Summer skin hydration: 5 ways to increase it


In summer, keeping the skin at a good level of hydration is not easy. So here are some simple ways to help this vital process.

There dehydration it is a problem that it affects the body when the water inside is not enough. Especially in the summer it is a rather common condition, which yes also pours out on the skin due to various triggers such as sun, salt, high temperatures, sweating more than usual and use of air conditioners. All of these factors can make the dry and dull skin, and undermine elasticity and tone. However, they exist some daily actions that can be accomplished to maintain one proper hydration.

Pay attention to nutrition

To hydrate the skin you must start from the inside, taking care of the nutrition, considering that about 80% of the daily hydration comes from what we decide to put on the plate.

The general rule in summer is to to limit as much as possible savoury foods because salt promotes water retention which, in turn, is one of the causes of dehydration of the body and skin.

Which foods to prefer

If you go to unprocessed foods, which send you back the feeling of freshness, you are hardly wrong, but specifically the foods that more than others can increase skin hydration are fruits and vegetables, and in particular:


Help yourself with smoothies and smothies

In addition to being consumed naturally, these foods are also ideal to be smoothed and become an excellent option for a delicious snack that helps and not a little to maintain hydration.


Drink lots of water

There dehydration it is basically the lack of water, so it goes without saying that one of the most useful methods and essential to keep the skin hydrated drink a lot of it.

The minimum amount indicated by doctors is 2 liters per day but this is a rather rough estimate, given that a lot depends on varying factors such as the temperature you are in or whether or not you are doing sports. In these two cases, of course, the amount of water to drink increases.

If you’re not usually used to drinking a lot, get it right help from the graduated bottles, with which to always keep the quantity under control, or from the numerous existing Apps that with periodic alerts remember to drink.

This technological discovery is very useful not only to remember to drink but also to do it in the correct way, since to keep the skin hydrated it is not necessary to make large drinks a few times a day, but to assimilate small quantities distributed over time.


Change your skincare routine

In addition to nourishing the skin from the inside, it is essential to take care of it from the outside. The first step to moisturize that of the face is adapt the skincare routine to the needs of the season.

The ideal is to spread both in the evening and in the morning, an adequate one moisturizing cream but, thanks to the high temperatures, not all skin types can withstand this beauty product.

If you feel that your usual moisturizer is too heavy after the cleansing phase, choose a lighter one, for example in gel.

Alternatively, you can only apply the serum, as long as it contains moisturizing agents. Don’t forget the eye contour area, which is extremely sensitive and even more prone to dehydration.


The most useful ingredients

Not all products they are equally useful for achieving complete hydration of the face and body. When choosing them, therefore, make sure that contain at least one of these elements.

  • Aloe vera: its properties give the skin a high level of hydration, allow it to remain elastic for longer and stimulate cell renewal.
  • Hyaluronic acid: naturally produced by our body, it is present in the skin and connective tissues. Over the years it decreases and replenishing it makes the skin more hydrated and turgid.


Make moisturizing masks

The most dehydrated in summer is especially the facial skin, and precisely for this reason in addition to being fed daily needs an extra help once a week, or to be subjected to a moisturizing mask.

There are several ideal ingredients but the best is undoubtedly theolive oil, which you can use together with others that you can easily find in the kitchen.

Olive oil, banana and yogurt mask

Crush half a banana with a fork until puree, add two tablespoons of natural yogurt and one of olive oil, mixing everything until the mixture is homogeneous.

Apply it on your face and leave it to act for about 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

Don’t forget sunscreen

One of the the agents that are most responsible for skin dehydration in summer is the sun and exposure to its rays without control.

When you go to the sea or the pool, but also simply go out for a walk in the city, do not forget then to apply on the face and on the exposed parts of the body a good dose of sun cream or lotion with a high protection factor. This will not only protect against severe UV damage, but will also help your skin become less dehydrated.

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