Summer hair removal, what to do between one session and another


In the summer it is even more important to keep the skin smooth and try to preserve the results of hair removal. To do this, there are some actions to be taken between one and the other that are best known.

Summer, sea time, sun, bikinis, shorts and short dresses. But also time of hair removal.

Yes, because despite the tendency not to shave is gaining ground, accompanied by the very right belief that each of their body can do what they see fit, most girls in summer love to show off a super smooth skin.

To achieve this effortlessly and experience a carefree season, in addition to the right method to shave it is essential understand how to behave between one hair removal and another.

In fact, making a mistake some moves could lead to unpleasant consequences such as reading irritations or spots. Furthermore, it may not necessarily generate the least desired effect of all: the faster regrowth of the hairs.

Then follow these little tips and live the hottest months without worries.

Choose the hair removal that’s right for you

Before starting to talk about what to do between hair removal and the other, it is good to understand which method to use and in which parts of the body.


One of the most common moves put in place before the windy leg season begins is to book a session with the beautician for a total body wax. Wise choice because in fact this is among the better solutions as regards the hair removal of the body, provided of course you do not have too sensitive skin, which is affected by the stress of tearing.

Otherwise, green light. The advantages of waxing, in fact, are different, first of all the fact that by extirpating the hair from the root the hair removal be much longer lasting in time.


Pay attention to the face, armpits and groin

Waxing can be done even in the most areas delicate of the body but in this case l‘attention it must be Double, to avoid skin irritation.

Electric epilator

The same things said for waxing apply to this tool, since it is also based onroot extirpation of hairs. The only advantage is that for the less experienced it may be easier to choose this operation in the case of home DIY.


Depilatory cream

If you’ve never tried it, just put some hair removal cream on first to be safe. in a hidden area of ​​your body and watch what happens. If there are no skin reactions, proceed peacefully with the other parts of the body.

This choice is one of the least traumatic and painless but the downside is that it lasts much less than the previous ones, because it eliminates only the superficial part of the hair, without going deep.



Same thing for the blade. Long demonized, it is certainly not the absolute evil of hair removal, but it undoubtedly has its limits: the results last very little and the risk of getting cuts and micro injuries is quite high.

What to do immediately after hair removal

Once you have chosen the depilatory method and put it into practice, it is essential know the actions to be carried out later.

Hydration and sun protection

Right after you shave moisturizes the skin smearing a emollient oil or a natural moisturizer and without fragrance. No matter the method used or the area of ​​the body shaved, the skin must be nourished as much as possible at this stage.

In the following hours, moreover, do not expose yourself to the harmful rays of the sun. Otherwise, the risk is that of triggering adverse skin reactions that can sometimes turn into dermatitis or folliculitis.


What to do between one hair removal and another

These rules basis to be taken into consideration immediately after summer hair removal, they also apply to the following days, but each method has other methods as well to be put into practice later.

Don’t get too busy with wandering hairs

If you have waxed you should be quiet for a few weeks but you may notice ahead of time, the appearance of a few hairs more enterprising than others.

The advice in this case is to leave it where it is, free to be born and grow as he sees fit, after all he is almost solitary and it is very likely that no one will notice his presence.


Stay away from the razor

If you just can’t resist, remove it using tweezers but do not pick up the razor. If in itself, in fact, it would not be a sin to use it, between a waxing and the other it could nullify the results, making the hair grow back much faster.


Exfoliate the skin

In addition to keeping it hydrated and nourished, the skin needs to be beautiful and smooth free of dead cells, and for this very reason once a week you should proceed with the scrub, both on the face and on the body. This operation also serves to bring out subcutaneous or potentially ingrown hairs on the surface, in order to make them perfect to be eradicated at a later time.


Cover the affected area


This last tip is not universal but rather subjective. If you have chosen waxing or an electric epilator as a method, you will know that to do their job at best they must have a rather long hair available.

Also for this reason between one hair removal and another you should not intervene. If you feel uncomfortable, then while waiting she wears long trousers or skirts.

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