Striped blouse, jeans and lilac sandals from Mango: the look of this influencer over 50 has made us dream of good weather


Entering almost the final stretch of winter, our minds cannot stop thinking about the good time and in those spring looks with clothes that rejuvenate and that are perfect to wear at any age. Thus, for the spring don’t take us by surprise, we are already working on finding the most inspiring outfits that we will wear 24/7. Like this one by Carmen Lomana with a checked blazer or the last one that we have signed to one of our influencers over 50 years old favorites with three garments from the new collection Mango that we are going to copy right now.

Grece Ghanem has conquered us with her bob haircut that takes years away from gray hair, but she has also done it with a super stylish and striking wardrobe to which she has added a striped blouse, some slimming jeans and that are pure trend this season, and the lilac sandals comfortable heels that are going to sweep this 2021.

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A superlative and ideal combination to go to the office, to go out for a drink or to go shopping. All from the hand of three garments that cost less than 30 euros and to which we can take advantage of separately with other options that we have in the closet.

The first one is a cotton shirt with a striped print and a babydoll neck that wastes style. It is also available in white, in all sizes, and costs 25.99 euros. We like to combine with jeans, but also with knitted pants or with midi skirts. Sure hit!

We continue with the bottom, and for the pants, the influencer has chosen the model of high shot Wideleg, the jeans that lose weight and that stylize Legs to the maximum thanks to its perfect formula: fitted waist and wide leg with frayed hem. You will find them on the website of the Barcelona firm from size 32 to 46 for 29.99 euros.

And to finish, the most stylish footwear of the spring Summer that is going to sweep again: lilac sandals with straps and knots with a comfortable heel and square sole. The maximum trend that you can wear at 20 and 50 with all kinds of clothes (dresses, skirts, suit pants, overalls …). (29.99 euros).

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