Sunscreen, what is the right textutre for your skin?


In summer it is not always easy to choose the most suitable sun protection, because several factors come into play. One of them is the texture, which must be suitable for your skin. Find out how to choose the best one for a healthy and lasting tan!

Sunscreen in the summer (but not only) is our best friend to always keep with us and there is no doubt about this. However the choice of texture more suitable for the type of skin can cause a lot of confusion. It may seem an irrelevant factor, especially with the same SPF, but it can affect theeffectiveness of protection, as well as the phototype and the characteristics of one’s skin. And don’t make the mistake of thinking this product creates a tan barrier. Nowadays the different formulations are able to sublimate it flawlessly and make it lasting over time.

face sun cream

The different areas of the body in fact need more or less dense consistencies to protect themselves from burns, but also from possible more or less serious skin diseases. How to choose, therefore, among the different products on the market the one that guarantees you an impeccable tan and that lasts a long time?

Cream sunscreen for those with a lot of patience

For who loves applying creamy products to her body, the fluid emulsion version is certainly the most suitable. Nowadays the sun lotion in this format also has an important moisturizing action, therefore it plumps and nourishes the skin in depth. The sunscreen is especially suitable for use in sensitive and delicate areas such as the face, neck and décolleté, but clearly requires a lot of patience. In order for it to act well, you must spread it well is make it absorb from the epidermis, in such a way as to avoid that the grains of sand remain attached to the skin, scratching it and also causing redness. However, there are more and more versions that have an almost waterproof action that protect against the sticky effect and the risk of breading style cutlet!


Spray texture for those who never stop

For those who love to be on the move, even under the scorching sun, the choice can only fall on spray lotion. Thanks to its applicator it is very quick to apply and spray on parts of the body that are more difficult to reach. An example? The back!

sun spray

Of course, you have to apply it more frequently especially if you take a bath often, because the vaporization is not as intense and precise as the cream, but it is certainly much more practical if you never manage to stop. Go ahead, then, to walks on the water’s edge (don’t forget to wear a hat to protect your hair and head!), Beach volleyball tournaments and beach volleyball games with friends!

Stick sunscreen for the most delicate and small parts

Sunscreen in stick format it is perfect nose, the lips, the cheekbones, the eye contour.

These are particularly delicate areas of the body that require special attention (did you know that the mouth can also burn?).

lip stick

Usually the texture of these products is also greasier than creams and sprays, so it is also less easily removed with water and humidity. Plus the stick is extremely accurate, so it is crucial to cover scars, tattoos is in.

Dry skin? With sunscreen mousse you are not wrong!

The micro air bubbles that are created inside the mousse sunscreen make it a lot delicate and perfect for dry skin. Like the spray, however, you have to apply a larger portion of the product because, although it has a voluminous consistency, it is really light.

sunscreen in mousse

Oil off limits if temperatures are very high

If the temperatures I’m too high, L’oil overheats the skin preventing correct transpiration. However, if you are a lover of the bright and satin texture that this product gives, use it wisely if the climate is windy and dry, perhaps while you are walking around the city or the lake. In fact, remember that the formulations are now designed not to leave the epidermis greasy. Furthermore, their advantage is that they often contain active ingredients that stimulate melanin and make the amber complexion faster, thus maintaining it for a long time.

solar oil

Don’t forget to take your complexion into consideration though!

Ok, choose the texture of the sunscreen through the right mix between your tastes and the areas you need to protect. But don’t forget to properly rate the characteristics of your skin for know your phototype. The higher the protection factor chosen, the more it will be protected.

Clearly, the lighter your skin, the higher the protection factor should be.

Usually the subdivision of solar is:

  • low protection (from 6 to 10);
  • medium protection (from 10 to 30);
  • high protection (from 30 to 50+).

Very light skins that are likely to burn very easily and turn red very frequently must prefer a very high protection. Medium-light skins must start with high sun protection and then move on to medium. In any case, even for medium and dark skin, it is recommended not to choose under a protection with SPF 15. This is because you must in any case avoid sunburn, burns and above all melanomas which can cause even very serious diseases.

protection 30 spf

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