives a new dimension to our eyes. Available on Amazon at € 37.15.

5. Deborah – Instant Maxi Volume

Deborah mascaraSource: Amazon

The texture of this mascara is ultra pigmented and ensures a daily holding. The silica microspheres contained in the mascara volumize the eyes, at the same time the glycoproteins moisturize the lashes. The applicator is maxi and in soft fibers, the action is fast and the result is immediate. Available on Amazon for € 12.90.

6. L’Oréal – Unlimited

L'Oréal mascaraSource: Amazon

The peculiarity of this mascara is certainly the foldable applicator in two positions: straight, perfect for lengthening the lashes, and folded, excellent for giving volume to the smallest and hidden lashes. With just one stroke you get lashes from unlimited length, raised, curved and perfectly defined. Available on Amazon for 13.63 euros.

7. Nyx Cosmetics – Worth the hype

Nyx Cosmetics mascaraSource: Amazon

This mascara gives volume and intense color to the lashes. The application is easy and the effect lasts all day, from morning to night, without having to touch it up. The pointed applicator is used to reach even the smallest lashes inside the eye. As the name implies, the wait was long but it was worth it. Available on Amazon for € 36.54.

8. L’Oréal – Paradise Extatic

L'Oréal mascaraSource: Amazon

The application is facilitated by the soft and flexible brush. The formula contains nourishing and strengthening oils, for this reason in addition to giving an intense volume and a stratospheric length, the Paradise Extatic mascara is not annoying to the eye and is easy to remove. Available on Amazon for € 10.90.

9. Neve Cosmetics – Lash Academy

Neve Cosmetics mascaraSource: Amazon

The texture of this mascara is elastic and layable, so you can get the intensity you want. The thin applicator reaches the base of the lashes, covers even the shortest and thinnest and gives intensity to the look. Also, this mascara is 100% vegan: does not contain petrolatum, parabens and silicones. Available on Amazon at 24.00 euros.

10. Pupa – Vamp!

Mascara PupaSource: Amazon

This mascara gives the same effect as the Fake eyelashes but without the hassle of wearing them. The lashes are thick, full and dense and the intensity can be adjusted step by step. The texture is creamy and the applicator was created specifically to collect the greatest amount of product. Available on Amazon for 7.20 euros.

Equally noteworthy is one of the latest products launched by the Clio Make up brand: mascara Dark Love, highly appreciated by youtubers and influencers for its very performing qualities and for its 100% vegan composition. It is not found on Amazon, but can only be purchased from the Clio Make Up e-commerce and costs 14.50 euros.

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