Summer 2021 make-up trends: the ones you need to know


The make-up for summer 2021? A riot of colors, metallic textures, brilliant textures is volumizing, but also genderless products is inclusive. Discover all the makeup trends for this season and choose your favorites … Or the ones you want to experiment for the first time, letting your creativity run free!

Summer 2021 provides a make-up in the name of experimentation, with many inclusive looks and various to express your personality with freedom and spontaneity.

Green light a eye strobing, graphic games, smokey eyes, bright textures is brilliant, contrasting colors. On the face you need to prefer light products, foundation with a subtle texture or BB and CC cream, the important thing is to choose those containing SPF!

On the lips they can not miss gloss, shiny lip balm is colored and products volumizing is plumping.

All in oneinclusive optics is genderless, because the trick is for everyone!

Discover all the make-up trends planned for summer 2021 and get ready to unleash your style.

colorful make up

The make-up of summer 2021 is a triumph of warm and intense shades

For summer 2021 the must-have especially for amber and tanned complexions are the colors of the earth and the warm shades. Give her orange tints passing through those reddish, up to the brown coffee or chocolate, the palette planned for this season is really vast and includes a variety of intense choices. These colors match perfectly with gold tints, bronze is copper creating magnificent play of lights is of shadows that come together to create unique and surprising results. You can also use these products to make some smokey eyes alternative to the usual cold tones for a deep and magnetic look!

hot summer make-up 2021

In your beauty case to prepare as soon as your skin begins to color, they cannot be missing metallic finish is shining. THE bright pigments is intense of the palettes for summer 2021 are real precious caskets. Inside you will find shimmering and buildable eyeshadows that can make your complexion radiant even when it starts to darken thanks to the sun.

metallic make-up

Raised eyebrows to frame the gaze

Eyebrows are increasingly protagonists of make-up, even during the summer of 2021. We already know that it is one unique facial feature and able to determine the appearance of the entire face, because it creates a sort of frame around the gaze. For this, they must respect and indeed emphasize the harmony of your face.

The shapes planned for this season are so many and suitable for all types of face.

microblading effect eyebrows

Eyebrow shapes for summer 2021 make-up

  • Messy, bushy, full is large, which seem wild and natural, even if in reality you have to be precise and use specific products to make them.
  • Comb upwards, often fixed with soap to last longer.
  • Long lasting, usually made by professionals with different techniques such as lamination and microblading.

If you don’t want to give up covering make-up for summer 2021, don’t forget sunscreen

During the summer it would be better to abandon the foundation, perhaps in favor of BB and CC creams which are decidedly more delicate and light. However, we can say that they are now also present on the market foundation with fresh and very subtle textures, which eliminate imperfections or at least minimize them, without giving life to the “mask” effect. An element not to be forgotten is the presence of SPF for a present and visible make-up, but always in the name of protection from UV rays.


The choice is really wide, but in any case try to study the most suitable color for your complexion, especially if you tend to tan easily.

Cheerful make-up with vitamin nuances

Summer brings to mind intense, joyful, fun and lively colors. And for 2021 a triumph of vitamin tints ranging from strawberry red to fuchsia, inspired by the juiciest and most delicious fruits of this season.

summer 2021 vitamin make-up

You can choose these shades for paint the look, through colorful eyeshadows or eyeliner other than the classic black and brown, or to emphasize lips.

Don’t have freckles? No problem, this summer it is fashionable to design them!

For some they are a defect to be covered, for others they represent an aesthetic desire that not all are lucky enough to have: we are talking about freckles! Ephelides are typical of light and delicate complexions, but this summer the fashion also includes the realization of fake frickles With the’henna. You have to be precise, perhaps using a very thin eyeliner brush, and then fix everything with the powder. But try not to make them all the same: they would really seem very unnatural! Vary the pressure and size for a genuine look!

Full volume lips

L’plumpy effect is the most popular for lips of summer 2021. There are so many volumizing glosses on the market and allow you to obtain a plump and sensual look in no time. Usually they contain mint, hyaluronic acid and collagen and sometimes they cause a very slight tingle that is worth trying because the result is extremely sensual and uniform! Furthermore, the new formulations are increasingly effective also in terms of uniformity, because they fill the lips and do not stick (how many times have you given up lip gloss because it gave you a feeling of stickiness?).

volumizing effect gloss

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