Sunscreen, should you wear more during your period?


Cycle and holidays! How many questions revolve around this topic and how many still do not have a clear answer. For example, is the sun good for your period and how much sunscreen is needed to protect your skin at this delicate time of the month? Let’s try to find out!

Who hasn’t happened to plan their holidays and discover that they coincide exactly with the arrival of their period? If this has never happened to you, you are very lucky but, if not, you have surely asked yourself some questions. Is the sun good or bad during menstruation? Is it possible to hang out in the sun and swim? And especially, you need to put more sunscreen on during your cycle?

If for some of these questions the answer is certain, yes it is possible to swim and no you don’t have to give up the much desired tan summer, there are others that deserve further study. In particular those concerning the relationship between the cycle and the health of the skin. So let’s try to understand how to behave when on vacation (but not necessarily only in this case), to protect the skin from the sun’s rays during menstruation.

Is sunbathing good for your period?

The first question to answer is whether, during the menstrual phase, the sun is more or less good (or bad) for our skin than usual. Let’s say that the effects of the sun’s rays on the skin are always the same.

If on the one hand, in fact, exposing yourself to the sun brings with it a whole series of benefits such as, promoting the production of vitamin D, fortifying bones, muscles and joints, improving mood and sleep quality, decreasing stress or increasing the efficiency of the immune system, on the other hand it also brings a whole range of possible problems including:

  • increased skin aging and the appearance of wrinkles or dark spots;
  • dermatitis;
  • sunburn;
  • sunburn;
  • development of skin cancers;
  • etc.

Reason why it is always necessary to use adequate sun protection, for shield the skin and preserve it from these possible ailments.

sunscreen cream

Cycle and sunscreen

During the cycle, however, it is necessary to have some extra attention since, precisely due to the delicate period in which you are, the skin (and the body in general) is more sensitive. This is due to the change in hormone levels (estrogen) which, by increasing the vasodilation, make the skin more subject to redness and irritation. Problems that sun exposure can further aggravate.

sunscreen cycle

In addition, due to the greater dilation of the blood vessels, it is possible that the period is more abundant and that you can suffer pressure drops.

No tan then? No, it’s just fine follow a few small tricks how to drink more (even sugary drinks) and apply sunscreen properly. The right amount would be 2 mg of product for every square centimeter of skin, i.e. 4 grams of face cream and about 30 grams for the body), and it is important not to get off never below the SFP factor 30 or 50.

sunscreen 50

Always remembering the three rules to use it correctly:

  • apply it 20/30 minutes before exposing yourself to the sun;
  • put it back every two hours and always before and after every bath or shower;
  • introduce it as an integral part of your beauty routine, after the moisturizer.

Besides then to do not expose yourself to the sun for too long periods and in hottest hours of the day (but these are good rules that should be followed regardless of whether you are on your period or not).

Tips and little tricks

In addition, just to remedy the “problems” resulting from the increased sensitivity of the skin during this period, it is good to take it as a good habit (even more in the sun), that of spray your face and body with a refreshing spray. To keep the skin always hydrated and lower the temperature.

spray sunscreen

Cycle and sun: with the right sun protection a concentrate of benefits

Despite the small ailments that can occur during the menstrual cycle, however, it certainly cannot be said that the sun does not bring with it also beneficial effects. Which positively affect the general physical well-being in this delicate phase of the month.

The body, in fact, can draw significant benefits from sun exposure. And this happens because, when you warm up, you have a similar effect to what you get by putting a hot water bottle on the belly when the classic period belly ache arrives. Relaxing the muscles and relieving both the amount and pain of cramps. Obviously, always without exaggerating and remembering the “rules” on how and how much sunscreen to apply.

Sun protection

What if you take the pill?

An extra precaution, then, is to be reserved for those who take the pill. In this specific case, in fact, the skin becomes even more sensitive, causing problems such as the appearance of skin spots. Especially around the mouth, nose and cheeks.

This is why it is important to use a even greater care towards one’s skin (cycle or non-cycle), not descending never below the SPF 50 sun protection factor.

girl sunscreen

In short, during the cycle it is not so important how many jars of cream or spray you empty but, rather, to have consistency in applying sunscreen. By choosing the right SPF value (high) and avoiding letting go of those “bad habits” to which all, cycle or not, we should pay attention. Preserving the beauty and health of your skin every day and in every season.

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