Summer 2021 costumes: between trends and diversity


We know that the historical moment we are experiencing does not leave much room for lightheartedness, and although this year can undoubtedly be defined as an atypical summer, time does not stop: the summer is upon us. We will soon abandon heavier clothing and it is therefore impossible not to think about the summer wardrobe and the costumes that we will wear in summer 2021.

We all deserve a pinch of lightness. For this reason, continuing to keep our feet firmly on the ground, let’s take a look at the costumes and trends of this year, let’s do it without fear and with confidence towards the nearest future.

A costume for each of us

Between evergreen and innovation, we find some cornerstones of the costumes, such as the black bikini, the floral and animal prints, the high waist, the strapless bands but not only: the watchwords are inclusion, sustainability and diversity.

The most famous brands strive to embrace all types of physique without judgment, offering a wide choice. On the wave of body positivity more and more brands specialized in beachwear have chosen to enhance the body regardless of gender, size or shape, among these there are brands such as Reina Olga, Asri Swim and Chromat.

And again Rubies, a line of costumes dedicated to transgender people.

After years of absence from the beachwear sector, the US brand also returns in 2021 Victoria’s Secret who tries again with a line of costumes that speaks precisely of inclusiveness, offering sizes suitable for everyone.

Summer 2021 costumes: increasingly sustainable

The fashion industry is also increasingly attentive to the environment and is constantly looking for sustainable production processes and recycled materials.

For example Yamamay has decided to launch its first collection with natural organic fibers, bamboo and recycled fibers. While Tezenis has chosen to start helping the planet by using waste materials to produce recycled lace.

One-piece swimsuits: sporty ones and models that become part of the outfit

Designed to withstand even the wildest waves, i whole costumes they are designed in technical fabrics and sporty cuts to dress not only on the water’s edge but also during the sport in water. The one-piece swimsuit can also accompany after a day spent at the beach, becoming part of the evening outfit if worn with a skirt or shorts.

SEDEX - Padded Women's One-piece Swimsuit

SEDEX – Padded Women’s One-piece Swimsuit

Classic one piece swimsuit, simple design but comfortable texture. Ideal for swimming and water sports. V-neck, soft and removable padding.

€ 16 on Amazon


  • Ideal for practicing water sports


  • Before purchasing, check the size carefully

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Bikini, the swimsuit par excellence

The bikini he is the king of morals and can hardly be ousted. It represents a real evergreen in terms of beachwear. Perfect for sunbathing wherever you want. Calzedonia for example for this summer has staked everything on floral prints and on bright fabrics with delicate and romantic tones such as “sunset pink”.

ZAFUL - Floral bikini with ruffles

ZAFUL – Floral bikini with ruffles

Bikini with padded bra. The top is decorated with flounces for a romantic effect. High-leg briefs that give the illusion of a longer silhouette.

€ 17 on Amazon


  • Check the size carefully before buying it

The alternatives are endless, for the upper part we pass from the balconette models without padding to the one-shoulder straps for the most abundant décolleté, up to the bandeau costumes for a homogeneous tan and without marks. The briefs instead range from Brazilian and thong to shorts to make everyone feel at ease.

High waisted bikini

From the flavor vintage, the alternative to the classic bikini is the high-waisted one, capable of emphasizing the waistline, winking at the fashion of the 50s.

AOQUSSQOA - High-waisted bikini

AOQUSSQOA – High-waisted bikini

Sophisticated retro style bikini. Padded push-up bra with adjustable straps, high-waisted briefs that create the hourglass effect. Tropical print with palm leaves.

22 € on Amazon

Bandeau costume

With or without padding, the swimsuit with a bandeau top it is one of the most popular with those who prefer a homogeneous tan.

Summer Mae - Bandeau Swimsuit

Summer Mae – Bandeau Swimsuit

Strapless two-piece swimsuit, made of nylon and spandex. Straps can be added to the bra band. The slip is high-waisted, available in plain color or with patterned prints.

€ 19 on Amazon


  • Shoulder straps can be added to the sash


  • Check the size especially of the briefs

Summer 2021 costumes: there is also the trikini

The trikini is a swimsuit that represents the fusion of a bikini with a whole model, however, leaving some parts of the body uncovered, which are usually the belly and hips. It is therefore made up of a single piece made up of three parts.

Despite thought to be a recent invention, the trikini made its first appearance in 1967 in France, and was even the official Miss Italia costume in 1969.

VJGOAL - Patterned trikini, padded

VJGOAL – Patterned trikini, padded

White and black patterned trikini, with drawstring under the breast. Soft and sensual line swimsuit. Lacing behind the neck.

€ 7 on Amazon


  • Not very practical for an even tan

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