Summer make-up, what do you always need to have with you?


Light but super colorful and glam, this will be this year’s summer make-up. Here are the essentials of your summer beauty bag.

L’summer is the season of freedom and that of 2021 promises to be even more than usual in the name of this mood. With the days that get longer and the temperatures rise, the desire to be in company will take over and if you too can’t wait to live it in a carefree way, but without giving up that touch of glamor that’s just the trick knows how to give you, here is a small guide to inevitable of summer make-up, which cannot be left out of your suitcase or beach bag.


BB cream or light foundation

One of the first commandments of beauty is that to have a radiant skin there skincare be basic, much more than makeup. In summer, people often feel less inclined to undergo long and laborious rituals, but that doesn’t mean they have to forget to take care of themselves.

To give your face an even complexion, especially if you haven’t had time to tan yet, the ideal solution is to rely on a Light BB cream, which combines the need to nourish the skin with the desire to put on some make-up.

If you are looking for something more opaque, opt for i hybrid foundation, half makeup and half treatment, also with skincare principles inside. Their light texture it goes very well with a super fresh summer make-up.


Add some highlighter

A self-respecting summer make-up cannot miss a little glow effect and, consequently, a touch of illuminating.

Unlike what we have seen so far, however, the trend for next summer will not be to focus on specific points but give a radiant effect to the whole face. So get some liquid highlighter, mix it with foundation or BB cream and spread it evenly for a sun-kissed look.



Another inevitable in your summer beauty look is blush, even better if in shades of rose Why tap on it a little’ on the cheeks it will immediately give you an irresistible romantic air.

The most suitable to use when temperatures rise is the cream one because it sets better and is much more versatile than the powder version. In addition to the cheeks, in fact, you can use it on the eyelids instead of eyeshadow to create a slight nuance, or on the lips, to slightly accentuate the natural complexion.


Since wearing a mask has become a habit, the focus of the makeup trends has shifted more and more on eyes and also as regards the summer make-up no exceptions are expected but only confirmations, with the super protagonist gaze, intensified by eyeshadows mostly metallic, ideal for creating a three-dimensional and never static image.

If by day the shades will be dominated rose is gold, in the evening it will definitely turn towards more decisive nuances such as gray is blacks, with which to create sculptural and iridescent smokey eyes.


Abound with waterproof mascara

In support of the eyeshadows, mascara is a must, which in summer, especially if you are planning to go to the beach, must be strictly waterproof or long-lasting, to prevent it from abandoning you after a few hours, giving you a decidedly not very glamorous panda effect.


Always for the eyes, another great one return will be theeyeliner.

To tell the truth, this cult beauty product has never gone out of fashion but as far as summer make-up is concerned it is destined to establish itself as a real must-have and to surpass the eye pencil in appeal. The reason is very simple: in addition to designing more sculpted and graphic looks, in the wake of the trends of recent months, it is much less at risk of smudging because of the heat, therefore perfect for a summer make-up.


Yes also to color

By slipping the classic black version into your bag, you will surely be on the safe side, but how about to dare a little’?

If you feel like it, summer 2021 is the time you’ve been waiting for. Many brands, in fact, are offering eyeliner that is nothing short of alternative and super fun, come on fluorescent and pop colors, perfectly combined with your holiday looks or a themed nail art. If you run out of ideas here are some suggestions. Yellow? Fuchsia? Or are you more of an eyed girl blue? Whatever your choice is sure to leave everyone speechless so follow the inspiration, throw yourself in and color your gaze as much as you can.


Red lipstick

As mentioned, the eyes will be in the foreground, but this does not mean that we will forget about the lips. Indeed, they will be the second focal point of the face so they certainly cannot be left to their fate.

Another super classic that shows no signs of diminishing its charm is the Red lipstick, which also this summer will be confirmed as one of the kings of summer make-up. Ideal both as completion of a more complex look both as a single element in a face extremely simple, this nuance remains the favorite of all girls. Find the ideal shade for your complexion and always carry it with you.


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