Sunspots: the suntan errors that make them appear


Sunspots? A question of “bad habits”! But what are the mistakes that almost all of us make and that favor their appearance? Let’s find out together and learn how to avoid them, to guarantee a screaming tan by protecting the skin from any type of damage, including sun spots.

How beautiful is the summer and how beautiful it is, even more, to be in the sun and enjoy its warmth and that splendid golden complexion it leaves us on the skin. A lot, really a lot. Obviously if you do it by paying the proper attention and ensuring maximum protection to the skin. The reason? Avoid sunspots appearing together with the much desired tan. From the small spots on the skin, from light brown to hazelnut that make the skin darker, especially where it is more exposed to the sun such as the face, shoulders and décolleté.

This is due to a ‘excessive concentration of melanin and, what should not be underestimated, from a whole series of “bad habits” that are pursued over time. Noticing only when it is too late. But that’s only if you don’t know them before. Here, then, is all that is good to know about sunspots and what they are gthe most common mistakes that are made and that should absolutely be removed from your routine.

What are sunspots and why do they form?

First, it is good to understand why sunspots form. As mentioned, in fact, these are gods dyschromia of the epidermis or better, the concentrations of melanin which, locally, make the skin darker. They occur quite distinctly:

  • with a color ranging from light brown to dark brown or hazelnut;
  • with a bigger size compared to freckles and flat and oval in shape;
  • in specific points of the body such as the face, eye contour, feet, hands, décolleté and shoulders.

The causes of sunspots

And for different causes. First of all, excessive exposure to the sun but also as a consequence of:

  • skin irritation after, for example, waxing;
  • taking medications such as antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, or supplements;
  • skin inflammations such as acne;
  • hormonal changes (use of the pill, pregnancy, etc.);
  • dermatological diseases;
  • etc.

But not only. Among the causes that favor its appearance, in fact, some depend solely on our habits, not quite correct. And that, for the sake of the skin, it is important to know and modify immediately!

facial skin spots

Expose yourself to the sun during the hottest hours

As anticipated, one of the worst habits for the skin is that of do not safeguard it from the possible damage of UV rays, exposing themselves to the sun during the hottest hours, between ten and two in the afternoon. It matters little if you think the day is not particularly hot or if you spend all your time in the water and don’t feel the heat on your body.

At these times the sun’s rays are stronger, whether you know it or not. And their impact on the skin is one of the main factors that determine the formation of sunspots especially if in addition you choose not to protect the skin with adequate sun protection (and with a preferably high SPF factor).

sun tan spots

Not protecting yourself adequately

Another mistake that we tend to make and that creates the perfect basis for the appearance of sunspots, in fact, is precisely the lack of protection. “But no, I don’t need it”, “I don’t wear it because otherwise I won’t get a tan”. How many times have we heard or said these phrases to justify not having sunscreen. Certainly many. And as many times we let the sun damage our skin favoring the formation of sunspots. That’s why it’s important to always protect yourself.

And by always we mean in every season of the year. The sun, in fact, is not the prerogative of summer or of our desire to get a tan. And it is good always shield the most exposed areas to sunlight and protect the health of the skin. Everytime. But are we sure we are doing it right?

sunspots cream

How to put the protection

Often in fact, despite putting on sunscreen, it is not done in the correct way, nullifying its effect. For apply it in the right way, therefore, it is important:

  • do it 20/30 minutes before exposing yourself to the sun;
  • put it back every two hours and always before and after every bath or shower;
  • introduce it as an integral part of your beauty routine, immediately after the moisturizer.

Finally, it is also good to use the right amount (and not too little as often happens). The ideal is 2 mg of product for every square centimeter of skin, that is 4 grams of face cream and about 30 grams for the body.

Wear perfumes before exposing yourself to the sun

For those of you who are used to wearing perfumes or even scented creams, it is good to know that even these products (absolutely not necessary to get a beautiful golden tan), influence to the advantage of sunspots.

This happens because, inside them, there are components that create a phototoxic reaction with the sun. Stimulating more melanin production and, therefore, sunspots. It is therefore always better to avoid, enjoying the sea or the swimming pool with its own natural smell.

sunspots perfumes

Not eating enough fruits and vegetables

That eating fruit and vegetables is good for the body is a fact, but that not eating enough favors the appearance of sunspots maybe you were not so aware. But that’s exactly how it is and, in particular, the one rich in vitamin C, excellent for promoting cell regeneration, antioxidant and able to protect the skin and prevent damage that can come from exposure to UV rays.

What to do then? Consume more fruits and vegetables, to be divided into five portions a day. A healthy habit for the body and an excellent alliance to stop the appearance of sunspots.

fruit sunspots

Little hydration, lots of sunspots

Finally, another error in favor of sunspots concerns the lack of hydration. Drinking a little (and for a little less than two liters a day) is very harmful to the health of the skin because it is precisely water that reduces and slows down the skin aging process, protecting the skin from sun spots. But not only.

water sunspots

When we talk about hydration, in fact, we also mean theapplication of creams or masks, useful for keeping the skin supple, well nourished and healthy. All aspects that hinder the formation of any skin problems.

Few are simple habits that if changed in a positive way can really help you preserve your skin, guaranteeing you a cover tan. To experience a summer and more, free from thoughts and sunspots.

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