Summer make-up, 10 inspiring ideas


If you can’t wait to revolutionize your make-up using all the colors of the rainbow, we give you some tips to build crazy summer looks

L’summer you know, it is the season of experimentation and excess, in which we feel freer than dare and show off bright colors, both in the outfits and in the make up.

As for makeup, what better occasion than the arrival of summer to start trying some super cool summer look? If you are excited about this, we have decided to suggest some small ideas, easy to replicate, but safe wow effect.

Freckles in evidence

The freckles they are fascinating all year round, but summer is certainly the perfect season to free them, make them shine and create a look around them that enhances them.

Abandon then the foundation covering in favor of illuminati and bronzer, to be applied in strategic points of the face, so that they give you the air of a girl who has just spent the day sunbathing, even if this is not the case. If you don’t have freckles, don’t worry, you can recreate some of them making light marks on the cheeks or wherever you like with a brown eye pencil. To complete this look, just a thread of lip balm transparent or slightly pink.


Super Pop Eyes

Give yourself the pleasure of playing with colors and create the combinations you prefer on your eyelids, as long as they are remember the neon lights.

In this case, even if the make-up look focuses on the eyes, the lips do not necessarily have to be left as natural as possible. How about a nice one hot pink lipstick?


Nineties look

The the nineties they are making a comeback and even the make-up adapts to this blast from the past.

If you weren’t born yet and need a refresher, know that i must have absolute were the matte lipsticks and, above all, the lip pencila at least one shade darker than their natural color or applied lipstick. The most popular shades were betweenOrange and the Brown.


Pastel shades

If you are a soap and water girl and also as regards your summer make-up you do not want to get upset, rely on pastel colours it could be the original yet sober answer you have been waiting for.


In love with pink

Always for super natural look but this time with a hint of romance in addition, the ace in the hole is to rely on rose. Perfect in spring as in summer, gives energy without weighing you down the features.

You can use it in the form of eyeshadow on the eyelids, and blush on the cheeks. Perfect even on the lips since there are an infinite number of shades on the market, both hot and cold, from nude to fuchsia, among which you can easily find the one that you value the most.


Iridescent green

Nothing or almost nothing shines and shines in the sunlight like the shades of green apply over the eyes with eyeshadows super sparkling is metallic, especially suitable for intensifying the gaze of those with green or hazel irises. Combine this very strong make-up with lots of black mascara, a veil of blush on the cheeks and a touch of nude lipstick.


Purple attitude

Other super bright color, but this time more suitable for blackberries and those with dark eyes, is the Violet, in all its shades. If for a trick day the most suitable are those close to lilac, the evening to light up your summer look opt for dark shades, which turn towards blue or black. Have fun trying the eyeshadows of this color but not only, also experiment with eyeliner and mascara, you will not regret it.

And the lips? Lilac they too.


Golden Hour mood

The hour before sunset is called golden hour because it gives off a golden light which gives a unique allure wherever it rests. So why not use the shades of gold and orange typical of the sunset also on the face? Choose an eyeshadow orange metallic and spread it on the mobile eyelid, blending it towards the inside and under the browbone with a gold tone.

Add some lighting at strategic points and the golden hour effect is guaranteed.


Mix and Match

To create your own look more creative don’t be afraid of mix different colors and juxtapose apparently contrasting textures.

A fuchsia matte eyeshadow can very well be combined with another eyeshadow fuchsia or yellow and, why not, glitter and metallic finishes. In this case you can also have fun with your lips, coloring them with fluorescent lipsticks.


Mon amour fishing

The monochrome makeup in the tones of fishing it is ideal for summer, as it gives a healthy appearance to the skin and it goes well with any degree of tan.

If you are looking for a natural look but at the same time that characterizes you, this is ideal and very few products are enough to achieve it. Get a blush in cream Peach color and tap it on cheeks. Use the same to color the le a little eyelids and the lips, so that every part of the face is united by the identical shades.


Last touch: the highlighter

If you want to add some three-dimensionality, apply a illuminated on cheekbones and on the tip of the nose.

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