Stretch marks on the breast: why not be ashamed


The aesthetic imperfections, by now we have understood, they are the real worry of every woman; it does not matter that (fortunately) more and more celebrities have decided to take the side of the positive body, often showing themselves without filters and photo retouching, just to make it clear that what we consider unforgivable defects are, in reality, characteristics common to practically every woman on the face of the earth.

We know that we can be the worst criticisms of ourselves, and that we end up condemning even everything that does not depend (or not always, at least) on us and on our way of life. One example above all, the breast stretch marks, which affect many women, even at a young age, and which can appear for various reasons, not always due to an unhealthy lifestyle.

“Scientifically” speaking, it is about skin lesions of atrophic type, or inflammations that occur in the form of striae and which, on the breast, are generally localized in the area around the nipple.

They occur when the elastic fibers of the skin tear due to a change in the size of the breasts, and are more easily exposed to those with large breasts that can easily relax. As mentioned, there are many causes that contribute to the formation of stretch marks.

The causes of stretch marks on the breasts

The effect that contributes to the formation of stretch marks is the so-called yo-yo one, in which the breast empties and fills quickly, causing damage to the elasticity of the skin.

At the base of breast stretch marks there can be:

  • changes during adolescence: in this phase of life the breasts begin to increase in volume, the skin dilates but it may happen that the amount of collagen is not sufficient to support the change, especially if the breasts become abundant immediately.
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding: also in this case the breast becomes enlarged, and also the circumference of the nipple increases, which will have to give nourishment to the newborn.
  • mammoplasty: Even those who undergo breast augmentation surgery can risk stretch marks, especially if they do not properly moisturize their breasts before the operation.

White and red stretch marks

Many of you may have noticed that stretch marks are sometimes red, or better rosé, and others white; why? Generally, the pink or red color occurs when the stretch mark is in its initial phase, while gradually they begin to take on a purple color, in the inflammatory phase, and then become white in conjunction with the phase of scarring.

Obviously, one of the most important questions concerns the possibility of making them disappear or, even better, of preventing them. There are remedies for both cases.

Natural remedies for stretch marks on the breasts

Obviously, let’s start with the natural remedies, more and more appreciated and preferred; many of you will probably be aware that sweet almond oil is an excellent ally to combat stretch marks, if applied regularly on the breast so as to keep it well hydrated, but an excellent remedy is also represented by oils based on vitamin E, olive or argan oil.

However, if we are in a phase in which the stretch marks are now healed, therefore white, we can think of resorting to methods such as dermabrasion, which regenerates the skin in depth, smoothing it, to be carried out in the clinic, under local anesthesia, with a device that contains crystals, the laser, which can help reduce or eliminate white stretch marks from the breast by burning the part of the tissue affected by the stretch marks and promoting the regeneration of new tissue, the filler, carried out by the aesthetic doctor who injects small doses of collagen or hyaluronic acid and vitamin C.

Finally, the strongest remedies are undoubtedly the chemical peel, which is carried out using acidic substances includingglycolic acid, to be performed only with the help of an expert doctor, or the surgical micro-removal, a technique that allows you to eliminate stretch marks without using stitches.

Preventing stretch marks on the breasts

The password is keep the skin hydrated, so that it can better face any changes, thanks to oils or creams, to be applied after a shower. Obviously, it is still very important to follow a diet rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber, as well as fruit, vegetables and cereals (preferably whole), all foods that help with the formation of collagent and elastin.

You can then think about performing targeted physical exercises for the pectorals, to keep the area more toned, and to use a support bra, especially during pregnancy or adolescence.

Stretch marks and body positivity: why should we be ashamed of it?

Talking about how to remedy stretch marks, how to prevent or “cure” them can be important, just for one simple reason: people need to feel comfortable in their body, whatever that means. Therefore nothing must be demonized in toto, not even aesthetic interventions, if these can help us feel better in our skin.

Just as with hair removal, for example, it is not a question of having to show off a detail (the hair, in fact, or the stretch marks) for fear of being considered extraneous to the cause: what matters is the freedom of choice, be it of to shave, not to, to show stretch marks or to remedy them.

However, it is different stigmatize a certain physical characteristic and take it as “absolute evil”, based on aesthetic criteria and standards of beauty which, in fact, are unreal, and to be considered “ugly” or inadequate because these invented expectations are not met. Therefore, in the case of stretch marks, it is ok not to want them if they make us feel bad about ourselves, it is instead wrong to consider them as an unforgivable flaw to hide or delete that, if you were beautiful, you should not have.

Also because, as we have already explained, having stretch marks doesn’t mean being sloppy, not attentive to their own care and, just as happens with cellulite, even genetics gives us its own; moreover – listen, listen – it is not said that men are immune to it (and all this despite not giving birth, and therefore have much less opportunities to develop them!).

As often happens, we end up evaluating “defects”, which is not all they are not such as extremely common, but that others do not even notice, and we worry uselessly because we feel wrong with respect to no one knows which precise beauty criterion that it would take, unreally, all smooth, smooth and shiny.

Fortunately, even the stars, as often happens now, come “to the rescue” to normalize what, to all intents and purposes, should already be.

White and red stretch marks on the breast: what they say about us

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