Summer lips, 5 habits to protect them


Summer lips can be put to the test by the sun but not only, so to protect them you need to give them some extra attention.

L’summer it approaches quickly and it is very likely that you will increase the time you will spend outdoors. This undoubtedly means joy and good vibes, but in order for the warmer months to be truly memorable and you don’t have to deal with little hassles, you don’t have to forget protect yourself from the harmful rays of the sun and from the many other aggressions that high temperatures cause, at the sea as in the city. Often we make the mistake of worrying only about the face, body and hair, forgetting how even the lips in summer need special attention.

So here are five good habits to protect them.


Do a scrub

If yours lips in the summertime they dry up easilyIf you notice small cuts or skin, the first step in keeping them healthy is exfoliate them, so as to remove all dead cells.

The fastest way to do this is to use stick in cocoa butter format, which have within them micro granules that perform this function.

However, if you want to take a more effective action, go to masks exfoliants. There are already ready on the market, but alternatively you can create a mix of sugar and olive oil and pass it delicately on the lips to find them immediately smooth and silky.


Use lip balms

The lips in the summer often dehydrate and for this they need to be nourish, especially if you spend many hours in the sun, perhaps on the beach, and if you swim in the sea.

The intense sun rays and salt water, in fact, tend to dehydrate and attack them. To protect them, never forget to always carry a good one with you lip balm, nourishing and soothing, and to follow these super tips for summer-proof lips.


Apply them again after each bath

If you plan to dive in, choose formulations water resistant is reapply the balm every time you leave the sea or the pool, after drying the surface of your lips.


Use sunscreen

THE ultraviolet rays, in addition to the skin, they can create many damage to the lips as well, therefore they must be prevented as much as possible from reaching them, applying a protection equal to at least one SPF 30.

When choosing your lip balm, therefore, make sure that this aspect is present.

The highest risk is to favor the onset of tumors, but exposing your lips to the sun without protection can also lead to less serious, but definitely avoidable problems, such as herpes or wrinkles around the mouth.

The latter are caused by a ‘alteration of collagen production, due to the aggression of UV rays.

Remember to apply the sun protection even on cloudy days because harmful rays also pass through clouds and can reach us at any time.


Avoid glosses

In summer, the temptation to light up a smile with something sparkling is very high, but pay attention and limit the use of glosses to evening hours.

THE lip gloss, especially if transparent or with little color are in fact harmful to the lips in summer, because instead of protecting them from the sun they act as a mirror and reflect the rays, attracting UVs to that very area. Furthermore, it is very rare that this type of product is equipped with sun protection so, at least on the beach, it is better to avoid it.

If you really don’t want to give up a sparkling smile, before to apply the gloss spread a veil of colored lipstick or conditioner that forms a first invisible barrier on the lips against the sun or other agents that could attack them.


Go for soft, non-matt lipsticks

If you like to show off lips full and vivid colors like red, fuchsia, Orange or similar, and colored lip balms do not seem enough to you, know that lipsticks are not prohibited. You simply have to be careful which ones you choose.

The matt and long-lasting formulations, although they may seem particularly suitable to be exposed to other temperatures, are not always so because they can dry even more the lips in summer, already put to the test by the heat and salt, in case you have intend to spend the day at the beach.

If yours tend to get dry, then head to soft formulas, not shiny to avoid the effect generated by the lip gloss, but comfortable to the touch. Also in this case, applying sunscreen on top of it also does not hurt.


Help yourself with nutrition

Did you know they exist foods that protect the skin and lips from the aggression of the sun’s rays? They are different and all very good so why not get help from them in the fight against the pitfalls of summer.


Red and orange berries and food

Strawberries, blueberries is cherries contain high levels of vitamin C, which can reduce free radical damage caused by UV exposure and stimulate collagen production.

Watermelon, tomatoes is Red peppers, grapefruit rosto, papaya instead they are rich in lycopene, a very powerful antioxidant able to protect, block UV light and free the body from free radicals.

Beta-carotene also performs this function and is found in carrots, potatoes desserts, pumpkin, mango is apricots.

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