Summer hair removal, all the secrets and things you need to know


Wax, razor or cream. Choosing the winning method for a perfect summer hair removal is not easy. A small summary of the pros and cons of all options is therefore urgent.

In summer, accomplices tops, shorts, mini dresses and obviously costumes, i centimeters of exposed skin are many more. It goes without saying that this implies agreater attention to hair removal. The methods to carry out summer hair removal are many and if your skin is not particularly delicate there is no reason not to carry on the habits you put into practice the rest of the year.

However, the high temperature, combined with other factors such as saltiness or sweat, raise the le a little likelihood of irritation or small but unwanted skin reactions.

For this, as far as summer hair removal is concerned, the better proceed with caution.


Body hair removal

For the elimination of hair, the body is certainly more affected by the summer-winter changes than the face. Self in the coldest monthsin fact, being covered from head to toe often induces a postpone the appointment with hair removal, with the summer the attention becomes greater.

There are several alternatives to take care of summer hair removal for the body, each with pros and cons to be carefully evaluated.



Undoubtedly, waxing is one of the most recommended methods for those who do not want to deal with the hair business every day, since the results can even last for several weeks.

Tearing the hair at the root, in fact, involves a slow regrowth, which allows you to enjoy your holiday in total relaxation, without thinking about hair removal.


Not all that glitters is gold, our grandmothers used to say, and that’s it. Although waxing represents the ideal solution, in fact, for summer hair removal it may be too aggressive, especially if your skin is delicate and prone to irritation.

The tore up, indeed, it can cause some micro wounds or abrasions which, in contact with sea water or sand, could get worse. The most sensitive parts of the body are armpits and groin, but also pay attention to the legs.

Even the Sun on a fresh wax it could give rise to redness anomalous, as well as applying sunscreen, essential to protect yourself from UVA and UVB rays, but at the same time potentially irritating on stressed skin.

If you intend to wax, then, proceed a few days before exporting in the sun, in order to give the skin time to calm down.



On the contrary, the razor is suitable for pain intolerant of waxing and to those who just can’t stand the stress.

In this case, in fact, the hair is not eradicated from the root but simply cut flush with the skin.


This is a very fast process but, unfortunately, it needs to be repeated every day or almost every day. There regrowth, in fact, it is very fast. Furthermore, the passage of the lama it might create a few small cuts, irritate the skin and cause ingrown hairs and the well-known red dots from overly aggressive summer hair removal to appear.


Depilatory cream

Among the options, the depilatory cream is perhaps the most indicated in the summer why it removes the hair rather gently.

Also in this case, they are not torn from the root but despite this, unlike the razor blade, the regrowth is slightly slower and the reappearance of some small hair can be easily managed with the use of the razor.


To remove hair uses chemical agents so before using the cream all over the body try it on a small portion of skin and in case of unwanted reaction eliminate it immediately.


Facial hair removal

Summer facial hair removal does not differ enormously from winter hair removal. The only extra precautions concern the elimination of the mustache.

If you used wax before, for the same reason that affects the body, better to choose, for the warmer months, options that irritate the skin less. Otherwise, the tear-sun combo could hold nasty surprises.

The ideal solution is the Arabic thread. It is done in the salon, it is practical, fast and hyper delicate.


Some suggestions

In addition to the methods to choose from, there are some extra tips to make a perfect summer hair removal and get a soft and healthy skin.


  • Exfoliate your skin at least 24-48 hours in advance to shave her, in order to prepare her for the next stress. For the face you can choose from one natural scrub based on honey and sugar or oil and coffee, or rely on one of the ready-made ones available on the market. There are also different for the body creams and ad hoc solutions but, alternatively, you can exfoliate the skin by gently rubbing it with a abrasive glove in the shower.
  • Nourish your skin after hair removal. Once the hair is removed, wait about 20 minutes and then wipe the surface with a natural soothing cream or oil. Some particularly suitable components are Vitamin E is Aloe.
  • Avoid perfumes. In the minutes immediately before hair removal, the only elements you need to put in contact with the skin are water and natural soothing solutions. Therefore, avoid spraying yourself with alcohol-based perfumes or deodorants that could cause you immediate burning and irritation.


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