Sunscreen: which one to put on each part of the body


It’s easy to say sunscreen, but the reality is that each part of the body has different needs and deserves specific action against sun damage. Let’s do some clarity.

In summer the sunscreen is the most important beauty product, the one that cannot be missing in your beauty routine and that you must always carry with you.

Many girls make the mistake of thinking that it is essential to spread it only at the sea or in the pool but this is not the case. With the warm season, in fact, the clothes inevitably discover many more inches of skin than usual and even in the city or in the mountains you must never let your guard down.

Every part of the body though is different and deserves a specific sunscreen. Solar products, in fact, have different formulations depending on the area on which they must act and for this reason you should not confuse them.

How to defend yourself from the harmful rays of the sun

To attack the skin it is not so much the sun, which if taken with the right precautions is a precious ally for the health of the body and skin. The sworn enemies are instead UVA and UVB rays, responsible for adverse events that can occur in the form of sunburn, redness cutaneous, outbursts, dermatitis, folliculitis and, in the most serious cases, tumor to the skin.

Sunscreens are used to ward off them as much as possible.


Choose sunscreen based on your phototype

Sun creams or lotions are not all the same but should be chosen mainly on the basis of your own phototype. If it’s clear it is essential to use one with a high protective factor. The ideal is equal to 50 or 50+. After a few days of exposure you can go down slightly but never below 30.

If your phototype is medium to dark, start from 30 and go climbing but the advice is to never get too low protection because even if your skin is not prone to sunburn it does not mean that skin damage caused by the sun cannot occur.

Sunscreen for the face

There facial skin it is certainly the most delicate and even if her being exposed all year round to sunlight, it may lead you to think she is more used to certain conditions, this is not the case.

Protecting it is therefore essential. Usually the sunscreens for the face are in cream form and in addition to the protective filters contain also other assets such as collagen and anti-oxidant and anti-aging vitamin E, or C vitamin.

There texture it is almost always quite light but at the same time nourishing since the sun tends to dry the skin and in addition to protecting it it is necessary to moisturize it as much as possible.


How and when to roll it out

Face sunscreen should never be forgotten, both in summer and in winter, at the seaside as in the city.

During most of the year to be protected from UVA and UVB rays just choose a foundation that has a protective factor.

If you don’t wear makeup, go for one moisturizer with this feature, on the market now there are many, suitable for all skin types and at any price. Spread it out once in the morning it is more than enough to guarantee you safety until the evening.


How to behave at the sea

Different speech if you are by the sea or by the pool. In this case you need one specific protective cream and you have to apply it several times throughout the day because with the passing of the hours its effect inevitably diminishes.

Sunscreen for the lips

In the face, delicate to the point of deserving specific attention, they are also the lips. The seasons at the antipodes, and therefore summer and winter, put them to the test more than the others, often making them dry and dehydrated.

To counter this phenomenon it is essential to always carry with you, and roll out when you feel the need, a lip balm. Under the sun, however, the classic versions are not enough, better rely on stick size sun protectors equipped with spf, which in addition to moisturize protect against damage from UVA and UVB rays.


Sun protection for the body

The rest of the body is slightly less delicate than the face but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be protected in equal measure.

The products used for this function, unlike those for the face, can have different formulations: there are classic creams but also sun milks and liquid and dry effect spray solutions. With the same protection factor, their validity is identical, the choice is therefore extremely subjective and depends only on the way you feel most comfortable to spread it.


Sunscreen for the hair

The eternal forgotten, especially during the long days spent at the beach or in the pool, are the hair.

It is rarely thought that the sun can ruin them, only to find themselves in September with hair that cries out for mercy and begs for an emergency treatment from the hairdresser. In order to avoid this epilogue, under the sun take care of them too with one specific sunscreen. Usually those designed for hair are nourishing oils containing a factor spf, enclosed in a convenient applicator spray.


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