Tangle teezer: the benefits of the ‘magic’ brush

Tangle teezer, la spazzola perfetta: i benefici e dove acquistarla

Word of mouth on social media and positive reviews from various beauty bloggers have made it one of the most talked about accessories in recent months, a real must have: the tangle teezer.

This is an innovative brush created in 2007 by hair color expert Shaun Pulfre. It easily detangles knots, does not tear the roots, is practical and light, small in size. It is also suitable for any type of hair (extension and wigs included) and can be used on both wet and dry hair. So even in the shower it can be easily used, thanks also to its being particularly handy and ergonomic.

To give it all this fame the unique design with which it is made (it is a brush without a handle) and his patented teeth silicone, equidistant from each other, which flex and sway as they slide easily through your hair.

Tangle teezer brush: benefits

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There tangle teezer it does not break or damage the hair. For this reason, it is very suitable for those dry and fragile, more problematic. In addition, the ease with which the hair is smoothed and untangled, makes it really “childproof”, because it does not hurt at all: a joy for mothers struggling with the rebellious hair of their children! And for the girls with curly hair, perpetually fought over the use of Brush or comb, on treating wet or dry hair, this is the ideal option.

The much-talked-about brush is loved by hair stylists, star hairdressers and beauty addicts. He has also won several awards globally, including the 2014 For Enterprise: International Trade award.

Tangle teezer brush: the types

tangle teezerSource: Sephora

The first tangle teezer, the original one, was followed over time by others, equally effective in their work, but with increasingly captivating design and colors. The Original it is plain or in two colors and does not have a handle; it is made up of teeth of one centimeter alternating with those of half a centimeter. It adapts perfectly to the shape of the head, so it is easy and painless to use.

There are also more specific types depending on the needs. There Compact Styler, for example, is the one to take on a trip or always keep in your handbag at hand, to put yourself back in order at any time. Unlike the others, it has a lid, just to store it easily and easily carry it with you, without damaging it.
There Salon Elite is a line designed for beauty salons and hairdressers, therefore specific to be used on another person. It costs a little more, being more professional. Compared to the Original it is also slightly larger.
There Thick & Curly is the specific brush for curly hair, including afro. Its teeth are longer, so as to untangle the knots of the most frizzy and rebellious hair and prepare the hair for styling.

And then there are the children: the Magic Flower Pop is designed and studied for them. It has the shape of a flower with a lid and is extremely colorful, to make a moment that sometimes upsets mothers and children more playful. In the center of the flower there is even a small compartment to personalize it with a photo.

Finally, the brush Blow Styling Hairbrush it is suitable for those who want all the advantages of the tangle teezer, without having to get used to the classic shape of the brush: in fact it is the only one with a handle.

Tangle teezer brush: where to buy it?

The brush is purchasable in perfumeries and in various online stores, such as Amazon is Sephora. The price it ranges from 10 euros (for basic models) to 20 euros (for limited edition models or with more particular colors and designs, from spotted to the shiny Gold effect).

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