Summer 2021 make-up trends: sparkling lipsticks to show off


Lipstick what a passion! But only if metallic! Here, then, are the trendy shades and the coolest sparkling lipsticks of the summer. To show off a truly inimitable look.

The lips are the real ones protagonists of our beauty look and in summer, there is certainly no shortage of opportunities to enhance them even more and make them absolutely amazing. So why not try some new shades? For example gods sparkling and metallic lipsticks of the color you like best.

To put in emphasize your lips giving you a unique, irresistible look that will certainly not go unnoticed. Here, then, are some of the most beautiful colors to show off this summer (but not only) and give your smile a shimmering touch, metal, original and super charming. Or rather, magnetic!

How to best prepare your lips for sparkling lipsticks

Before telling you which are the most captivating shades to embellish your lips during this fantastic summer, it is good to immediately make one thing clear: in order to best use your sparkling and metallic lipsticks, it is important that your lips are perfect.

This means that, before applying them, it is necessary carry out a scrub to smooth the part and remove any cuticles. In addition to hydrating it deeply with a conditioner or a cocoa butter super nutritious. The reason? Simple. Metallic lipsticks tend to dry out the lips and highlight any flaws.

How to apply them?

Once the moisturizer has dried well, you can then apply your lipstick. How?

  • By first defining the lip contour with a pencil of the same color (a step that is not mandatory but which will prevent you from making mistakes during drafting);
  • and then move on toactual lipstick application, always starting from the center of the upper lip and going outwards.

Which sparkly lipstick to choose

Obviously by choosing a nuance that suits your complexion is that goes well with the color chosen for the make-up of the eyes (which can easily be minimal given the great importance that this type of lipstick gives to the mouth). And opting for a matte finish for the day or a brighter finish for the night. Playing and having fun with many, many color possibilities!

Sparkling lipsticks? Never without red

When it comes to sparkling lipsticks or not, the color that certainly cannot be missing in your beauty bag is red. A unique nuance, full of character, capable of rendering every look an explosion of sensuality and charm, at any time of day.

A timeless color, which embellished with the metallic effect of sparkling lipsticks, will catalyze anyone’s attention on a single detail, your lips. The only true protagonists of your look (but also of everything else).

sparkling red lipsticks

Bordeaux what a passion!

An intense color, elegant and with a certain note of mystery. Bordeaux is the right shade to amaze with style. And with sparkly lipsticks you will do it even more. A fascinating color that, thanks to the shine given by this type of lipstick, is able to give your look that touch of eccentricity typical of summer. But without ever losing the elegance inherent in this nuance.

sparkling burgundy lipsticks

Pink, but in a metallic version

For the loyal to soft, delicate colors and make-up with a romantic flavor you can choose from one of the many sparkling shades of lipstick ranging from pink to nude to peach. A look that conveys all of yours sweetness but with a metallic note which makes you absolutely irresistible. Giving you a beauty look in the name of romance and delicacy but with that extra touch that tells the world your desire to amaze.

pink sparkling lipsticks

Sparkling lipsticks, green light to color

And if on the one hand there are the soft colors, on the other hand when you shovel shimmering lipsticks, you can’t miss the more eccentric shades and that require a bit of courage and the desire to stand out, always and in any case. An example? The purple. A nuance with character, perfect to show off on your summer evenings with the certainty that your lips will be the real protagonists.

purple sparkling lipsticks

All crazy about gold!

If summer is the season of madness then you can only opt for one really crazy nuance, their. Sure, maybe it’s a bit too much if your destination is the supermarket but to amaze as you pass and embellish your lips with a color that only you know how to wear so well, this is the perfect sparkling lipstick shade. You will see that real star effect.

gold sparkling lipsticks

Sparkling lipsticks? A mix of color

If all this gold seems a bit too much to you, but you absolutely don’t want to give up the magic that only this color can convey, you can opt for a middle ground of absolute beauty. A mix between a color like pink (or the one that suits you best), classic and timeless, with a hint of golden eccentricity. Obviously to choose from the shades of the sparkling lipsticks that you like best. A middle ground that will drive you crazy (and not just you).

Shimmering lipsticks mix

When you think about metallic colors, you can’t help but think about real metals. One of all is steel (but also silver for the most refined). And that only means one thing. Your summer color is gray, obviously with a metal effect. One of the sparkly lipsticks more extravagant but that will make you absolutely unique and inimitable. After all, it is not a shade for everyone. And you know how to carry it divinely well.

Gray sparkling lipsticks

Copper, bronze and boldness

And for those who really love metal in all its different facets, then they can’t help but like the sparkling lipsticks that recall its shades. Not only gold and silver, therefore, but also bronze and copper. Two nuances from sure wow effect, for a beauty look that will certainly not go unnoticed. Two perfect colors for the summer because I recall the golden colors of yours amazing tan. For a total look in a perfect summer theme.

sparkling bronze lipsticks

Do you want to dare? Go for blue

To dare, to dare and yes again, to dare. If this word has been buzzing in your head since summer began then now is the time to do it. Maybe with a beautiful sparkling lipstick of a color that no one would ever expect (maybe not even you). The blue. A shade to make you lose your mind, perfect for the evening and, why not, also for the day. For a look full color and super fun.

blue sparkling lipsticks

Glitter, at full volume

Finally, when it comes to summer, a desire to amaze and a look to remember, certainly can not miss the glitter. Sparkling lipsticks, in the nuance you like best, with a metallic and shimmering effect like a true star of the evening. A unique way to enhance and give volume to your lips, giving you one feeling of brightness and a brilliance super exclusive.

The ideal to never go unnoticed and to guarantee you a summer full of color and fun. Making sure you sparkle like stars both outside and inside. With just a swipe of lipstick and the awareness of being absolutely amazing.

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