Summer skin hydration: the must-haves to always have with you


During the summer season the beauty routine needs changes, because the skin is very sensitive and must be treated with suitable products that keep it fresh, soft and healthy. Read the article to know the must haves to put in your travel bag!

In summer the skin is subject to the action of a series of atmospheric agents and habits different from the usual that also require changes to the beauty routine adequate. The face, in fact, needs simplicity, freshness and cleansing, with a few light, moisturizing and nourishing products. This is because on the one hand there is a need to combat the effects of heat, such as dryness and the annoying sensation of the skin “pulling”. Because of sweating, in fact, a lot of water is lost, although you might think the opposite. On the other hand, however, humidity also tends to significantly increase the shiny and sticky effect, especially in the T zone, typical of oily and combination skin types.

So what to put in the beauty case of the summer to live carefree months, always feeling tidy and cared for? Simple: read our article and find out which are the must-have products to always carry with you!

face cream to moisturize the skin

Sun protection: keep it with you wherever you go

We will never stop repeating it: protect yourself from the sun’s rays it is a fundamental operation both to maintain young skin, free from wrinkles, and to prevent more or less serious epidermal diseases. For this reason, a high SPF sunscreen (at least from 30 onwards) can never be missing in your bag, to be applied not only in the morning before going out, but also several times during the day.


Yes, because protection is not only necessary at the sea or in the mountains. Wherever you go, you must always take care of your skin and avoid the effects of UVA and UVB. However, be aware that over the years, giant steps have been taken in this market as well. There are sprays containing sunscreens to be applied over make-up, creams against environmental pollution, as well as very light fluids specific for the area around the eyes, which is very delicate. The latter, in fact, requires particular attention because the skin is thin, but this does not mean that it requires products that are less rich and that act in depth.

Light and super nourishing moisturizing cream, for a beauty routine that refreshes the skin

L’hydration is at the base of the summer beauty routine: changes in temperature, as well as the transition from hot to humid, cause dry skin, redness and other discomfort. Using light emulsions, which are instantly absorbed, but super nutritious, will help you fight these problems.

You can opt for aqueous fluids, gel or sorbet creams. In fact, they give a soft, silky and hydrated skin, without making it sticky or shiny and making it perfectly dry and not greasy.

face cream to moisturize the skin

Specifically, the best ingredient to choose for this product is hyaluronic acid, which retains water in the deep layers of the epidermis, keeping it always radiant.

Green light to the thermal spray waters to give well-being to the skin

The waters to spray on the face in summer they are truly prodigious, because they refresh the skin and fight heat, heat and sweat. For this, they cannot be missing in your bag wherever you decide to go! Usually they are sprayed about 15-20 cm away and left to dry in the air, for a guaranteed freshness effect, as well as for a charge of vitality.

spray to freshen the skin

There are also different types of this product. They range from moisturizing ones for normal and sensitive skin, to rebalancing tonics in the case of mixed or oily skin, so that it stretches and greases easily. Then there are the soothing waters with aloe vera and chamomile and the energizing ones that contain peppermint, perfect for regaining strength when the heat begins to weaken you.

Aloe gel, the ally against sunburn that cannot be missing in your beauty case (and bag)

Against sunburn, as well as to soothe the skin giving it an incredible sensation of freshness, well-being and youth, the essential beauty product is the aloe gel.

This product performs a real action nutritious, stimulates the growth of fibroblasts and determines the synthesis of hyaluronic acid and collagen.

Also, create a thin protective film on the skin, which represents a barrier against atmospheric agents and pollution.

aloe vera

Protective lip stick: never without it again

The lip they represent a very sensitive and delicate area of ​​our face, therefore they need special attention. Yes, because this area also tends to get burned and damaged by the action of the sun’s rays, which can cause annoying skin, herpes, spots, redness and other discomfort.

So remember to always carry one with you protective lip stick with UV filter and to apply it several times a day. Usually the ingredients contained within these products are Shea butter, Omega 6, Vitamin E and Vitamin A, which nourish and deeply protect the mouth, quickly restoring the hydrolipidic protective film.

lip stick

Hand cream, indispensable in your travel kit

Sanitizing cleansers have now become indispensable for our hands, which need extra attention and hydration in order not to dry out or get irritated. In addition, even high temperatures can contribute to losing their shiny and well-groomed appearance. But don’t worry: it is enough to always carry one with you hand cream, with a nourishing, moisturizing and in some cases even exfoliating action. On the market you will also find mini-size versions, perfect for keeping your beauty case light.

hand cream

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