Summer nail art, all the ideas and inspirations of 2021


Nail art for summer 2021 includes very different colors and shapes, starting from nude shades up to the brightest colors and with a strong personality. For each personality there will be the opportunity to experiment with different styles for unique results.

The hands represent one of our most important business cards and therefore must be treated and personalized to reflect the style that best represents us. The manicure from summer vibes allow you to dare with colors is nail art bold, creative is funny.

Between amber skin, light clothes and trendy nails, in summer you can create a special and original look by experimenting with different brushes and nail polishes.

The trends of the summer 2021 are many, we reveal to you which are the ones you can’t not try!

Make your nails bloom again with nail art

For the delicate and romantic personalities, put i flowers on the nails is a must-have for spring-summer. They can be small drawings, applied stickers or even small flowers set through the nail art.

The 3D applications allow you to create a realistic effect as if thin flowers were placed on your fingers. Usually these are combined with glitter and shiny decorations to obtain a beautiful jewel effect.

Alternatively, a trend of the moment is the to draw the flowers on the nails with brushes and small tools that allow you to achieve incredible precision!

Not only flowers, but also fruit

Another very refined nail art trend for summer 2021 are the cherries: this delicious fruit transmits irresistible summer vibes.

You can fill the entire nail, or draw just a few for a more delicate effect, perhaps combined with pastel shades.

The drawn cherries can then be embellished with rhinestones, perhaps for a decoration on the leaves.

Multicolor nail art to celebrate pride month

June is the month dedicated to celebrating the rights of the LGBTQ + community: why not try one multicolor nail art?

On Instagram this trend has been loved for some time and allows you to mix different colors together in a fun and original way.

Also in this case you can draw a whole rainbow on your nails, or apply stickers or even make drawings.

Colorful hands for a very happy summer

Another nail art trend 2021 is to color each fingernail of a different color.

In this case you can choose very different colors without worrying about matching them together.

Gradient nail art

If you like colorful nail art, but don’t want to dare by putting together very different shades, you can opt for one gradient manicure that from the little finger to the thumb has five different shades of the same color or the same chromatic group. Usually we start from the lighter color to get to the darker one.

Pois, what a passion!

THE polka dots, whether they are on clothing or on accessories, they always bring a lot of joy. So why not try them in manicure too? You can choose whether to make them mono or multicolored, small or maxi, for a chic but courageous look!

White nail art, a true evergreen

The white-colored nails I’m a great classic of the summer. Their great plus is that they stand out on the tan, enhancing your complexion.

The optical effect obtained is very chic, but does not go unnoticed. But pay attention to the quality of the enamel: it is a color that tends to immediately highlight any chipping!

optical white nail art

Alternatively you can choose a milky nail polish, or an ivory, or even a pearly one.

The delicacy of pastel nail art

THE pastel colours they are among the most popular for the summer, because they allow you to indulge in more joyful manicures than winter shades, but without exaggerating with bright tones. In addition, this nail art especially enhances short nails, making them full and at the same time more tapered.

Also in this case you can decide whether to color the entire nail, or whether to create drawings or a colorful French on the lunettes, leaving the rest of the natural color.

Green light to experimentation then!

Be positive with smiley nail art

A very popular manicure in recent times is the so-called smiley nail art, that is the one that foresees very short nails, manicured, with transparent or pink nail polish and drawn small smiley faces (or stickers can be applied).

Alternatively you can create a much more colorful manicure, filling the entire nail or inserting colored elements on each one.

Degradé mon amour nail art

There degradé manicure it allows you to obtain a romantic or casual effect, depending on the nuances chosen. Choose your favorite shades and play with all their shades!

The most popular version is the one that provides almond nails, which thanks to the effect produced by the gradations that change seem longer and give a very tapered look to your hands without ever being vulgar.

Red not only at Christmas

There red manicure, unlike what one might think, it is not at all suitable only for the Christmas period. The lacquered effect, full and glossy, is always granted both on very long nails and on very short ones.

red summer nail art

You can opt for the classic cherry color, or opt for more orange or fluo shades, which make your tan even more vivid and intense.

nail art red fluo

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