Stretch marks: because you have to learn to love and enhance them


Stretch marks are part of you and tell a piece of your life path. Don’t let them make you feel insecure, but value them and show them off with pride.

If you have the stretch marks and you hate them stop immediately.

First why nothing to do with your body (or personality) deserves such a feeling, and secondly because these signs are none other than one tangible proof of a part of your past e of what you are today.

The English know this well, and as often happens they have the ability to coin words that give exactly the meaning of the things to which they refer. In this case, for them, stretch marks are stretch marks, brilliant right?

What are stretch marks

Stretch marks are real scars on the skin, due to small breaks in the elastic fibers in the dermis layer.

They are formed when the skin widens or shrinks relatively quickly, and not being flexible enough, it is unable to fully adapt to change.

They can appear as a result of various events in your life. The most common are those from pregnancy, which usually occur on the abdomen but not only; or those from slimming sudden, which can materialize anywhere: from the belly, to the legs, to the breasts, back and hips.

However, the causes can also be hormonal, and it is the case of stretch marks that appear during puberty or menopause, or dates from themuscle mass gain.

They usually appear red initially, but over time they almost always take on a white tone. Stretch marks are difficult, if not impossible, to eliminate, so we might as well learn to love them.

love the body

Why you should make peace with stretch marks

The first step in eliminating the hatred of stretch marks from your head is to think that they are a distinctive sign. No one has them exactly the same and in the same spot, so learn to see them as a thing only yours.

Plus, I’m great reminder of what happened to you in life and should be considered as an integral part of the body of women, destined to change a lot in the course of life.

You have the sea on your skin

To learn to love your stretch marks, you might as well try to change your perspective, and see them as a tangible sign of the power and charm of nature.

You’ve probably never noticed but those streaks you hate so much they look alike in an incredible way to the waves of the sea.

Fitness is also very convinced of this influencer and champion of body positive, Danae Mercer, who does not fail to share photos of her stretch marks on her Instagram account with 2.3 million followers. Not long ago she had indulged in statements that had earned her appreciation in every corner of the globe. Here is one above all: “Do you have the waves of the sea engraved on your skin and you still haven’t understood how magical they are?”

love the body

The artist who transforms stretch marks into works of art

In addition to enhancing them and promoting the culture of acceptance, there are those who have gone much further. Let’s talk about the Spanish artist Cinta Tort Cartró, specialized in the realization of works that enhance the beauty of the female body, not leaving out any aspect, and therefore not even the stretch marks.

His technique, also shared by the Instagram account @zinteta, is by paint the bodies by highlighting with colors, just what many consider to be flaws, with the aim of unhinge an idea of ​​stereotyped beauty e definitely unfashionable.

“Each of us is different and each body has its own shape and its own essence and energy. There are different types of bodies, just as there are different types of stretch marks. All bodies have, more or less, spots, hair, freckles, stretch marks, curves and straight lines, scars, wrinkles and they are all of equal value. It is time to start loving our body because, in the end, it is our communication tool with the world », declared the young artist, and we can only agree with her absolutely.

Do not cover them but enhance them

Once you’ve figured out why you should definitely not be ashamed of your stretch marks, let’s move on to the practical side.

Dress as you like

Now that you love them, you don’t want to cover them, do you? Of course not.

Self your stretch marks are on the legs, green light in summer a shorts and short skirts, if on the belly or on the arms go of tank tops and crop top. Whatever you want to wear do it, without worrying about them.

love the body

Illuminate them

If you feel really comfortable we have an even crazier proposal: why not draw attention to the stretch marks by applying them to the area where you have them.body pad with shimmer effect, which in addition to softening your skin accentuates the discolorations and therefore make it shine your stretch marks?

If you want to be even more daring also apply some glitter and the wow effect will be assured.

“Transform” them with a tattoo

Attention, even in this case we are not talking about a face tattoo to cover them, but to enhance them.

Choose a theme that you like and that blends well with the shape of your stretch marks, contact a good and confident professional and give free rein to creativity. You will see, eventually you will no longer look at your stretch marks with the same, sad, eye.

love the body

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