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Moon tanning and silky smooth skin: even if the two seem to be in contrast, it’s not impossible to shave without compromising your tan. You have to take into consideration some elements to take care of your body in the best way and not to frustrate the time spent under the sun, but it is nothing complicated.

Summer is a very delicate time for hair removal. Above all, you must take into consideration that the modalities you adopt during the winter, they are not always valid all the year. For example, depilatory cream and waxing, acting on the most superficial layer of the skin, could lighten the tan. Electric epilators, on the other hand, tend to cause folliculitis by irritating the skin.

So let’s analyze the best methods to remove hair during the summer.

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The razor blade: the best method for hair removal in the summer

Surely the razor blade hair removal has the big disadvantage that it does not last long, because the hairs grow back very quickly, however it is also the best method for hair removal in the summer because the tan does not undergo lightening.

razor blade hair removal

Tips for hair removal with the razor blade

  • Always use a new disposable razor: hygiene is essential!
  • After hair removal, disinfect the affected area with an astringent and soothing cream. The best in this case are those based on zinc oxide and magnesium silicate.
  • Always apply after sun: in this way you will prevent the skin from drying out and at the same time make it fresher, reducing the sensation of itching and discomfort that occurs with regrowth.

Electric epilator: their rotating mechanism does not affect the tan

Even electric epilators are among the most suitable methods for hair removal during the summer period. Their mechanism is based on rotating blades that pinch the hair is they tear it up together with its bulb. The resulting effect, therefore, is the same as using tweezers.

In addition, these tools keep the skin smooth for a while: regrowth begins after 7-10 days.

hair removal silk epil

Tips for hair removal with the electric epilator

  • Before depilation, rinse the affected area with warm water and massage it using a cellulose fiber glove. In this way you will limit the risk of folliculitis, which is very common with this tool and which often makes it the most demonized of the most common ones for hair removal.
  • After hair removal, disinfects with a cream based on magnesium silicate and zinc oxide the affected area.
  • Never use the epilator on the armpits and groin, extremely delicate areas, nor with short hair. In fact, there is a risk that they hook badly and break.

Depilatory cream yes, but with caution

The depilatory cream does not contrast with the tan, but it does used correctly if you want to opt for this method to remove hair.

This product, in fact, contains elements “keratinolytics”Which risk damaging the keratin of the superficial part of the skin, thus lightening the tan. No problem: you can use it in the evening, rinsing well with warm water.

Is waxing really the enemy of tanning?

Not really: there is a little trick to use if you feel you can’t give up waxing even in the summer. you can pass the talcum powder on the area to be depilated, so that the wax sticks exclusively to the hair and not to the epidermis, making the tan much longer lasting.

Other tips for a perfect hair removal that does not lighten the tan

  • Absolutely avoid pulsed light is laser when you start to expose yourself to the sun. We strongly advise you not to subject yourself to an overload of electromagnetic waves, especially on dark skin.
    In addition to the risk of erythema, redness and burns, you risk causing the birth of dark spots is accumulations of melanin.
  • Prepare tanned skin for hair removal with a peeling. But remember never to exert aggressive pressure on the skin, otherwise you risk not only affecting the tan, but also irritate the skin.

body scrub

  • Do not go out in the sun as soon as you have done your hair removal, because the skin becomes photosensitive and risks being damaged even when using a sunscreen, which you must always remember to apply every time.
  • After hair removal, apply a cream to vegetable protein base is of enzymes, which has the effect of delaying the regrowth of unwanted hair. You can find many on the market, in pharmacies or herbalists.
    Alternatively, you can create compresses with mint leaves, which in addition to being soothing and refreshing, regulates the sebum contained in the hair bulbs and therefore makes the effects of waxing more lasting. Macerate the mint leaves for at least an hour; filter them and put them to cool in a bowl with a generous amount of ice and then immerse them in the container. Provision to bandage the affected areas.
  • Take care of your tan too in the shower: in summer always use very delicate sponges, which do not have abrasive surfaces.

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