Summer make-up, how not to make your pencil smudge


Sun and high temperatures are the enemies of summer make-up but fortunately there are tricks to keep the eye pencil from melting

Wear makeup when it’s very hot it is a real undertaking because sweat is high temperature are likely to dissolve any product in a few minutes.

Here is that every attempt of summer make-up turns almost into an odyssey, especially as regards the eye area, with eyeliner, pencils and mascara that are affected more and more of this phenomenon.

To prevent their pigments from smudging and spreading all over your face making you look like a very tender, but certainly not very elegant, panda. However, there are some simple solutions.

Here then, five foolproof tricks to make the summer make-up sun-proof.


Choose the right products

The first secret to stem unpleasant surprises is perhaps the most obvious but fundamental: rely on good quality products. This doesn’t mean they have to be expensive, just have formulations designed for last over time and resist in adverse weather conditions.

When purchasing, therefore, always go to pencils and eyeliner a long lasting is waterproof mascara.

If you plan to spend a lot of time in the sun with really prohibitive temperatures, they don’t necessarily last all day.

So at least for a few hours the horror effect should be averted.


Blot your eyelids with absorbent sheets

Especially if you have the mixed skin o fat, in the summer you will have noticed how a tent a become lucid very quickly, mostly on the forehead and around the eyes.

This of course helps dissolve makeup before the time. To try to stem this phenomenon, before you put on makeup blot your eyelids with an absorbent sheet to remove the greasiness that could cause quick creases and slips of eyeliner and other eye products used in your summer make-up.


Before applying make-up, use primer

The eye primer although it is still little used, it is actually a very precious ally for your summer make-up.

Spread it on the eyelid before starting to put on make-up, in fact, helps to fix and intensify whatever you apply later such as eyeshadows, pencils or eyeliner. This product stretches the skin and it also helps prevent creases that makeup could get into.

Apply it tapping it gently and wait for it to dry before moving on to the next steps.


Apply the concealer to the area under the eyes

In addition to eyeliner and pencils, to be chosen with care, i also play a fundamental role complementary make-up products.

Several allies that contribute to the seal of the final result, impeccable, in short, flawless.

The most important is certainly the concealer, which even in the absence of foundation or other specific for the base, helps prevent make-up from settling in the area under the eyes, recreating the hated dark circles effect.

Furthermore prevents the penetration into the fine lines of the skin of any small ones pigments blacks that falling from eyelashes and eyelids sometimes settle on the skin.

Pick one liquid or cream of the color most suitable for your complexion, or complementary to any dark circles, and dab it gently on the area under the eyes.

This trick will keep the eyeliner in place. But first, always remember to roll out some moisturizing cream on the area under the eyes to relieve any dryness.


Set everything with the powder

At this point, and before you really start eye makeup, go for a transparent powder veil all over the face, insisting on the area that frames the gaze.

As the foundation fixes, in fact, dust the eyelids with this product before applying other pigments, prevents eyeliner, eyeshadow and more from getting into creases or smudge generating anti-aesthetic dark halos.

Choose a light powder, and with a special brush or one for clean eyeshadow, spread a little on the nerve points, ie the eyelids and the area under the eyes.

Make sure you carry out this step correctly and scrupulously, before moving on to the realization of your summer make-up, without being afraid to abound with eyeliner and mascara.


Try the layering technique

This technique is usually used for make lipsticks last longer, especially the extremely pigmented ones, and intensify the lip make-up. The steps are: apply a first layer, dab it and spread it a second time.

The same succession of steps can be replicated in the summer make-up that concerns the eyes, because like the one you choose to frame the smile, it needs to be fixed as much as possible. In particular, it can work with pencil.

Start by applying it carefully, then blend it gently with a brush, then reapply it again. In this way, at least for a while, it will not slip away from your eyes.

To be even more sure that everything stays where it is, after applying pencil or eyeliner in this way and letting them dry for a few seconds, take a eyeshadow black or the same shade as the products just used e tap it on of them. This last precaution should definitively fix each pigment.


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