Straight hair but without using the straightener? Here are the alternative methods


Summer: heat, sun, maybe sea, tan. All very beautiful, it is perhaps the most loved season ever. But holidays or not holidays, there is a small problem that ‘grips’ women: the hair. There are those who have them smooth by nature and therefore have no major headaches leaving them to dry in the open air, but those who are used to getting by with the plate, well, in summer it has some difficulty in closing themselves in the bathroom with those scorching temperatures. Is it possible that there isn’t an alternative way to have the hair in place, smooth and straight like a spaghetti? Yes there is and more than one. No stress, no mechanical tools that tend to dry out and damage the hair (and make us sweat when it’s 35 degrees outside). It is good to start from the beginning, then from the washing products: use specific shampoo and conditioner for straight hair as they have anti-frizz properties that moisturize them making them softer. To rinse everything, then, yes to a jet of cold water all over the hair, so as to close the cuticles and have shinier hair. (Continue after the photo)

Remember (and this always applies): do not rub them but pat them with a towel. So use the hairdryer with the diffuser to eliminate excess water, positioning the jet from top to bottom. Detangle your hair gently with a wide-toothed comb and apply a straightening serum to the lengths. The next step, that of drying, is to divide the hair into four strands: one central, two lateral and one behind the neck. Round brush and hairdryer with nozzle to direct the direction of the air (warm): ‘work’ strand by strand, roll it up and melt it slowly so that the heat makes it smooth and silky. Finally, a few drops of flaxseed oil for shine. (Continue after the photo)

Another method: the classic curlers. No, they are not just for curling and waving. Use the thick ones, pulling sections of hair outward. So: place the curler under the tip of the hair and move it towards the head by rolling each strand and creating a slight tension. Once you reach the scalp, fix them with a hairpin. Try to proceed with a uniform technique all over the head, in order to achieve a smooth hairstyle once the curlers are removed. To dry the hair dryer must be at medium temperature. Alternatively there is the helmet. (Continue after the photo)

Finally, a grandmother’s method to have straight and shiny hair without a straightener. Ever heard of the ‘Swedish wheel’? It consists of collecting wet hair by wrapping it around the nape of the neck. Do this: divide your hair into two large uniform locks; first take the left one, wrap it around your head, so as to overlap the right one and secure it in several places with hairpins. Then devote yourself to the second lock and wrap it around the nape in the opposite direction, always fixing it with hairpins. As soon as the hair is completely dry, remove the bobby pins. It is a ‘vintage’ technique useful for smoothing any type of hair, even curly or wavy hair.

“And goodbye dry hair!”. Try a natural remedy and never go back: the before and after

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