Summer hair removal: 5 secrets about sugar paste hair removal


Are you looking for a less painful and longer lasting alternative to hair removal in the summer? Sugar paste is the one for you: smoother skin and less discomfort guaranteed!

L’hair removal with sugar paste (or sugaring) allows you to remove even the shortest hairs and provides a method of execution similar to hot waxing.

The difference, compared to the classical technique, is that the temperature is much lower and therefore it tore up definitely turns out less traumatic. This is also beneficial for the fragile capillaries and to depilate particularly delicate areas of the body, such as armpits is groin.

Another benefit that should not be underestimated is the ability of the sugar paste to eliminate the skin cells that cause it folliculitis is ingrown hairs.

Let’s see what you need to know about this epilation method and why it is especially suitable for the summer season.

sugar paste

Sugar paste does not stick to the skin

The method by which the sugar paste allows epilation provides for an extraction of the hair that it does not damage the epidermis. The difference is in the temperature: the hot wax sticks to the skin with vigor, tearing it and thus causing an unattractive redness.

sugar paste beautician

How does hair removal with sugar paste

Sugar paste has the great advantage of removing the hair in its entirety. In this way, your skin enjoys a real gommage.

The latter is a much gentler exfoliant than a scrub. It’s always about mechanical movements, but they are much less aggressive and stimulate the micro blood circulation in a correct and delicate way.

sugar paste

Through this operation you get a clean skin, smooth, soft is without imperfections (in other words regenerated) as the dead cells are eliminated without affecting the living ones and without causing them.

The temperature of the sugar paste is lower than the wax

You know, waxing is always a delicate operation. In the summer, then, the high temperatures still make it more difficult to shave, because the heat accentuates the sensation of pain. Sugar paste, in this sense, is the perfect alternative even for delicate skin. The reason? It is applied when it is reached the ambient temperature. In this way, the risk of burns is significantly reduced and the sensation is much less traumatic.

Sugaring also doesn’t leave you with that annoying sticky feeling on your skin. This method consists of applying a natural, water-soluble mixture, so you can remove any pasta residue simply with a little water.

smooth legs

Bye bye unwanted hair!

Hair removal with sugar paste makes the skin very smooth and allows you to eliminate even those annoying short and superfluous hairs that tend to appear immediately after waxing. This method in fact acts as a scrub: the epidermis is freed from dead cells.

Also consider that with waxing the tearing takes place in the opposite direction of the hair. Sugaring, on the other hand, removes hair following the direction of natural growth. This prevents rupture of the hair follicle above and below the surface of the skin. As a result, the results are much longer lasting.

sugar paste leg

Epilation with paste ensures a smooth epidermis 3 to 5 weeks, which depends on the treated area and the speed of hair regrowth. Removal occurs from the root, therefore the hair follicle turns out considerably weakened and contains less blood. In addition, over time, you will notice a reduction in hair growth, which will be finer and more sparse.

Sugaring is the perfect solution for short hair

Waxing works effectively on hairs of at least 7-8mm in length, which equates to approximately two weeks of growth.

Hair removal with sugar paste, on the other hand, allows you to remove much shorter hairs than about 1-3 mm, which roughly correspond to a week of regrowth.

This means you can go to the beautician more frequently without having to wait too long.

smooth legs post epilation with sugar paste

Stop the pain!

As we have seen, hair removal with sugar paste prevents the compound from sticking to the upper and superficial layer of the epidermis. The product, in fact, adheres to the hair and dead cells. This way, you run a lower risk of skin irritation and broken capillaries. This greatly reduces the sensation of pain, why the dough is harder compared to wax and feels less painful than softer substances.

sugar paste epilation

Note that the first time you may feel a little more pain even with sugaring, because the skin has to get used to it. But already from the second time, thanks to the weakening of the hair, you will certainly feel less discomfort and as you go forward it will get better and better. Surely it will not be anything to do with waxing, which also thanks to the heat, makes us sweat hard!

Sugar paste is perfect for any part of the body

Sugar paste is perfect for any part of the body: legs, armpits, face and groin, even the most delicate.

underarm hair removal with sugar paste

Obviously, you must report any folliculitis or eczema on the part to be epilated to avoid unwanted effects.

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