Survive unexpected rainy days with Decathlon wellies that you can buy from 10 euros and that combine with everything


It is not easy at all to combine any garment in your wardrobe in the Rainy days. And no matter how hard you try to go out with your Comfortable shoes favorite on the street, it is still not made to cross the puddles that you find in your path. To survive the gray days that we still have until the good weather arrives, you only need a few Decathlon wellies just like you did with the waterproof snowshoes that you will wear again next year. And we have the perfect designs from 10 euros henceforth they could succeed as much as these cheap boots from the same firm that the influencer Grace Villarreal made viral with a sweeping look.

Four models for all tastes and in different colors, from the classic black that combines with everything Red intense to be the most original, that you can take to go out to do all your errands without ending up soaked up to the eyebrows even if you decide to show off your legs with a mini skirt or bermuda shorts (yes, the best thing about the rain is that the temperatures are very mild) .

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We started with the Solagnac Glenarm 100 model, Decathlon’s most affordable, some lightweight, waterproof boots Created expressly for activities in nature but that we are going to put on street looks for its basic design and its perfect super wearable and differentiating khaki color that will be luxurious with denim, with black, with white, with beige, with prints. .. They cost 9.99 euros and those who have tried it highlight its value for money. We love their track sole, which is pure trend.

We raise the level with Katiuskas boots perfect for walking on rainy days both in nature and in the city. They are half round and super flexible to be comfortable and perfect on any occasion. But what we like the most about this model is that it is not only very cheap (it costs 11.99 euros), they are also available in five different colors for all tastes: from a fluorine green or a purple to a classic black or a very chic pink.

We continue with the Tribord boots, a model made especially for the sailing sport that keeps your feet completely dry on board. Nothing prevents us from wearing them on the worst rainy days! Its sole is non-slip and has a removable insole for greater comfort. They are available in black but also in a striking red to elevate any basic street look. Get them for 19.99 euros.

We finish with the luxury model offered by the low cost firm, the Glénan boots, specialized for nautical activities due to their stability and high impermeability, but perfect to wear with dresses, skirts, jeans or jumpsuits due to their beautiful and flattering design. They have it all! They are made of natural rubber so comfort, resistance and flexibility are assured. Of course, they cost a bit more than the previous ones and they can be yours forever for 69.99 euros. Love!

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