Summer Colors 2021 – Artificial Intelligence points out the main trends


Summer 2021 colors follow two distinct lines, with electric tones and neutral sea contrast. Who points out these trends is the Donna, Artificial Intelligence tool of the company Collection.Fashion that analyzes and groups the data of the main catwalks in the world. Check out:

Donna: Artificial Intelligence analyzes catwalk trends for summer colors 2021

Orange and Blue are two shades on the rise between Summer Colors 2021

Launched by the startup Santa Catarina Collection.Moda (CM), Donna is an efficient tool capable of predicting trends by analyzing parade data. This is made possible by artificial intelligence, cutting-edge technology designed to ease routine in fashion companies.

Instead of watching and decouping countless parades, just go to the platform, pick the season and let Donna point out all the highlights. In addition to the colors, you can also select the brand, part type, and subtones for each category.

In addition to the colors, Donna still points subtones within each group – Collection. Summer Colors 2021
You can also choose make and type of part for Artificial Intelligence to point out colors and patterns that are trending. – Collection.Fashion

To learn more about Donna and the Collection platform. Click here and check out our special about all the news. Next, we use artificial intelligence to showcase the key summer 2021 colors:

Summer Colors 2021 in 5 Mega Trends

These were the main summer 2021 colors pointed out by IA Donna's tool.

1. Pastel Colors

It looks like baby blue will be one of the most widely used colors in 2021.

Highlighting the baby blue, the pastel colors are firm and strong on the catwalk. Previously we showed here the success that these colors have been doing also in party fashion.

Pink blush is also present at Summer Colors 2021
Soft yellow highlighted on the catwalks.

This time, the soft footprint is renewed and guarantees reign for the coming seasons. Worth betting!

2. Solar Colors

Summer Colors 2021 – Orange is bet

Yellow, orange and terracotta light up the catwalks. It is interesting to note that, overall, the shades have a burnt background that makes everything more elegant.

Solar yellows ranging from mustard to turmeric – Summer Fashion Collection 2021
Red and its vibrant variations are present in Summer Colors 2021

There is still room for vibrant reds and very sunny yellows. A trend that renews itself season after season.

3. White from head to toe

White brightens the season and is darling of the time.

The trend all white goes on in full force for 2021. On international catwalks, designers bet on looks with impeccable modeling, which wear white from head to toe.

The color also appears highlighted for men.

In addition, handcrafted textures and hollow details emerge to bring depth to the proposal, moving away from minimalism.

4. Greens

Many shades of green for summer 2021

From Neo Mint to forest green, this color has a strong presence and has everything to become the most used of the year. Special emphasis is given to the lively shades, which enter the wave of sustainability and show in practice how fashion interprets a hot topic, in all possible variables.

5. Hot Neutrals

Just as the sunburned background appears in solar colors, it also dominates neutrals. Brown, suede, blush, cream and a multitude of nude shades appear to balance the season, creating an interesting counterpoint between the most vibrant colors.
Plus, these colors help create a more versatile palette where everything dialogs perfectly.

Check out the Instagram of the Collection.

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