Summer skin hydration: natural remedies to soothe and nourish it


Summer skin needs even more to be soothed and hydrated and to do this you could use these natural, simple and super effective methods.

The skin in summer is the target of several attacks such as sun, high temperatures, sand and salt that could make it dehydrated, dull and red.

To soothe and nourish it however they exist different natural methods that you should definitely try, perfect even in case of sunburn.

Use Aloe Vera

L’Aloe Vera is one of the most suitable ingredients to take care of the skin in the summer because it is able to soothe and relieve sunburn and leave a pleasant sensation of freshness all over the body.

How to do it

The most practical solution to get your skin full of Aloe Vera in the summer is choose an after only based on this plant. But if you are looking for aalternative super natural take a leaf, open it in half, collect the gelatinous pulp that you see coming out and spread it all over your body or on the area that seems to need it most.


Trust the herbs

There are so many herbs in nature that you can use to soothe red skin. Get to know them and choose creams or treatments that contain them.


There Calendula is a herbaceous plant from soothing, anti-inflammatory, emollient and healing properties and whose active ingredients are very effective in counteracting skin irritation and redness.

On the market you can find many creams natural based on this flower or theoil, to be used alone by spreading it on the face or combined with other ingredients for DIY masks.



There mauve it’s a plant with pink flowers with purple veins and leaves that look like hearts, always used as a natural remedy against red skin because they boast soothing, emollient, anti-inflammatory and refreshing properties.

Crush the mallow leaves and use them to make compresses in the area affected by redness.

If you are looking for a more practical solution, there are ready-made preparations in herbal medicine.


Rose water

L’rose water it is a magical ingredient for soothe sensitive and redness-prone skin.

Apply it pure on the affected area using a cotton pad, or look for a toner based on this element and insert it into your beauty routine.

Make a green tea wrap

In addition to being very good to drink, green tea is also a cure-all for the skin in summer, since among its many properties there is that of reduce redness, inflammation and sunburn.

The way to make the most of them is to make a green tea wrap.

How to do it

Make an infusion and put it in the fridge to cool for about 45 minutes or until you feel your temperature has dropped. At this point take a handkerchief or a clean piece of cloth e dip it in the infusion. Pull it out and massage it on the areas of the skin you want to soothe.

Alternatively, if you made tea with sachets, you can apply them directly to the skin for an even more intense effect.

Take advantage of the properties of cucumbers

THE cucumbers they have refreshing and soothing properties and this makes them perfect for moisturizing the skin in summer. There are several options for using them for this purpose.

Use them naturally

The quickest way, if the area to be soothed is that of the face, is to cut a cucumber into slices and place them directly on the surface, including the eyes. Lie down and relax for about twenty minutes while waiting for the elements of the cucumber to penetrate effectively.

Alternatively, blend a cucumber and apply the juice obtained with a cotton pad.

Make a mask

If in addition to being refreshed, your skin in summer also needs to be nourished, the idea we suggest is to do a mask based on cucumbers and plain yogurt.

Blend the pulp of a cucumber and add the natural plain yogurt. Start with two spoons but adjust the quantity so that the result obtained is a homogeneous mixture. Spread it on your face or body and let it sit for about 15 minutes, then rinse your skin with fresh water.


Take a wellness bath

If there is the Basin use it to transform the room into a small spa where you can take care of your skin in the summer. Just identify a few ingredients to be dissolved in water, immerse yourself in it and relax enjoying the beneficial effects of a regenerating bath.

Soothing bath with baking soda and oatmeal

Fill the tub with warm water and pour into it half a cup of baking soda and one cup of oatmeal, both extremely suitable for soften the skin, moisturize it and relieve redness, even that caused by sunburn from incorrect or excessive sun exposure. Given their emollient properties, they also intervene on any itching and pain, considerably mitigating them.


Refreshing apple cider vinegar bath

Me too’apple cider vinegar it’s great natural soothing, able to nourish the skin and relieve redness and irritation.

Pour it a glass in warm water with which you will have filled your tub and enjoy the bath in complete relaxation.

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