Stretch marks: all the colors, meanings and what to know


Stretch marks are among the most common and least pleasant skin blemishes, affecting many people of very different ages. It is not possible to eliminate them completely, but there are several ways to reduce them and make them significantly less visible. Find out what they are!

What are stretch marks

Among most common blemishes (and hated) of the skin must certainly be counted stretch marks, which not only affect many women, but also men.

This discomfort tends to emerge from the age of 11, a period in which development occurs very quickly, also thanks to hormonal changes, therefore the skin forms scars due to its poor elasticity.

These signs, whose scientific name is dermoepidermal atrophies, represent a kind of tear that the skin undergoes, although it is not painful at all. Color initially is red, because for the dermis it is a real trauma, then it becomes clear.

Stretch marks are usually quite evident especially on the thighs, but they can also appear on arms, on belly, on buttocks, on calves It is on décolleté.

stretch marks on the buttocks

The causes of stretch marks

The reasons for stretch marks are very different. Let’s see the main ones:

  • quick weight changes (the famous accordion effect) that can make them appear anywhere, from the belly to the arms, from the buttocks to the calves.
  • Treatment based on di corticosteroids they greatly reduce the elasticity of the skin, causing these marks to come out.
  • There pregnancy often causes unpleasant stretch marks in the belly and breasts, caused by the change the body undergoes.

belly with stretch marks

  • In the period of the puberty, breast formation puts stress on the skin due to enlargement.
  • Also between 14 and 18 years these problems can arise and involve various parts of the body, therefore not just the breasts. For example, the areas most prone to this discomfort are also the thighs, abdomen and buttocks.

The colors of the scars

The colors and shades of stretch marks are linked to their own evolutionary phase. As soon as they emerge they are colored purplish-red, subsequently, month after month, they become pearly white and much thinner.

How to counteract red-purple scars

When red stretch marks appear on the fabric it is difficult to get rid of them completely. However, it is possible to intervene to improve them considerably through various methods all very valid.

Anti-stretch mark cosmetics

The anti-stretch mark creams they are very popular on the market with different prices and formats. These act in a targeted way on the elasticity and firmness of the skin.

We recommend that you apply the product daily and combine it, every other day, with a light scrub that eliminates dead cells and makes the epidermis much more ready to receive the treatment.

cream against stretch marks

Surgical methods for removing red scars

Certainly among the best tools to remove red stretch marks is the microablative laser fractionated. The action of its ray creates heat in the affected area and helps the skin to retract, stimulating the growth of collagen which decreases the depth of the “crack” represented by the scar.
Often the laser is combined with sessions of radio frequency, which has the power to reach all skin layers. It also greatly promotes cell renewal, making the skin smoother and brighter.

Red stretch marks below the navel moreover, they can be eliminated through an intervention of abdominoplasty, while those on the arms and thighs can be removed by opting for a facelift of the area.

How to intervene on white stretch marks

During the scarring of stretch marks, the so-called striae albae white in color, generally irreversible. You can, however, intervene to improve their appearance and reduce the visibility of the signs.

The best foods and substances to reduce scars

Definitely choose oils enriched with vitamin E benefits the skin. In fact, these products allow to activate the vital fibroblasts helping the regeneration of tissues.

Also Chamomile and Calendula oil it can facilitate the regenerative abilities of the epidermis.

chamomile oil

To intervene in a more powerful way on white stretch marks it is necessary to resort to the intervention of a doctor with specific treatments.

Treatments to reduce white stretch marks

Nowadays the techniques available to make less visible white stretch marks they are increasingly innovative and sophisticated. Furthermore, their effect lasts longer and longer and allows you to see the results after a short time.

For example the laser associated with dermabrasion or to peeling, or i bio-restructuring injection treatments, allow to obtain an attenuation of the complexion and also of the depth of the stretch marks, making them almost invisible.

Even in this case, however, it is not possible to completely eliminate the scars and it is advisable to take care of your skin even with specific products how creams or gels which can be found on the market very easily.

A general tip to reduce the formation of stretch marks

It may seem obvious, but to prevent stretch marks we must not neglect theimportance of a healthy diet. This means eating plenty of fruit and vegetables and drinking at least two liters of water a day.

In this way, not only does the skin become less sensitive to the elements that cause the formation of new stretch marks, but it is also more toned, radiant and healthy.

girl drinks smoothie

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