Sun creams for freshly made tattoos and eyebrow tattoos


Did you know that tattoos deserve a different sunscreen from the rest of the body? Here we explain why you need to buy sunscreen for tattoos

Using sunscreen is essential 365 days a year (even in the city), but it is even more so when you have to expose yourself for prolonged periods during the hottest seasons. By now we have learned that there are sunscreens for face, for the body, for the eye area and also for lips, but you know that even i tattoos deserve sunscreen ad hoc?

Yes, because here, in addition to protect the skin from photo aging and any damage from the sun’s rays is fine preserve color to keep it bright and intense even with the passage of time and years.

There are many references on the market, both designed ad hoc and also perfect to be used on tattoos, but the important thing to understand is: Why is it important to use a tattoo sunscreen?

Why use sunscreen for tattoos?

Sun protection, in addition to avoiding sunburn and erythema, is essential for protect the skin from UVA and UVB rays which are among the main causes of melanoma and premature photoaging which, especially on the face, leads to the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines.

As for tattoos, however, the main purpose of the creams is to keep designs and colors unaltered. The sun, in fact, can turn off the colors that, with the passage of time, will become faded and difficult to read.

A real shame especially for those who have decided to indelibly mark some stages of their life or moments that must remain etched forever.

How to protect freshly made tattoos

A new tattoo, in addition to being shown off with shots of social shots, needs a moment of care and attention to avoid damaging the design and ensure proper healing.

There tattoo careactually, it’s simpler than you might think. After the first 24 / 48h where the tattoo should not be touched and left under his protective film. Only in this way can the skin heal without the micro-wound coming into contact with any bacteria.

Once this is done it will be enough cleanse the tattoo 3 or 4 times a day with a neutral or intimate detergent, stretching it hydrated with a specific cream and, as soon as it dries, put a small knob of cream back with clean hands.

As for the choice of cream better to choose formulations designed specifically for the tattoos and, in any case, a conditioner based on natural ingredients and as little as possible chemical.

Valid help is also thealoe vera, possibly by detaching it directly from the plant, which soothes the skin and, in addition, Shea butter to maintain hydration.

If and only if you were to create crusts you can switch to creams available at the pharmacy but, for safety, it is always better to contact the tattoo artist.

What protection factor to use for tattoos?

Never go below 50 or 50+ protections: this type of sunscreen, chemical or physical, in fact shields the sun’s rays in a very important way, almost as if to create a film between the skin and the sun.

In cream, spray, stick: the shapes available are really many and the choice is up to you and only according to your choices and needs. If you need to protect small areas, it is better to opt for it b, also useful for areas such as the eye contour or lips, while for larger areas or if you plan days lying in the sun, the classic cream it is always a valid choice.

If we have convinced you, now is the time to choose yours sunscreen for tattoos and, to make your job easier, we have selected the best to buy now.

LR Wonder Company – Wonder Tattoo Protection

Tattoo Defender – Sunny Side

Alkemilla – Protective Mole and Scar Concentrate SPF 50+

Alfaparf Solarium – Sun Good 30 Face and Body Tattoo Protection Sun Cream

That’so All in One – Incremental Sunscreen Spray 20/30/50 +

Australian Gold – Tattoo Stick Sunscreen, SPF 50+

Rilastil – Sun System Tattoo SPF 50+

Sunscreen for tattooed eyebrows

When it comes to tattoos those too should not be underestimated semi-permanent like eyebrows. Whether it’s the classic tattoo or microblading, this is also good protect color from UV rays and, to do so, it is good to use a medium-high protection even only locally, being careful not to drool.

Doing so, in addition to protecting the skin, will allow you to slow down cell turnover caused by dry skin and therefore the tattoo will last longer and will need less touch-up sessions.

Also, if you are thinking about a tattoo, you need to know that the UV rays, while you tan, do fade the ink of micropigmentation.

Of course it is warmly not recommendedjust like with classic tattoos, exposure to the sun before complete healing (approximately 45 days).

The best choice? The stick solar that protect and allow targeted application.

Comfort Zone – SUN SOUL stick SPF50 +

Korff – Sun Secret Air Stick SPF50 +

Medì – Sun stick tattoo and semi-permanent make-up SPF 50+

Diego Dalla Palma Milan – O’Sole Mio Sun Stick Spf 50+

Bionike – Defense sun stick SPF50 +

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