Summer 2021 make-up trends: bold eyeshadows with which to be daring


This summer the make-up trends include colorful and intense eyeshadows, which certainly do not go unnoticed. Unleash your imagination and creativity to create unique looks, but if you need inspiration … Follow our examples!

The eyeshadows for summer 2021 they represent the perfect way to freely and creatively express your personality. You can choose your favorite colors, or dare with completely new colors and combinations with respect to your routine. In this cheerful season, made up of colorful looks and new shades, unleash your imagination and let yourself go to new interesting make-up. The only requirement is to feel comfortable!

Discover 10 shades of eyeshadow with which to create unique and special make-up!

Magenta eyeshadow, romantic and sensual

L’magenta eyeshadow it is the perfect choice if you are looking for a romantic look, but want to have a sensual and magnetic look at the same time. Spread it all over the eyelid, blending it on the outer edges, then apply a strong lipstick to intensify the make-up even more. It is not absolutely necessary that it is of the same shade as the color chosen for the eyes, on the contrary, you can be daring with a red lipstick for example! As you can see in the following video, Alessia Russo wanted to add a touch of originality to the makeup with thegraphic black eyeliner, adding a line at the height of the crease in addition to the classic line at the lashline.

Green light to vitamin colors!

Among the most loved eye shadows for the make-up of the summer season we cannot fail to include hot ones, ranging from red, through orange, up to yellow. Beautiful especially on green and brown eyes, they give depth and intensity to the look. Better still if they are glittered, because the bright finish highlights the summer tan even more!

Pink and purple make-up, the winning combination

Make up with colors pink and purple it is always very appreciated, because the colors and the effect are very modular and allow you to enhance both light and dark eyes. You can therefore create very special looks, without daring too much and deviate a lot from your style.
An idea to combine these two shades is to apply pink eyeshadow on the eyelid and a beautiful purple pencil in the lower rim, intensifying the look and making it extremely magnetic.

Blue and orange: make-up where opposites attract

Why not try a game of contrasts for your summer make-up? L’Orange, with its warm shades, it contrasts with those cold of blue creating a beautiful mix that gives sensuality and depth to the eye. For example, you can spread the latter, in a glittery version, over the entire eyelid, then switch to orange in the crease. And for an even more colorful and original touch, use a green pencil in the lower rhyme!

multicolor eyeshadow

Acid green make-up, a hymn to nature

Eyeshadow acid green it is perfect for enhancing brown eyes. If you don’t like the matt effect too much, you can make it shiny by adding some glitter and your eyelids will shine a lot!
For an even more original touch, use a mascara of the same color: wow effect guaranteed!

Rainbow make up: a shower of colors

Pride Month was in June, but its meaning lies in the freedom to be able to express yourself every day at ease and in a very creative way. So why not celebrate this feeling with a multicolor make up? There are no rules: experiment with the colors you like best and give free rein to your creativity!

multicolor make up

Green and purple: the odd couple

More and more used together in outfits, the green and the Viola they are two colors that lend themselves very well also for a make-up outside the box. And to make this look even more incredible, go ahead with glitter and metallic textures. Watch the video below and try to recreate this tutorial, it’s easier than expected!

Blue, a make-up from aMare

It is the main protagonist of the Instagram feed, but also of summer clothes and accessories, with its nuances that recall the waves of the sea crashing on the shoreline. The blue it is a color that conveys serenity and is highly appreciated, especially for people, according to the color scheme, belonging to the Winter season.

Being a strong color and intense, there are often many doubts about its use in make-up because you are afraid of being too flashy. An idea to wear it in an elegant and refined way is to use a glitter version, very buildable, combined with a nude lip tint to create a focus on the eyes.

Yellow make-up for the sunniest ones

For a sunny and cheerful make-up, you can only choose the most loved color of the summer: the yellow! The eyeshadow of this nuance is very good especially for browns because it brightens and intensifies the look with brown eyes. Ready to try this pop-flavored trick?

Summer smokey eyes are pink!

Who said that it smokey eyes should it only be in shades of gray and black? Many people like to do it with green for example, but a summer alternative can be realized with pink. Start from the inside of the eyelid with the warmest tones, blending up to purple tones. The result is very romantic and suitable for both blondes and brunettes!

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