Summer 2021 make-up trends: matte and matte make-up ideas


Matte and dull colors! Here is the coolest make-up of the summer, between pastel colors and more whimsical nuances. But always strictly with a matte effect and that guarantee you a fresh and absolutely unique look.

Nude, invisible, with warm undertones and capable of enhance the complexion of the face. The right make-up for this summer is almost imperceptible, made of pastel, matte colors and “strong” details that do not weigh down the skin. True and unique protagonist of this new and desired beautiful season.

A make-up capable of convey freshness, guaranteeing flawless skin but without distorting its natural color. Giving brightness to the face and characterizing it with soft colors on one side and super impact on the other. But always with a matte and matte finish. For a discreet trendy beauty look that will be impossible not to look at. Here, then, are the make-ups to copy for a summer that is really on the crest of the wave, even in make-up.

Face make up, invisible

Summer rhymes with freshness, at all hours. That’s why the perfect make up for this season she is nude, natural, practically invisible. The best way to enhance your features, covering only a few small imperfections (such as redness, small pimples or dark circles), but without having to give up the beautiful golden complexion given by the tan. And to that “no make up” effect capable of give you a fresh, bright and light look.

invisible make-up

To get it, just opt ​​for:

  • a foundation with a light texture, preferably mineral-based, oil free and in any case matte, to mattify the face by contrasting the shiny effect caused by high temperatures. Is always in tone with your complexion;
  • bb cream or cc cream, to be used instead of foundation and which in addition to covering imperfections (the second in particular) allows you to obtain a uniform, homogeneous complexion but without ever being heavy or covering;
  • corrector, only if necessary, to eliminate any small imperfections and to change according to the area on which to intervene (and obviously the complexion);
  • the blush, in pastel shades from pink to brown, to give a fresh and clean effect to the face, totally natural.

Few products for a sure-fire make-up, which will always make you look flawless. Summer proof.

Summer make up? Focus on the eyes

And if for the face the effect must be fresh and as natural as possible, also for the eyes the trendy colors of the summer recall the desire for lightness. Green light, therefore, for shades of pink, butter, peach or nude. But also from brown to gold. And always to choose with a matte finish. More harmonious and that harmonizes better with the rest of the face.

But for those who really can’t give up color, don’t worry. Perfect are also the eye shadows in pink colors in all its shades, even up to fuchsia and purple. As long as you are crazy and fromvelvety, dusty effect. But also yellow, blue, sea water and green. Soft and without exaggerating. For a beauty look that knows how to get noticed but with sweetness and elegance.

eye make up

Summer smokey eyes? Yes thanks!

For a truly unforgettable look you cannot give up the eye makeup par excellence, smokey eyes. Provided matte and with the warm shades of summer. Green light to all the colors of the Brown, therefore, but also of the peach or lavender. Colors able to give you a deep look but at the same time bright and with an incomparable personality. Seeing is believing.

Never without mascara!

And if for the eyelids pastel colors are the must of the season, one cannot certainly forget that for one look with a wow effect, the number one ally is the mascara. To be applied (but only if you want) without exaggerating and maybe just for your evenings full of fun. To enhance your look with a single simple gesture!

Matte effect lipsticks for a trendy mouth

And for the lips? For a self-respecting summer make-up, one certainly cannot be missing touch of color also in the mouth. And the nuances to choose from are really many and always rigorously opaque.

For those who want a simpler (at least apparently) natural and delicate look, it is good to opt for gods soft colors, nude or pink, up to peach color. Soft and with a velvety finish. First defining the lip contour with a pencil of the same color as your skin, neutral. For a surprising soft but seductive effect

make up lipstick

For lovers of color and the most whimsical looks, instead, shades like yellow, emerald green, or gray are perfect. The ideal lipsticks for true daring souls and for those who want to experience a summer full of color, pastel of course!

And the red? Of course yes, always crazy!

Okay, maybe it won’t fit into the pastel color palette but a summer (and a mouth) without red what a summer? And to follow the make-up trend of the moment, he too must be strictly opaque. In all its seductive shades and to be applied after a nice scrub and proper hydration. To get fabulous lips and make-up charming, kiss-proof.

Now that you really know all about how to make a matte make-up in pastel shades but super summery, you just have to try. Showing off your new trendy beauty look, to continue and finish this crazy summer in the coolest way ever.

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