Summer-proof lips: all the tips


The heat is one of the main enemies of your lips but do not worry, there are little tricks to repel the attack and show off a smile at the top.

During the hot summer months, the high temperatures are tough skin, hair e lips.

While, however, with regard to skincare and hair routines, attention is usually maximum, the area around the mouth is often forgotten or slightly neglected. However, this is a mistake because the lips are very sensitive to external agents and to changes, and for this very reason they deserve to be pampered, especially during the change of seasons.

Fortunately they are enough small tricks and a few minutes a day for make them ready for a summer full of kisses and smiles.

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Beware of dehydration

Lips can suffer from dehydration even in the coldest months, especially if you are used to using dyes, matte or long-lasting lipsticks which, by their nature, dry out the mucous membranes.

This problem grows in tandem with rising temperatures but they exist different ways to stem it.

lip care

Drink more

The first and simplest is that of drink more frequently. There dehydration of the lips often mirrors the general one of the organism, therefore introducing a greater amount of liquid into the body can certainly benefit this aspect as well.

If you do not feel the urge of thirst, try a little, it will affect your general health and the beauty of your smile. A little extra trick to get you excited might be to buy graduated water bottles imprinted with the times corresponding to each notch to remind you to drink, or download App that with small hourly alarms act as a reminder.

Finally, have you ever thought about shakes? They serve their purpose, they are delicious and they even fill up on vitamins.

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One of the funniest aspects of summer is being able to playing with colors, both in terms of one’s outfit and make-up, where eyeshadows and fluo eyeliner are accompanied by equally funny lipsticks.

Bright reds, intense fuchsia, orange, up to the most imaginative blue, yellow and green. No limits to creativity but green light to the imagination.

To make your lips summer-proof, however, you need to put them in a position to best accommodate the rainbow you have in mind for them.

The first step is that ofexfoliation, necessary to remove all those anti-aesthetic, and even annoying, dead skin. Leaving them in place could cause the lipstick to shift and result in patchy lips as a result, best avoided.

lip care

How to do it

Get a gentle exfoliant for lips. On the market there are several for this part of the face, enriched with exfoliating micro granules and which help the natural cell turnover superficial. Be careful not to use body products, the skin of the lips is much more delicate and could be too aggressive.

If you don’t have specific ones at hand, no fear, mix some sugar and honey in a small bowl and that’s it. Take the mixture and gently rub it on the upper and lower lip, pressing and then practicing a light scrub.

Let it sit for a few minutes, then wipe off the excess with dry fingers.

At this point the dead cells should be wiped out and the surface turn out immediately more soft and smooth.

Do this operation approx once a week or when you notice that your lips need this treatment.

lip care


After having hydrated and smoothed them, the lips undoubtedly need to be nourished.

Never without lip balm

The easiest beauty product to use for this purpose, and which cannot be missing in your handbag in the hottest months is the lip balm. Colored or neutral it doesn’t matter, as long as its formula is capable of to feed deeply.

Apply it the morning before leaving the house and continue during the day, whenever you feel your lips need it.

lip care

Treat yourself to an evening pampering

For a boost of hydration and extra nourishment, there are masks or lip balms specially formulated to be kept all night and act while we rest, before being taken off in the morning.

lip care

Don’t underestimate the oils

Alternatively, always to add to the evening skincare, you can sprinkle a veil of on the lips coconut oil, extremely nutritious.

Pour some onto a cotton ball or fingertips and pat it gently. If you prefer, you can put some in a container and store it in the fridge. Once solidified you can use it as if it were a stick.

You can also perform the same operation with the shea butter, which in addition to nourishing and making the lips softer, has anti-inflammatory and healing properties.

shea butter

Remember sunscreen

Just like the skin of the rest of the body, that of the lips must also be protected from the harmful rays of the sun.

For this reason, in winter but even more so in summer, it is essential remember to apply products that act as barrier against UV rays.

Lip balms that contain protection SPF at least equal to 30 there are many, at the time of purchase pay attention to this aspect too.

lip care

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