Sunspots: the ways to make them go away without drama


How beautiful it is to be in the sun! Much less, however, are sunspots. But do not worry, there is a solution to everything (or almost). Here are some ways to eliminate these small discolorations of the epidermis easily and without drama, rebalancing the complexion of your skin.

Days on the beach under the sun never tire you, you could spend the whole summer there. But then you notice at the end of the season the presence of some small dark spots on the skin, especially on the décolleté, face, hands, feet and shoulders. Sunspots or solar lentigo, small spots on the skin from light brown to hazelnut, which locally darken the complexion.

And that they are caused by one excessive concentration of melanin and from the many bad habits to which you let yourself go during the summer. One of all is the exposure to the sun during the hottest hours and without protection. But also due to hormonal changes, skin inflammations such as acne, skin irritations following, for example, waxing. And also the intake of medicines such as antibiotics, supplements, anti-inflammatories or dermatological diseases.

In short, many causes for a single result: the appearance of sun spots on the skin and the desire to eliminate and remedy them to the carelessness of the months that have just passed. But is it really possible to eliminate these skin discolorations? And if so, in what ways is this possible? Let’s try to find out (and above all to think carefully about our behaviors to prevent the need to have to remedy).

Sunspots? Try lightening creams

One of the simplest solutions to try to eliminate sunspots is to rely on lightening creams. A product capable of combining and mixing the exfoliating action with that of regulating the production of melanin. Hinder its accumulation.

To use after a medical consultation, to be sure of the cause of the sunspots and that your skin is not damaged, and never if you then expose yourself to the sun. Better to do it in the evening and in the summer season finished. As a sort of autumn cure (which will last a few months) to restore the skin to its initial state of well-being and beauty.

sunspots cream

Chemical peels

To make sunspots disappear, you can also rely on peeling. A treatment super strong exfoliant to be performed only in a beauty center and after consultation and medical approval. Do-it-yourself is totally forbidden! But what is it about?

Peeling is nothing more than a process in which the same substances as lightening creams are used but in greater quantities. Aspect that, together with the type of product and the concentration of the different substances present, must be evaluated only by the doctor and specialist who will carry out the treatment.

sunspots peeling

The laser

Another rather effective solution to eliminate sunspots is the laser. A great dermatological treatment (which also in this case must be performed after a medical consultation and always by expert hands), more invasive than peeling and suitable for deeper sun spots.

A solution that is certainly more expensive than the previous ones and which requires a few sessions, from two to four, to be divided into as many months. For let the skin rest (which will tend to redden in the first 24 hours after the session) and guarantee a homogeneous result without unwanted effects.

laser sunspots

Natural remedies for sunspots

Certainly less expensive and invasive (and in any case to try without ever exaggerating) are the natural remedies. Sunspot treatments that are easy to perform independently and usually effective. It is essentially a series of scrubs, ointments, gels, etc., composed of different ingredients, whose properties help to gently smooth the epidermis, lightening any discoloration.

For example, you can opt for:

  • a scrub based on baking soda and warm water, to be applied on the spots for about twenty minutes and to be repeated for twenty days;
  • a calendula ointment, perfect for fighting sunspots. Purchasable at a pharmacy or herbalist’s shop;
  • gelaloe vera, soothing, moisturizing and refreshing, it helps to minimize and eliminate stains, also helping to resolve any skin irritations;
  • oil of rose hip which, in addition to acting against sun spots, helps to reabsorb scars and prevent wrinkles (another consequence of excessive exposure to the sun).

sunspots oil

The best cure is prevention

Finally, even if it may seem trivial, the best cure for every “evil” is prevention. And the same rule applies to sunspots too. For this, beyond possible remedies after the appearance of these small spots on the skin is good run for cover first that there is a need to really intervene. How? Avoiding making mistakes and adopting a few simple good habits, valid in summer but also in every season of the year, such as, for example, use sunscreen (preferably not lower than SPF 30).

But also:

  • do not apply perfume before exposure to sunlight or perfumed creams;
  • hydrate correctly by drinking at least 2 liters of water a day but also by regularly applying nourishing and moisturizing masks;
  • paying attention to nutrition, which must be rich in fruit vegetables and vitamins;
  • protecting yourself with wide-headed hats and sunglasses that cover the surrounding part of the eyes well.

A few tricks that can really change the situation, avoiding you having to resort to more or less strong remedies to remove sun spots from your skin. Preserving its health and beauty both during the summer and in any other season of the year.

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