Sun protection, how to include it in your beauty routine


Why is it important to include sunscreen in your daily beauty routine? Simple, to protect the skin and keep it healthy and beautiful in summer, but also in every other season of the year. Here, then, how to use it and how to make it become a true beauty ally.

To always have a skin beautiful, bright and in perfect health, there is nothing better than dedicating time every day to your beauty routine. A series of targeted steps, to be performed daily, to take care of your beauty and skin. But are we sure we are doing everything correctly? For example, in your skincare do you use sunscreen?

“But how? I don’t have to sunbathe anyway! ” If you too are thinking something of this kind, know that the sun’s rays always strike you and in any case, regardless of your intentions or the season you are in. For this it is important to protect the skin with sunscreen, inserting it as one fundamental step of your beauty routine. To preserve the health and beauty of your skin, in a few simple steps, just one more!

Why use sunscreen?

First, it’s good to understand why it’s important introduce sunscreen into your beauty routine daily (and you will see that you will be even more tempted to do so). As the word itself indicates, in fact, the purpose of sun protection is to protect the skin. But from what? Give it harmful effects caused by sunlight.

These are divided into three types:

  • visible light, the one that illuminates and on which a very small part of the tan depends;
  • infrared rays, which heats but does not represent a danger to our health:
  • ultraviolet rays (UV AB and C).

Girl sunscreen

How UV rays work

THE UV rays are who it is from need to protect themselveswhy, in addition to being responsible for the much-loved tan, they can have harmful effects on the skin. Including, for example:

  • dehydration;
  • redness or irritation;
  • erythema;
  • skin aging (of which they are responsible for about 80%);
  • increase in the speed of the appearance of wrinkles and / or skin spots;
  • skin diseases;
  • tumors.

And this always happens, no matter what season you are in. This is why it is important apply sunscreen regularly on the skin, for protect it and prevent damage more or less serious that can take over and undermine your health and beauty.

Sunscreen cream

Sun protection and beauty routine

But when should it be worn and how is it applied correctly? Obviously, for sunscreen to be truly effective, it is important that it comes used in the right way how last step of your consolidated beauty routine, which specifically should include:

  • makeup remover (obviously if you are wearing make-up) to remove most of the make-up from eyes and face;
  • detergent, to thoroughly cleanse the skin of impurities in a deeper and more targeted way;
  • tonic, able to restore the correct ph levels;
  • serum, there are various types, anti-aging, moisturizing, calming, antioxidant, illuminating, etc. And they serve to give the skin important nutrients for health;
  • moisturizing cream, to increase the effectiveness of previous treatments, deeply moisturize the skin (also depending on the type of skin) and protect it from external aggressions;
  • Sun protection, it is sufficient to pass a light layer after the moisturizer, in order to shield the skin from UV rays and reduce the damage that these, as seen, can cause.

Remembering to apply it at least 15 or 30 minutes before leaving o expose yourself to the sun e every about two hours.

face cream sunscreen

When to apply exfoliant and masks?

Obviously, in a respectable beauty routine, two essential steps cannot be missing, to be carried out on a weekly basis: the scrub and the mask. But when should they be done?

The first will have to be applied between the cleanser and the tonic, for clean even deeper the skin and unclog pores. The second, on the other hand, also based on the type of mask chosen, must be used after the cleanser and tonic. Sunscreen, therefore, always remains your last step.

Sunscreen mask

Sun protection and make up

But if you need to put the sunscreen back on every two hours or so, can’t you wear makeup? If for many of you this question is already arousing a thousand doubts and moments of panic, you could rest assured. Sun protection it can also be worn with make-up, even over makeup. And without ruining it!

To do this, you can mix a powder foundation and sunscreen on the back of the hand, and reapply everything with a brush. Passing it lightly on the face and retouching both your make-up (dabbing the shiny effect that the cream can cause) and yours UV shielding. But not only.

Sunscreen makeup

Another effective method is to pat the sunscreen directly on the face, in small doses, and once dry, pass a light layer of powder (obviously the color of your complexion) on the face to make it uniform.

Which formulation to choose?

In this case, if you use it over make-up, the sunscreen can also be used in a spray formulation. Obviously, you don’t have to spray it on your face directly but it’s better to do it vaporizing the product on the palm of the hand, about 10 centimeters apart. Then dab your face with your hands, avoiding damaging your make-up and using excessive amounts of product.

Sunscreen oils

And for the lips?

When it comes to beauty routines and sun protection, you shouldn’t forget your lips. These, in fact, are very sensitive and prone to cracking or cuts, especially when they are dehydrated.

For this you need to equip yourself with cocoa butter with high SPF, to always keep with you and apply daily even on top of the lipstick. To guarantee you maximum protection e lips always perfect and cared for.

lip balm sunscreen

Just one more step in your beauty routine but one precious device for your health and beauty. To guarantee you skin that is always at the top, fresh, luminous and healthy, in any season. Protecting you from the sun’s rays and allowing you to show off your best looks without any worries.

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