Summer make-up, common mistakes


Sun, beaches, sea. Summer is almost here and with it also the desire to enjoy the heat and get our best looks out of the closet. Obviously without forgetting that even the make-up must change and adapt to this new season. Here, then, are the most common (and to avoid) mistakes that can ruin our summer make-up.

Summer is upon us and with it comes the time to make a small check at the beauty case. Yes, you got it right. Even the tricks, in fact, must be subjected to the classic change of season. And the reason is very simple? As for the choice of the look, in fact, even the summer make-up is made of specific products, suitable for the temperatures and climate of this season.

In addition to the fact that, often, in addition to the wrong products that you choose to use (and even this alone would be enough), a whole series of mistakes are made that go to ruin your make up. That’s why it’s important to know which products to use and how to do it. To get a hot-proof summer make-up suitable for any occasion, from day to night. But what are the most common mistakes (and that many of us commit) when it comes to summer make-up?

Don’t change your foundation

Or, be overcome by habit or from the comfort zone. Often, in fact, either because you feel comfortable with a product and / or color, or because you are afraid of changing and not getting the desired result, you tend to never change your foundation during the year.

The summer make-up, however, should not be the same as the winter one (after all, don’t wear wool sweaters in July), but it is good that it fits needs that skin manifests itself with increasing temperature. For this reason it is good to opt for light textures, which do not favor sweating, weighing down the face and, importantly, that are powdered. Perfect for absorbing excess sebum or sweat, drying the face and eliminating the greasy effect.

summer make-up types

Summer make up e color

Be careful though. Because when it comes to changing your foundation (but also powder or concealer), color is also meant. Whether you are a tan lover or not, the sun will touch your skin on a lot of occasions. For this reason the color of your skin will change (little or a lot depends on you) compared to the winter one. Reason why it is advisable to choose a foundation as much as possible homogeneous to your complexion of the moment. Avoiding the “double color” or “swimsuit sign” effect between the face and the rest of the body.

foundation summer make-up

Go overboard with the powder

Another summer make-up mistake is to overdo the use of powder. Often, in fact, for the temptation of cover the lucidity which tends to form mainly on the T zone, you let your hand (and brush) hang down. If on the one hand, however, the powder can help to camouflage the “shiny face” effect, on the other hand we must not forget that, overdoing it will lead to aging of the face. Obtaining a dull and anything but fresh make-up.

The best thing to do, therefore, is to dust a light amount of face powder (after foundation or even alone) and only in the affected areas. Passing the rest of the face gently without refilling the brush with color. Then finish your summer make-up with a fixing spray. Which will guarantee you a longer lasting effect. Obviously, the color change rule described above also applies in this case.

summer make up ok

Apply the earth directly to the skin

Whether it is earth or blush, the situation does not change. Often, in a hurry or because we don’t know, we tend to apply these products directly on the skin of the face or after putting on a moisturizer (cream, gel, etc.). What is not taken into account, however, is that as temperatures rise the skin will tend to be more moist and coming into contact with a “dark” powder product will inevitably go to forming spots.

summer make-up blush

Thus ruining your summer make-up. To avoid this inconvenience, therefore, it is good to always remember to apply a veil of face powder and only then proceed with the other products. It being understood that, precisely because the color of the skin changes with the sun, it is not certain that using all the products you are used to is the best choice. In short words, always evaluate before getting carried away by habit.

earthy summer make-up

Lipstick? Why not, but in the right color!

For those who love lipstick and would not give up their favorite shade for anything in the world, it is important to know one thing. What suits us divinely in winter is not necessarily the case the same effect in the summer. And the reason is always the same, the change of the complexion (and yes, also of the lips).

With more tanned skin, in fact, colors too light (typically pink nudes), but also too dark ones, can be out of tune. Risking to gray or weigh down your summer make-up and your face in general. They are not to be banned, of course, but it is appropriate test them and evaluate them more carefully. Among the most suitable shades, however, you can opt for shades such as:

  • coral;
  • peach pink;
  • browns with a hint of red or orange on the inside;
  • the bright colors.

Obviously always taking into account the tone of your skin (rule that applies in every season of the year).

summer make up lipstick

Forget about “waterproof”

Summer rhymes with sun, heat, sea, swimming pool. But even with heat and, unfortunately, also sweat. That’s why, in order not to have to pull back from a nice dip with friends / me not to have to worry about that droplet of sweat that makes its way on the face, it is always good opt for a waterproof mascara.

Mascara summer make up

A true ally of summer make-up, capable of preventing smudging and the much feared “panda effect” and guaranteeing you a really effective and long-lasting makeup. And this also applies to products such as eyeliner or pencils. Just read carefully on the packaging to get a perfect make-up without any sacrifice to your enjoyment.

Finally, never to forget, is that the sun is everywhere and not just on the beach or by the pool. For this reason it is good to always protect the skin, with adequate skincare, the right hydration and using one sunscreen able to protect the skin at any time of the day and wherever you are. For a summer make-up always at the top and trendy and a healthy and beautiful skin, with or without make-up.

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