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Summer hair removal is certainly a very delicate issue as with the hot season the frequency with which waxing is done increases and above all the razor is passed. Often this inevitably results in redness and irritation that create discomfort and embarrassment.
Find out the 5 things to do to get smooth and flawless skin without

With the heat we increasingly want to discover ourselves and, perhaps, to make our skin smoother. Sometimes, however, waxing and razors risk causing skin discomfort such as itching, redness and irritation, which can create embarrassment.

Summer hair removal is considered a cross for many, especially because often you do not have the patience to wait for the canonical three weeks (approximately) of hair regrowth and you also tend to want to give a razor stroke to feel more tidy.

This practice, however, risks ingrown hair and burns the skin. For this reason, we suggest some behaviors to put into practice to survive the summer with a smooth and well-groomed skin, without encountering irritation.

homemade hair removal

Avoid making your skin sweat excessively after hair removal

After hair removal it is always recommended not to expose yourself to the sun, as well as to take a Turkish bath (or a sauna) and to carry out a physical activity that is too intense and tiring.

The reason is very simple: the sweat and the excessive temperatures they might irritate the skin, which in this phase is much more delicate, also because with enlarged pores the risk of contracting infections increases.

In any case, it should be remembered that after the necessary 8 hours, it is always essential to apply the protection, possibly with an SPF of at least 30.


In certain particularly sensitive areas, such as the face and armpits, the sun’s rays could cause skin spots that can become permanent.

Apply a cream or lotion to slow down hair growth

There are lotions and creams based on plant enzymes which, applied immediately after epilation, as they weaken and make much more slow hair regrowth. Speed ​​in this phase is everything, precisely because using these products after waxing or razor, allows them to penetrate the pores of the skin and reach the hair follicle.

post hair removal moisturizing body cream

The golden rule of every treatment should not be underestimated: the constancy. The application must take place on a regular basis, not once, in such a way as to obtain an effect that really lasts over time. Clearly the results depend on the characteristics of the hairs, their quantity and the texture that determines them.

Because you don’t have to hair removal every day

In the summer we often put on the field, on our body, a real “fur hunting”To have perfect skin every day and without even a superfluous hair.

However, in addition to irritating the skin making it sensitive, tired and worn out by the continuous mechanical stress it is subjected to, the worst consequence is stiffening of the hairs, which are soon darker and thicker. A vicious circle is therefore triggered whereby the more we want to eliminate them, the more visible and intrusive they become.

Sometimes, therefore, we have to accept that we do not have a perfectly smooth body, letting the hair do its natural regrowth path. Also because, often, they are really imperceptible and we create problems that don’t really exist!

Wait at least a couple of days to scrub

The scrub is a key practice, especially in summer, to allow the skin to regenerate and breathe better. Eliminating dead cells, in fact, optimizes oxygenation and micro circulation, generating a sense of renewal.

woman performing scrub

However, it should be specified that this operation does not cause positive effects such as the disappearance of ingrown hairs if carried out immediately after the scrub. Subjecting the epidermis to an additional physical effort, in addition to that imposed by hair removal, makes it even more delicate and irritable, putting a strain on the protective hydrolipidic film.

The correct behavior, therefore, is to wait at least two days to practice deep exfoliation.

Use soothing and moisturizing products

If you have sensitive skin, it is likely that even if you perform a flawless hair removal that takes into account all the precautions of the case, it is likely to be easily subject to irritation and redness. Fortunately, there are various products that can come to your rescue with a calming, soothing and refreshing effect.

Soothing products for post hair removal irritation

  • Thermal water: this product, in addition to soothing irritation, has the power to refresh, hydrate and restore vigor to the skin. For this reason, we recommend that you keep a spray in your bag as well to give yourself some relief on hot days when you are out and about.
  • Zinc oxide paste: Known to be found mostly in diaper rash creams. This substance is a great ally of the skin because it makes it much more resistant, creating a light protective patina.
  • Mallow, calendula and chamomile: these plants are best known for their calming properties. The creams that contain them therefore have great soothing potential and calendula is also a valuable antibacterial.

calendula products

Immediately after waxing follow some precautions so as not to redden the skin

After hair removal with wax, which is certainly one of the most invasive ones, you must remember to carry out very simple operations, to be transformed into real practices, to ensure smooth skin, but also far from irritation.

legs post hair removal

  • Always disinfect the affected area with hydrogen peroxide;
  • remove any residual wax with special oils and detergents, but never with soap, which could redden the skin;
  • apply an aloe vera gel, which prevents discomfort and irritation;
  • if you have shaved the groin and armpits, particularly sensitive areas, use only 100% cotton clothing and absolutely not too tight.

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