Summer hair removal, the do’s and don’ts if you go to the beach


Her hair removal tips for every season! Here, then, what to do (and what not to do) for a perfect summer hair removal. To ensure smooth, soft and healthy skin. Touch-proof and bikini-proof.

After so many months spent under layers and layers of clothes, the arrival of summer brings with it the irrepressible desire to discover oneself. The heat, the heat, the days spent on the beach or in the pool, all contribute to legitimate desire to have few clothes on. Which makes it even more important than ours skin is always well cared for and protected. Even when it comes to hair and in particular of summer hair removal.

If it is true that the fight against hair (only for those interested in fighting it of course), in fact, must always follow the rules to be done correctly, it is also true that during the summer it is necessary pay even more attention to what you do and how you do it. Avoiding causing irritation or redness which, in addition to being annoying and often causing pain, are also not very aesthetic. Here, then, are the things to keep most in mind (and those absolutely to avoid), for guarantee yourself a perfect summer hair removal!

Summer hair removal? Of course yes, but by choosing the right method

That hair removal, and in particular the summer one, for many of us is one of those unwritten but fundamental rules that should never be neglected, is certain. What is less obvious, however, is which hair removal method is best to use in order not to risk making this beauty ritual the cause of aesthetic problems or unpleasant ailments.

If on the one hand, in fact, waxing is one of the hair removal techniques a long lasting more effective, it must also be said that this cannot be performed until the length of the hair allows it. Risking to leave the legs (or other parts of the body) with a slight regrowth until the next treatment.

For this reason, when it comes to summer hair removal, the best choice could be the depilatory cream. Since it allows you to intervene on the hair in a way sweet, painless and leaving the skin hydrated. In addition to the fact that it can also be used when the hair is about to grow back without waiting for the hair to reach the most appropriate (and most annoying) length.

summer hair removal cream

Shaver as a last minute remedy? Absolutely not.

What if you still decide to opt for waxing? Free to do so, of course. But be careful not to make the mistake of eliminating the regrowth (which you know will come) with one nice razor pass. Of course, in five minutes the hair problem is solved (maybe) or maybe not.

Because if on the one hand the razor allows you to be smooth and shaved in a short time and depending on the need, on the other you will be forced to repeat the operation every two days maximum. Risking to irritate the skin reddened by the sun and sand or sea salt. Plus, if you don’t pay close attention while shaving, it’s easy to cut yourself. Causing pains and injuries e compromising the aesthetics of the treated part.

razor summer hair removal

Dry razor? What a horror!

And this happens especially when, panicked by regrowth just when you were about to go out with that miniskirt you have so desired to wear, you get the brilliant idea (which is not brilliant) of use the dry razor. The best way to irritate, cut and redden the skin, rendering it out of use for days. As if to say, maybe when it comes to summer hair removal you really should avoid having a razor nearby.

Follow the correct timings

That haste is a bad counselor is pretty certain, as is thinking about doing things at the last minute and getting a good result. And this is always true when it comes to the well-being of your body and of delicate parts such as the skin.

For this reason, in the case of summer hair removal, to guarantee a perfect result and super smooth legs ready for the beach, it is important take your time. Shaving a day or two before sun exposure. To allow the skin to recover from the “stress” immediately and return to its own condition of natural well-being. Avoiding incurring irritations that are difficult to eliminate or damage the skin with exposure to the heat of the sun or sea water.

summer sun hair removal

Avoid exposing yourself to the sun immediately after hair removal

One of the most common mistakes that are made, in fact, is that of consider summer hair removal superficiallyand, as a quick remedy for unwanted hair. A treatment to be done quickly to allow us to run to the beach or pool in two minutes. Mistaken!

Whether it is sun exposure but also physical activity, it is important that summer hair removal be done in advance. And this is to avoid that sweat, salt, heat, chlorine, sand, etc., in contact with the most sensitive skin and with the most dilated pores following the treatment, cause unpleasant and painful irritation or redness.

Summer hair removal, never without exfoliation

To maintain the skin healthy, free from impurities, smooth and young, exfoliation is one of the steps you should never give up. Face, legs, body. All the skin needs a healthy cell turnover, even in summer. And always when it comes to hair removal.

If normally dedicating time to this beauty step every ten days is enough, when it comes to eliminating body hair, it is good exfoliate the skin at least 24 to 48 hours in advance of the treatment. And this, in particular, when the method chosen for summer and non-summer hair removal is waxing. Exfoliate the skin in time with a nice scrub, allows you to prepare the skin for epilation, avoiding the formation of ingrown hairs. That said between us, in addition to being annoying, they are not really beautiful to look at.

summer hair removal scrub

No to exfoliation after hair removal

Be careful, however, not to fall into one of the most common and deleterious mistakes of all, exfoliate the skin after hair removal. A real tragedy for the skin that being more sensitive for the treatment just immediately, as seen, the need to “rest” and restore its correct balance. So exfoliating the skin after shaving will not only make all the advantages of your summer hair removal vanish but it will also guarantee the appearance of:

  • irritations;
  • redness;
  • inflammations;
  • abrasions;
  • small spots or pimples;
  • etc.

In short, not quite the effect you had hoped for for your skin.

Password hydrate

To ensure that your summer hair removal is really perfect, then, (and in general as a good habit to take excellent care of your skin), you must never forget about hydration. But not with just any products.

After hair removal, in whatever way it has been done, to ensure that the skin is really ready and well protected for the next exposure to the sun, it is good to use soothing creams or lotions, refreshing and super delicate. That they do not irritate the skin but that the nourish deeply. For example, opting for formulations based on:

  • aloe;
  • zinc oxide;
  • Vitamin E.

Perfect for regenerating the epidermis and restoring the correct skin physiology.

aloe summer hair removal

No to scented lotions or creams

If you are thinking that by hydration we also mean sunscreen super scented that you have just bought to guarantee you an unprecedented entrance to the beach, know that no, this kind of lotions they are not good at all to preserve your summer hair removal.

Any type of fragrance, in fact (and we also speak of deodorants) in contact with the skin that has just been shaved it can cause very noticeable irritation and redness, annoying and difficult to eliminate. And that, in addition to preventing you from showing off every part of your body freely, will prevent you from repeating the hair removal at least until the part is completely healed. Better to avoid, then, what do you think?

summer hair removal creams

Diversify hair removal

If you are wondering what it means to diversify hair removal, because after all “hair is hair”, know that it is not so. Depending on the area to be treated, in fact, the fluff changes by length, hardness, part sensitivity, etc.

For this reason, to guarantee you an ad hoc summer hair removal, it is important evaluate in advance the method to be used depending on the area of ​​the body to be treated, face, armpits, groin or legs. By opting for the different types of hair removal available and having a beautician help you in your choice. The only way to get a optimal, homogeneous result and without incurring annoying problems.

Avoid treating the whole body equally

Which happens especially when you think you can do everything by yourself, considering the body equally and maybe using the same hair removal tool everywhere. A very wrong modus operandi (yes, even if your best friend recommended it to you).

And this is because, if you do not take into account the diversity of the skin and hair depending on the part of the body in which they are located, you will risk damage and ruin your skin. Compromising your desire for the beach and the sun, in favor of bandages and healing therapies to the damage done.

summer hair removal underarms

That’s why it’s always good inquire with a specialist on all the possibilities for your summer hair removal, Avoiding falling into the most common (and deleterious) mistakes for your health and beauty but making sure you show off a smooth and velvety skin in every part of the body. For a summer and a decidedly hair removal bikini-proof!

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