Summer skin hydration: how to nourish it without overdoing it


Keeping skin hydration under control in summer is essential. Here’s how to do it easily and without stress.

Our body is largely made up of water and should always be kept hydrated. There is no exception skin, whose water concentration is approximately 70-75% of the total, and that to remain so it must be constantly fed. In winter this task is easier, while during the summer months, mainly due to the high temperatures that generate more sweating, it is slightly more demanding. However they exist different ways to keep the skin at a good level of hydration in the summer, both directly and indirectly, which you can do without stress or the fear of overdoing it.

Drink a lot

The first and most effective way to nourish the skin and keep the whole body in a state of optimal hydration is also the simplest: drink plenty of water, diluted throughout the day.

If you are not used to drinking often, a little trick could be to use graduated water bottles, which help you to always keep under control the level of ingested water, or download to your smartphone App specifications remind you to do this at regular intervals.


Don’t overdo the temperatures

When the heat doesn’t let you breathe, one of the most recurring desires is to pounce on a bottle of ice water and drink it all in one gulp. Be careful though, this gesture could cost you dearly. The mix of cold water and hot body, in fact, it can give rise to ailments which, in severe cases, can also lead to dangerous congestion.

Furthermore, although cold water immediately gives a feeling of refreshment and refreshment, it fills it stomach and ne slow down processes, because it forces the body to do extra work to provide for its thermoregulation. This with the passing of the minutes it can therefore generate the opposite effect to that hoped for: a sensation of heat and extreme thirst. It is therefore better to quench your thirst with water a room temperature or slightly cool. To be clear, an ice cube in the glass is ok, creating a much less Arctic mountain inside.


Eat refreshing foods

Nutrition also plays a fundamental role in the nutrition and hydration of the skin. When it’s hot you should abandon overly processed or spicy foods, mainly in favor of fruits and vegetables. Particularly suitable watermelons, melons, apricots, cucumbers, tomatoes and salad.

In addition to eating them as part of your main meals, you can also include them in your hunger-busting snacks. How about, for example, a nice one smoothie or drink of watermelon to be enjoyed in the middle of the afternoon by the sea?


Make moisturizing masks

The skin in summer, as well as from the inside, it must also be hydrated externally, so you should mark a similar reminder on the calendar – make one nourishing mask at least once a week.

For this healthy habit you can draw directly from your kitchen as there are several natural ingredients which, if spread on the skin of the face and body, are able to nourish it effectively. Among the best olive and banana oil.

Nourishing banana and olive oil mask

Mix together half a banana, two tablespoons of honey and the same number of plain yogurt. Add a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil and when you have obtained a uniform mixture spread it on your face and let it act for 20 minutes.


Change your beauty routine

In summer the skin changes and with it also the steps necessary to nourish it. For clean it, you choose non-aggressive products, which keep the hydrolipidic film unaltered.

Then lighten the next steps. Do not forget to spread a little bit of with the help of a cotton pad tonic, which is followed by a serum nutritious. For example, those based on vitamin C.

If at that point you feel a feeling of comfort on your face, stop, otherwise spread one moisturizing gel cream, very fresh but with great nourishing power.

Fill up on Aloe vera

A super element indicated for skin hydration is Aloe Vera. Then introduce some products that contain it into your usual beauty routine.

Particularly recommended after a day spent in the sun, it should never be missing in your after sun, since in addition to nourishing, it leaves a pleasant sensation of freshness on the skin.


Also nourish the body

In addition to the skin of the face, also that of the body is affected by the summer heat. So keep her hydrated by passing a good layer of cream or super nourishing oil every morning and evening.


Don’t forget about hyaluronic acid

L’hyaluronic acid it is a sugar, or rather the fusion of two of them, and is naturally present within our body, in particular in the skin and connective tissue. Its action consists in binding the water molecules and stimulating the production of collagen, so as to make the skin always hydrated, luminous and elastic.

Over time, however, its concentration decreases to keep the skin’s hydration stable it should be integrated externally. Doing so is simple: when you are about to buy a new moisturizer or serum, check that it contains this precious ingredient.


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