Sunspots: what they are, where they appear and how to prevent them


If sunspots are your nightmare, but the urge to sunbathe is too strong, don’t worry. There are ways to prevent them and protect the skin. Just follow a few small (essential) tricks. To ensure health and beauty for the skin. Everytime!

Some of you will know them by hearsay. Others, however, because at a certain point they saw them appear on the skin, in particular on the face, shoulders and décolleté. Suddenly and especially in the summer. Let’s talk about Sunspots o solar lentigos, or those small skin spots that locally darken the complexion, from light brown to hazelnut.

The reason? A concentration of excessive melanin and some habits, which many of us have, but which are not good for the health of our skin. Like, for example, staying under the sun for too long during the hottest hours and without adequate protection. The perfect combo to create more or less important damage to the skin and for favor the appearance of sunspots. But be careful, because nothing is lost if you know how. Here, then, are the ways to prevent the formation of sunspots and preserve the balance of the skin for a long time.

What are sunspots?

Before understanding how to prevent them, it is good to understand what exactly are sunspots. Clinically they are defined as dyschromias of the epidermis, that is skin color variations, which becomes darker than its natural state, but only locally, where melanin is most concentrated. Recognizing them is quite simple as they have some very specific characteristics (eyes open then):

  • they are flat and basically oval in shape;
  • have a larger size than freckles:
  • they range from light brown to dark brown or hazel;
  • they develop more in the areas most exposed to the sun such as the face, hands, shoulders, décolleté, feet;
  • they can form in small groups.

In short, if you have them it is difficult not to notice. But for what reason they are formed these spots?

sunspots as they are

Why do sunspots form?

Obviously the causes are different. First of all theexcessive sun exposure and lack of skin protection, especially in the summer. But also throughout the rest of the year (after all the sun is always there as well as the damage it can cause to the skin if it is not treated properly). But not only. Causes of sunspots also include:

  • hormonal changes, for example if you are on the pill or if you are pregnant;
  • skin inflammations such as acne;
  • skin irritation after, for example, waxing;
  • taking medicines such as antibiotics, supplements, anti-inflammatories;
  • use of photosensitizing products, such as perfumes (yes, even if you used it in the evening before hanging out in the sun);
  • dermatological diseases.

Many contributing causes for which it is necessary to run for cover, learning all the possible tricks to prevent sunspots and, above all, preserve the health and beauty of your skin.

How to prevent sunspots

Given (and understood) the very close link between sunspots and the agent from which they take their name, the sun, it is not difficult to understand that the only real way to prevent the appearance of these spots on the skin is to protect it. In all possible ways.

Yes, you got it right. Any way to shield the skin it is welcome and effective if the goal is to remove the appearance of sunspots as much as possible. And to do this, it takes really small and simple daily tricks.

Do not expose yourself to the sun during the hottest hours

First thing to do (and how could it be otherwise) is avoid being in the sun when its rays are most intense and harmful to the body, that is between ten in the morning and two in the afternoon. Better to move your activities a little later, a small sacrifice with huge health benefits.

sunspot exposure

Use sunscreen

If you too are one of those people who think that sun protection is useless or prevents you from getting a tan, know that no, protection is needed and your tan will not be affected. What really changes between putting it and not putting it, however, is the formation or not of sunspots.

For this reason it is always preferable to opt for the first option, choosing a protection factor Adequate SPF is best if high and applying it several times a day. And anyway at least twenty / thirty minutes before exposing yourself in the sun. But not only.

sunspots protection cream

“Four seasons” protection

To make sure your skin is truly safe, sunscreen should be part of yours beauty products of the heart all year long. To be applied before make-up, immediately after the moisturizer or even after make-up, mixing it with the foundation and applying it with a brush. For sshield your skin from the sun’s rays in every season of the year.

Green light to accessories

And we are clearly not talking about rings, bracelets and earrings. But of hats, better if with a large head, to protect the face from the sun (and also the hair). But also of large sunglasses, which cover the part of the skin surrounding the eyes. Preserving the eye contour from sun spots and wrinkles. And to always buy in a specialized shop.

sunspots glasses

Avoid putting on perfume

The perfume or perfumed creams have components that, with the sun, creating a phototoxic reaction, tend to stimulate the production of melanin. This, if in excess, forms sunspots. For this it is better avoid perfuming yourself before going to the beach or swimming pool. Saving perfume and preserving the skin.

Perfume sunspots

Hydrating more prevents sunspots (and is good for the body)

Another fundamental piece for safeguard the skin from sunspots is hydration. That is, it is important to drink lots of water, at least two liters a day. The reason? This amount helps promote the cell regeneration process, reducing the risk of skin drying out and aging prematurely. In addition to protecting it from the formation of sunspots.

water sunspots

Green light also to the masks

And when we talk about hydration, we also mean the moisturizing face masks. Those based on honey, coconut oil or avocado are perfect. To apply once or twice a week. A real guarantee to keep the skin well hydrated, radiant and healthy. And keep the dreaded sunspots at bay.

Get more vitamins

Finally, it is important consume more fruits and vegetables (the ideal would be five portions a day) preferring those rich in vitamin C, antioxidant and excellent for promoting cell regeneration. Preserving the skin from sunlight and harmful radiation.

sunspots vitamin c

Let’s face it, protect the skin from the possibility of running into sunspots it is not such an impossible undertaking. Rather. Very small tricks are really enough, to be followed constantly and with a minimum of attention.

A few minutes of your time (much less than what you need to choose the outfit of the evening) can preserve your skin and always make it look fabulous. As a true protagonist of your look.

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