Tamara Falcó has the most beautiful comfortable heels of winter (and they are from a Spanish brand that has fallen in love with those who know more about fashion)


Tamara Falco long ago, following in the footsteps of her mother Isabel Preysler, she has become one of our style references to choose our most sophisticated, elegant and perfect looks for any age and occasion (and also for its spectacular haircuts). Since her time at Masterchef Celebrity ‘, the designer has become a true Instagram star and brands dispute it. And we, meanwhile, take advantage of sign up the clothes and looks you show on social media, many of them ‘low cost’, like this romantic knitted outfit from Mango, this sweater from Zara or this look with trendy kimono. However, this time what has stolen our hearts have been his shoes that, in addition to being precious and very wearable, are a brand ‘made in Spain’ that you need to know, because they are already adored by those who know the most about fashion in our country.

On this occasion, Tamara Falcó was working in Barcelona, ​​and as we have seen on Instagram, the designer wore a simple black look with a detail that has not gone unnoticed by her followers: the shoes, that although she herself had tagged them in the photo, there were dozens of comments asking about the brand. And, this time, Tamara has gone out of the usual shopping circuit to discover us Augusta, a Spanish footwear firm that already triumphs among the most stylish influencers, from Silvia García (Bartabac) to Mirian Pérez (Honey Dressing), Estefanía ‘Miss Cavallier’, Melissa or Grace Villarreal.

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Practical, versatile and with a very romantic touch, Tamara Falcó has chosen some simple ‘Mary Janes’ (or Mary Janes) in black patent leather from Augusta The Brand (theirs are the Emilia Glossy Black model, and they cost 179 euros) that we can not only wear from morning to night thanks to its comfortable 2.5-centimeter heel, but also, they are ideal with almost any look, from a more formal one with a tailored suit like that of Tamara Falcó to go to work, to a more sophisticated one with a dress for the evening and even with jeans and a warm knit sweater for a ‘comfy’ weekend look .

The bad new? Have already been sold outon the firm’s website, although you can still find them in multi-brand stores as neat and appealing as Quintussa, another brand ‘made in Spain’ that you need to follow very closely.

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