Surprise! Wellies are the most versatile footwear trend according to influencers and these are the styles that will be worn the most next season


In good or bad weather, you live in rainy areas or where a drop does not fall, the
water boots they will be a must in your wardrobe for the next season. East
waterproof footwear has gradually gained prominence on catwalks to become
the most popular of the autumn-winter 2021 collections. Not only the firms say it, but also the influencers, celebrities and the street style of the
Fashion Weeks.

From the classics to the knee that fell in love with
Lady di, going through those of
track sole, to the innovative full-color rubber ankle boots. The new functional hero of the women’s wardrobe drives every fashionista crazy. As comfortable as sports shoes and appropriate for the cold weather of the coming season. Such is the phenomenon that the famous brand
Hunter It has increased its sales by 98% since last year.

Chanel, Celine,
Dior, Louis Vuitton, Versace, Prada, Betty’s
Bottega Veneta and their BV
Puddle that look like something out of a cartoon, the hilarious and joyful collaboration between
Bettina Vermillon and the Scandinavian ‘it girl’,
Emili Sindlev, or capsule
Gia couture and the fashionista
Pernille Teisbaek. These
‘ugly shoes’ They are available in multiple versions, from quirky to basic, all of which are all the rage.

It is impossible that they have not flooded your Instagram feed. Fashion experts wear everything. You can do like in the parades and create a very striking contrast mix like the
prom dresses with sequins and
colorful booties. On the other side is the
classic look with
Wellingtons in neutral tones next to the
trench coat, Best Friends. The
knitted sets They are also a favorite to wear with these footwear and ensure a comfortable, warm, trendy look, but with a timeless minimal look.

dresses, mini or maxi, lingerie or vaporous, patterned or plain, seat 10. Another option is the combo of
midi skirt and oversized sweater. Add a
padded jacket which is the most popular outdoor garment of the moment and you will go to the last, without risking. An outfit with a shirt, shorts and a coat (male or bathrobe) is ideal for going to the office, at any age.

The basic jeans and t-shirt formula is infallible, with a leather jacket, at halftime. In a look of
mini skirt and
cardigan you will look rejuvenated. With a
American male they become sophisticated. And, if you dare, you can incorporate them in combos with the most fashionable vibrant colors, such as yellow and fuchsia pink, green and turquoise or orange and purple.

Mango and
Zara they have updated wellies at prices
low cost so you have no excuse. The time has come to change your wardrobe and include the novelties of the winter season, start dressing by the feet with this
versatile footwear.

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