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The 2021 summer make-up will be dedicated to complete freedom. Although the trends will above all foresee a return to clean, natural and glamorous looks, each of us will be able to express themselves in the way they prefer and that makes them feel more at ease.

Beauty choices can tell a story, a way of approaching life, a state of mind. And never like this summer, each of us will be free to feel represented by many possibilities and styles.

However, as with any time of the year and as with fashion, everything related to beauty also follows one trend series of the moment. So let’s see what will be the makeup elements that will characterize the summer.

The 2021 summer make-up in the name of freedom

The key word of make-up 2021 will be freedom. On the other hand, the make-up we decide to use should be a set of colors and styles in which we recognize ourselves and that make us feel at ease. In other words, it represents a real means of communicating our identity. Precisely for this reason, the styles that will be more fashionable will contemplate both extreme simplicity, with very basic and simple looks, and free expression of oneself, therefore playing with graphic designs and colors that do not go unnoticed!

Natural makeup great feature of 2021

The natural summer make-up will put on the skin in the foreground to go and create a minimal look. This means that you will not have to cover the complexion with heavy products that risk, among other things, to clog the pores, as well as to print on the mask, which unfortunately continues to be an integral part of our outfits.

For the series less is more, you prefer light and micronized textures, able to enhance and make your complexion even more radiant without covering it.

The products recommended to create a natural summer make-up

  • Creamy primers, which create a thin moisturizing layer on the skin allowing it to breathe.
  • Light colored foundation or bb cream, which create a second skin effect.
  • Creamy and light highlighters, or in pressed powder, with adjustable intensity depending on the amount of product that is applied.
  • Liquid blushes that take the color of the skin in a natural way, giving the cheeks a delicate redness.
  • Products for the eyebrow styling which, however, do not color them too much. For example, it could be a fixing and nourishing gel to comb them and make them last a long time in that position. The 2021 must-have foresees eyebrows combed rigorously upwards to open the gaze and leave it natural, leaving an almost wild effect.

Red lipstick even in summer make-up

The red lipstick never tires, is the great classic that year after year and season after season conquers everyone’s hearts, both for those who prefer a very light summer make-up, but with screaming lips, and for those who want to dare with more lively tricks. You can choose the nuance you prefer going from orange to cherry shades.

Our advice is to combine an important red lipstick with a lighter eye make-up, for example on the nude that highlights the lashes by opening the gaze with an abundant coat of mascara.

red lipstick and mascara for summer 2021 make-up

Black eyeliner back great

Back in vogue, also for summer 2021, black eyeliner. With this product you can create a lot of effects, from the elongated cat gaze to the graphic style.

simple eyeliner for summer make-up 2021

Or make one more dramatic version in Lana del Rey style creating a big and very evident tail. Do you prefer the pencil? Be careful, because due to the summer heat, it may drool, luckily there are some tricks to avoid the much feared “panda effect”.

A summer make-up in the name of experimentation

The 2021 summer make-up for the eyes will be in the name of color. Moving from pastel shades to brighter and brighter colors. Graphics with colorful eye shadows and eyeliner, monochromatic make-up on the entire eyelid, eye strobing and vitamin shades will be the most popular.

You therefore have full freedom to experiment, to give free rein to your imagination and to dare without, however, committing the most common mistakes. Maybe you will discover some make-up that you had never considered and that will make you fall in love and feel completely at ease!

Lips colored with matte tints and lipsticks

Tints e liquid lipsticks colored mattes with a velvety effect they are the perfect choice for those who want to create a make-up with maximum focus on the lips with the certainty of making it last even with the mask. As some of these products tend to dry the lips a little, however, we recommend that you apply a good nourishing lip balm first to create the ideal base for long-lasting shades.

matt lipstick for summer make-up 2021

Romantic look in shades of pink

For those who love the most glamorous and romantic looks, there is an option that will greatly characterize the make-up of summer 2021. pink will depopulate both as regards the eyes and the lips, through a multiplicity of nuances and finishes. In this way, depending on your complexion, you can delicately highlight your complexion and iris. For the lips you can opt for a pink gloss that also gives volume to the lips.

summer make-up 2021 pink - Lucy Boynton

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